EL CAMINO COLLEGE
                                  Office of the President
              Minutes of the College Council Meeting of November 19, 2001

Present: Ms. Apple, Dr. Caldwell, Ms. Ely, Dr. Fallo, Mr. Hanson, Dr. Hata, Mr. Marston
and Ms. Smith.

Accreditation Self Study Report – Barbara Perez
Ms. Perez distributed the final review draft, which will also be distributed to the Board of
Trustees later today. Each College Council member is requested to review appropriate
sections that effect their area, checking for factual errors. Corrections are due by Monday,
November 26th to present the final draft to the Board of Trustees for adoption at the
December 10, 2001 board meeting.


AFT, Local 1388 - Dr. Angela Simon
Dr. Simon reported that she received the 2002-2003 School Calendar and questioned
whether the 6-week summer sessions were approved. Dr. Fallo reported that the board
approved the 6-week summer sessions on July 16, 2001.

Dr. Simon also reported that April is Community College Month and additionally that April
17th is Community College Day. Dr. Simon feels that El Camino College should participate
in a Community College Day to bring employees together in celebration. This will be put
on the College Council agenda at a later date.

Dr. Simon spoke with the Cater Craft operators and discovered that they were not given an
opportunity to make a proposal for the food court. Dr. Simon feels they should have been at
least afforded this opportunity.

Student and Community Advancement - Dr. Patricia Caldwell
Dr. Caldwell has reported that the Inglewood Center Implementation Team will meet
regularly to work out the details in regards to furnishings, workshops and classes. The job
description for the Director of the Inglewood Center is on the board agenda for November
19, 2001 and a search for a candidate will ensue.

Additionally, the Business Training Center in Hawthorne is scheduled to open in December

Academic Affairs - Dr. Nadine I. Hata
Dr. Hata reported that Dave Westberg suggested that the College Hour be discontinued next

The Los Angeles Times has invited El Camino College to have a booth at the 7th Annual
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, to be held on the UCLA Campus April 27-28, 2002.
Stephanie Rodriguez will be our contact person.

Academic Senate - Mr. Doug Marston
Mr. Marston reported that the discontinuance of the College Hour must be carefully
considered and the Academic Senate must make a recommendation.

Administrative Services - Mr. Victor Hanson
Mr. Hanson reported that El Camino College Committee information has been transferred to
the Internet to provide student accessibility and more visibility for the Board of Trustees
agenda, etc.

El Camino Classified Employees - Ms. Luukia Smith
Ms. Smith reported that ECCE and the El Camino Community College District have
reached a tentative agreement to the contract. Final copies must be reviewed for accuracy
before the informational meetings and ratification vote can proceed.

President - Dr. Thomas M. Fallo
President Fallo expressed that he feels the College Hour is important as it brings a feeling of
community to El Camino College.

Mr. Stephen Kinney will present a summary of the survey conducted November 1 and 4,
2001 to the Board of Trustees. The data reveals that the bond measure would have the
greatest likelihood of success on the November general election ballot. We will need 4
positive votes from the Board of Trustees to place a bond on the ballot.

In a meeting last week, the State Chancellor stated that he believes the Proposition 98
guarantee will protect both K-12 and Community Colleges. However, with a vote by the
Legislature there could be a change in the mix, moving more moneys into K-12 from
Community Colleges. It was encouraging to discover that part time funding will be
included in the base. The worse case scenario would be that PFE projects could be reduced
in funding and there could be decreases. The Chancellor was reminded of the fact that there
are people in these allocations.

President Fallo invited College Council members to participate in the Tools for Tolerance
Conference to be held January 8-12, 2002. There will be further discussion next week.

Associated Students Organization – Ms. Jennifer Apple
Ms. Apple and Mr. Lawson presented an objection to the Food Court Proposal. Mr. Hanson
will meet with them to explain the proposal in further detail.

Vision & Mission
It was decided to update board policy 1200: El Camino College Mission, Philosophy,
Values and Guiding Principals. The changes are as follows: Under the section Statement of
Values the addition of the word Diversity with the statement We recognize and appreciate
our similarities and differences. The Respect statement will be changed to We work in a
spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Additionally, the bulleted words will be arranged
so they make up the acronym of PRIDE.

Agenda for Meeting of November 26, 2001
1. Minutes of the Meeting of November 19, 2001
2. Team Reports
3. Food Proposal
4. Work Plan: Vision & Mission (BP 1200)
5. Tools for Tolerance Conference
6. Policies: 5150-Admissions; 5015-Residence Determination; 5035-Withholding of
   Student Records; 5050-Matriculation; 5120-Transfer Center; 5410-Associated Students
   Election; 5050-Speech: Time, Place & Manner; 5700-Athletics; 4010-Academic
   Calendar; 4020-Program and Curriculum Development; 4235-Credit by Examination;
   and 4300-Field Trips and Excursions.

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