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									EMC Services

EMC ControlCenter Planning and Design

               Minimize risk, reduce costs, and maximize ControlCenter benefits
               with EMC’s expert services
                            EMC Services’ ControlCenter™ Planning and Design consulting service delivers a detailed
                            roadmap for implementing a highly efficient, cost-effective, open software and industry-
                            standard process infrastructure, based on your priorities for a total business solution.
                            Each phase of this offering provides you with a granular understanding of the storage
                            management processes and procedures required to maintain a highly efficient
                            information technology infrastructure, and the direct relationship of EMC’s Automated
                            Networked Storage strategy and EMC ControlCenter products in meeting those efficiency

                            Recommendations are based on EMC’s vast experience in the storage solutions
                            marketplace, and include a proposed comprehensive solution—based on your specific
                            business—that includes technology standards and policies, enhanced management of
                            hardware and software resources, identification of overlapping responsibilities, and
                            definition of a more productive, flexible environment.

                            Why EMC Services?
                            Establishing the foundation for storage management architecture design, designing a
                            ControlCenter solution for your specific environment, and developing a project
                            implementation strategy is a multi-phased, time-consuming effort that requires deep
                            architectural and technical expertise as well as familiarity with EMC technology. Planned
                            and designed correctly, a ControlCenter solution can help you “do more with less” and
                            meet end-user service levels by effectively and proactively monitoring and managing your
                            multi-vendor storage environment. Done wrong, you risk costly business disruption
                            through faulty design or implementation.

                            EMC Services has the specific architectural and technical expertise, skills, EMC- and multi-
                            vendor product knowledge, and resources required to properly plan and design your
                            ControlCenter implementation to ensure that its configuration and software
                            implementation are appropriate for your environment and meet your business needs.

                            An EMC ControlCenter Planning and Design engagement leverages EMC’s extensive
                            storage deployment best practices and proven methodology to accelerate the business
                            results you need and expect without straining the resources you have. The EMC Global
                            Delivery Model ensures that we deliver rapid, flawless implementation services to every
customer in every engagement, regardless of location. Every member of the EMC
professional services delivery team undergoes extensive training before engaging with a
client in order to drive maximum value from our methodology.

EMC ControlCenter Planning and Design process
EMC’s ControlCenter Planning and Design service helps you:

• Map EMC’s Automated Networked Storage strategy and associated functional areas to your
  business drivers

• Identify and focus on your configuration, capacity, and availability storage management

• Force rank configuration, capacity, and availability storage management processes according
  to your organization’s maturity level in providing services to your organization

• Define the business value that could result from targeted improvements in storage manage-
  ment operations

• Define your current IT infrastructure and current process capabilities for configuration,
  capacity and availability management

• Identify process and pain points affecting IT infrastructure

• Establish a roadmap of future goals encompassing the specified storage management
  process and procedures, competency, and organizational structure

This customized consultative service comprises five phases to meet your specific goals and

Phase I: Planning and Scope Definition
This phase is used to schedule and provide an agenda for executive meetings and to
determine your ControlCenter Planning and Design objectives and goals. The EMC team
meets with you to explain the process, scope, expectations, and requirements of the
engagement, and to identify the individuals in your organization to participate in various
interview sessions. Mutually acceptable timeframes and milestones are established for all
phases of the engagement.

Phase II: Facilitation and Capturing Results
The EMC account team meets with your project sponsor to determine the goals,
expectations, and focus areas for the interviews. We coordinate and schedule a kickoff
meeting, and provide interview schedules to your sponsor and participants. Interview
Guides are developed, based on the identified requirements and goals. At this time, we
also review and discuss with you your current policies and procedures, and determine,
review, summarize, and priorities your top challenges and obstacles.

Phase III: Knowledge Acquisition and Data Gathering
During this phase, EMC coordinates, manages, and schedules interviews with your SMEs
for process and IT infrastructure, and conducts interviews with your staff regarding
configuration, capacity, and availability management standards. Interviews are also
conducted with your IT infrastructure SME to understand your host environments, storage
arrays, switches, file systems, databases, network infrastructure, and application software
environment. A high-level architectural diagram is created for your current IT
infrastructure. We conclude this phase by evaluating the information gathered and
performing a gap analysis on our findings.
                                               Phase IV: Data, Gap, and Solution Analysis
                                               Based on information gathered in Phase III, EMC identifies your organization’s strengths
                                               and weaknesses and assesses your organization’s maturity level, based on the EMC
                                               Enterprise Maturity Model. We also develop a roadmap to formulate recommendations,
                                               develop data for Scorecard completion, and develop a proposed ControlCenter
                                               configuration, including a detailed architectural diagram of your IT infrastructure,
                                               customized to your business needs and environment.

                                               EMC reviews the proposed ControlCenter configuration with you, including validating
                                               future growth and scalability requirements, identifying any system specifications needing
                                               to be upgraded or purchased to support the proposed ControlCenter implementation. We
                                               also prepare a report for you, based on the findings from the facilitated session, which
                                               identifies our recommendations.

                                               Phase V: Final Report, Project Plan, and Acceptance
                                               During this final phase, we present and review with you with a written report on our
                                               findings and recommendations, current process flows, and scorecards with risk
                                               assessments. Upon your acceptance of these deliverables, we present you with the
                                               proposed ControlCenter Engagement Project plan for your review and acceptance, at which
                                               time we establish a mutually agreeable start date for the subsequent engagement.

                                               Look to EMC Services
                                               EMC Services delivers results to our customers throughout the IT lifecycle. Strategic
                                               storage consulting services delivered by Information Solutions Consulting help companies
                                               leverage their information for direct bottom line impact. EMC delivers product-specific
                                               point solutions in addition to a wide range of comprehensive custom planning, design,
                                               implementation, and integration services for EMC technology—everything from
                                               consolidation of your current resources to a strategic shift to EMC Automated Networked
                                               Storage™. Award-winning EMC Customer Service keeps your information available 24/7 to
                                               deliver competitive advantage and drive revenue.

                                               Take the Next Step
                                               Ask your EMC sales representative about the full spectrum of services from EMC
                                               that can benefit your organization.

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