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									                                            -Building Value-

                                          Bid Form
                               600 Veritas St.
                             Nashville, TN 37211

Company:_________________________________ Contact:
Scope of Work:
Spec Sections: _________________________________________________________________

We hereby propose to furnish all labor, materials, tools, equipment, supervision and incidentals, including
overhead and profit, required to perform as described in the Project Drawings, Specifications and other bid
documents included in this package for the following sum, including all applicable permits, fees and taxes
for the sum


                                                 Dollars       ($                                        )

A. Bid Breakdown – If you are quoting multiple scopes of work, please itemize below:


      1.                                                                         $

      2.                                                                         $

      3.                                                                         $

      4.                                                                         $

     TOTAL LUMP SUM COST (No Bond – should match total at top)                    $
     COST OF PAYMENT & PERFORMANCE BOND                                           $
     TOTAL LUMP SUM COST (Including Bond)                                         $

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     DANA B. KENYON COMPANY ‫ 2775 ׀‬TIMUQUANA RD ‫ ׀‬PH 904-777-0833 ‫ ׀‬FX 904-777-4408 ‫ ׀‬CGC023080
B. Voluntary Alternates
                                                                       (Circle One)

      1.                                                          ADD/DEDUCT $

      2.                                                          ADD/DEDUCT $

      3.                                                          ADD/DEDUCT $

C. Unit Pricing                                                 ADD                        DEDUCT

      1.                                                   $                /         $               /
      2.                                                   $                /         $               /
      3.                                                   $                /         $               /

D.    Value Engineering (attach pertinent information for each item. Additional items may be added
      on separate sheet)


E. Scope Clarifications

Note: This is a lump sum proposal. It is the intent of the Contractor that the Bidder provide a complete cost
quotation, and shall be all inclusive of this scope of work as intended by the bid documents. The lump sum
amount quoted shall only be modified as a result of an Owner or Contractor change to scope of work.

     Bid shall include the following:
     1.   Reviewed all project documents, included all work associated with the scope of work outlined in
          this bid form and included all required insurances as required by DBK and by the project manual.
     2.   Examined site conditions to determine the readiness and suitability of work in place and all
          factors which may impede or impair performance of this work.
     3.   Shall be responsible for layout and field engineering of his own from building corners established
          by the Contractor.
     4.   Shall be responsible for all required field measurements prior to fabrication.
     5.   Shall assist in a water test of the installed product, where applicable, at the conclusion of the
          installation and correct any deficiencies found.
     6.   Provide all lifting, transportation, scaffolding and hoisting equipment necessary to perform any
          work under this subcontract.
     7.   Shall provide responsible individual(s) to coordinate and complete his work in accordance with
          the construction schedule, and to coordinate his work with that of other trades on the project to
          prevent unnecessary conflicts or delays during construction. Warranty shall start at substantial
          completion date as outlined in the contract.
     8.   Responsible for all required identification of material and equipment as required by the contract
          documents, regulatory agencies, and applicable codes.
     9.   Responsible for daily clean-up and trash removal associated with the scope of work in order to
          keep the job site safe as not to inhibit the work of other trades.

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     DANA B. KENYON COMPANY ‫ 2775 ׀‬TIMUQUANA RD ‫ ׀‬PH 904-777-0833 ‫ ׀‬FX 904-777-4408 ‫ ׀‬CGC023080
   10.    The General Contractor will furnish a dumpster for the removal of all trash associated with the
          scope of work.
   11.    Responsible for the protection of their work as well as maintaining the integrity of other work in
   12.    Comply with all OSHA requirements and jobsite safety rules. Subcontractor’s employees must
          wear appropriate safety attire (including, but not limited to, hard hats, safety glasses with
          side shields, laced steel toe safety shoes at least 6 inches in height) when visiting the site or
          working on CSXT property. Finger rings shall not be worn while working on railroad
          property. Shirts with sleeves (no tank tops) must be worn. Be familiar with and wear
          approved personal protective equipment and clothing appropriate to the task. Fall
          protection must be exercised (a) during steel erection, (b) while working in a lift, (c) while
          working on a scaffold, and (d) while working anywhere over 6 feet. Protect open manholes,
          excavations, pits, and trenches. All motorized equipment shall be equipped with seat belts
          and back up lights. Seat belts must be worn. Ride only in seats permanently installed by
          the manufacturer. Know what work is going on around you and know the associated
          hazards. Keep the site clean and orderly and free of tip hazards. On-track work protection
          shall be enacted when and where required (any work within 4 feet of tracts). When
          working on or about tracts (a) be alert for the movement of cars, locomotives, or equipment
          at any time, in either direction, on any track. Cars may be unattended and remotely
          controlled, (b) do not cross within 25 feet of the end of standing cars, equipment, or
          locomotives. It is the subcontractor’s responsibility to ensure compliance of all safety
          requirements with his own employees and any subcontractors or suppliers. Failure to
          enforce these policies may result in the termination of this contract. Subcontractor shall
          comply with the requirements of the federal railroad administration roadway worker
          protection, 49 Code of Regulations (CFR) Part 214, including without limitation the
          training and qualification requirements, and with the railroad’s On-Track Safety Program
          and On-Tract Safety Manual. Subcontractor shall comply with FRS’s rule regarding
          roadway worker protection (The “Rule”) and shall also comply with any revisions to
          railroad’s On-Track Safety Program and On-Track Safety Manual. The subcontractor
          acknowledges its responsibility to railroad that all of its workers covered by the rule are
          trained as required by the rule.
   13.    Responsible for receipt, supervision, unloading, etc. of any material delivery associated with his
          scope of work. If it becomes necessary for Dana B. Kenyon Company to receive a material
          delivery, prior arrangements must be made and the subcontractor will incur all costs associated
          with manpower and/or equipment rental.
   14.    Supervise other subcontractors of this scope of work with a qualified supervisor who is an
          employee of company submitting the bid.
   15.    English will be the spoken language on this project.

F. Exclusions (Specifically note any items which affect this scope of work as designated)

     a.     ____________________________________________________________________________
     b.     ____________________________________________________________________________
     c.     ____________________________________________________________________________

G. Qualifications (Specifically note any items which affect this scope of work as designated)
     a.     ____________________________________________________________________________
     b.     ____________________________________________________________________________
     c.     ____________________________________________________________________________

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   DANA B. KENYON COMPANY ‫ 2775 ׀‬TIMUQUANA RD ‫ ׀‬PH 904-777-0833 ‫ ׀‬FX 904-777-4408 ‫ ׀‬CGC023080
H. Have received and acknowledge all addenda through number __________           .

I. Have received and acknowledge all RFI through number

J. Schedule

   This scope of work is anticipated to take ___________________________________

K. Lead Times
      Shop Drawing / Submittal Package Preparation            __________ weeks
      Material Procurement, Fabrication & Delivery            __________ weeks

J. Drawing Log (5/16/08)

   I have reviewed all plans and specifications listed below   Yes   □   No □

 DRAWING NO.                            DESCRIPTION                                  DATE
Sheet 1 of 3   Elevations, Section & Details                                          4/24/08
Sheet 2 of 3   Elevations, Section & Details                                          4/23/08
Sheet 3 of 3   Elevations, Section & Details                                          4/24/08
SPECIFICATIONS                                                                        4/30/08
               Table of Contents, Instructions to Bidders, Bid Form – Lump Sum
               Proposal, Division of Costs Form, Substitution Form,
               Construction Contract and General Conditions, Supplementary
               Conditions, Design Criteria
Division 1     01010, 01090, 01300, 01510, 01600, 01700, 01710
Division 2     02050, 02200, 02510
Division 3     03100, 03200, 03300
Division 4     04200
Division 5     05010
Division 6     06100, 06176, 06200, 06300, 06400
Division 7     07210, 07410, 07920
Division 8     08100, 08210, 08400, 08710
Division 9     09250, 09510, 09900, FMI 302-Color Codes-7/1/07
Division 10    10426, 10500, 10520
Division 11    Not Used
Division 12    12505
Division 13    Not Used
Division 14    Not Used
Division 15    15001, 15500
Division 16    16000

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   DANA B. KENYON COMPANY ‫ 2775 ׀‬TIMUQUANA RD ‫ ׀‬PH 904-777-0833 ‫ ׀‬FX 904-777-4408 ‫ ׀‬CGC023080
The undersigned certifies that he/she has examined and is fully familiar with all of the provisions of the
contract documents and any addenda thereto; and he/she has carefully reviewed all of the words and figures
shown in the bid documents and the accuracy of all statements in this bid and attachments thereto.

The undersigned agrees that this bid document constitutes a firm offer to the Dana B. Kenyon Company
which cannot be withdrawn for sixty (60) days from the due date of until a contract is fully executed.

The undersigned hereby warrants that all subcontractors and suppliers of work and/or materials to him have
been advised that no substitutions will be considered for proprietary brands specified other than those listed
in the drawings, specifications or other bid documents.

It is understood and agreed upon by the undersigned that the right is reserved by the General Contractor
and/or the Owner to accept or reject any and all bids.

NOTE: Your bid is to include: Proposal on company letterhead, DBK Bid Form and DBK
      Scope Check List. VQF required, if not on file.

Proposal Check List
I have included the following required items in my proposal: (These items are posted on our
website at www.dbkenyon.com )

      Proposal on company letterhead
      DBK Bid Form
      DBK Scope Sheet
      DBK Vendor Qualification Form (required - This on-line form is located on our website at
       www.dbkenyon.com – Projects Bidding)

On File                                  Will Send via Website

Company                                                 Representative

Address                                                 Title

City /State / Zip                                       Telephone No.              Fax No.

Date                                                    Email

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    DANA B. KENYON COMPANY ‫ 2775 ׀‬TIMUQUANA RD ‫ ׀‬PH 904-777-0833 ‫ ׀‬FX 904-777-4408 ‫ ׀‬CGC023080

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