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									                                 General Services Administration

                                    Federal Supply Service
                          Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the
option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!, a menu-driven
database system. The INTERNET address GSA Advantage! is:

Office Products / Supplies and Services and New Product Technology
FSC Group: 75
Contract Number: GS-02F-0036R
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Contract Period: November 30, 2005 through November 30, 2009

Contractor:   Reliable Reproduction Supply Inc.
              4102 Beachwood Rd
              Baltimore, MD 21222

Telephone:   (410)477-1111
Fax:         (410)477-6729
Contract Administrator: Harry Eisel
Woman Owned Small Business

                                  CUSTOMER INFORMATION

              1.    Maximum order. $150,000.00

              2.    Minimum order. $50.00

              3.    Geographic coverage (delivery area). 48 Contiguous States & Washington DC

              4.    Point(s) of production (city, county, and State or foreign country).

                     4102 Beachwood Rd.        Baltimore, MD 21222

              5.    Discount from list prices or statement of net price. Contact contractor.

              6.    Quantity discounts. 0/0

              7.    Prompt payment terms. Net 30

              8a.   Notification that Government purchase cards are accepted at or below the micro-
                    purchase threshold. Yes Accepted

              8b.   Notification whether Government purchase cards are accepted or not accepted above
                    the micro-purchase threshold. Yes Accepted
9.    Foreign items (list items by country of origin). Contact Contractor for list.

10.   Time of delivery. (Contractor insert number of days.) 1-3 Business Day ARO

11.   F.O.B. point(s).

      Reliable Reproduction Supply Inc., 4102 Beachwood Road, Baltimore, MD 21222

12a. Ordering address(es). Reliable Reproduction Supply Inc., 4102 Beachwood Road,
     Baltimore, MD 21222

12b. Ordering procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information
     on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s), and a sample BPA can be found at the
     GSA/FSS Schedule homepage (

13.   Payment address(es).

      Reliable Reproduction Supply Inc., 4102 Beachwood Road, Baltimore, MD 21222

14.   Warranty provision. We guarantee our products to be free of defects in
      material, workmanship, and performance. If you are not satisfied
      with any products, return the products for a full refund, credit or
      replacement within six months of purchase. Returned goods are
      subject to the discretion of Reliable including factors of marketability,
      expiration, shelf life and current stock.

15.   Export packing charges, if applicable. N/A

16.   Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any thresholds above
      the micro-purchase level). N/A

17.   Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair (if applicable). N/A

18.   Terms and conditions of installation (if applicable). Contact contractor

19.   Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any
      discounts from list prices (if applicable). N/A

19a. Terms and conditions for any other services (if applicable) N/A

20.   List of service and distribution points (if applicable). N/A

21.   List of participating dealers (if applicable). N/A

22.   Preventive maintenance (if applicable). N/A

23a. Special attributes such as environmental attributes (e.g., recycled content, energy
     efficiency, and/or reduced pollutants). N/A
23b. If applicable, indicate that Section 508 compliance information is available on
     Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) supplies and services and show where
     full details can be found (e.g. contractor’s website or other location.) The EIT
     standards can be found at: N/A

24.   Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number. 021463567

25.   Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database.

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