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einstein kaffee in antwerp
                                                                                                Retail Food
i n t e R i o R d e s i g n f o R C o f f e e C at e R i n g B u s i n e s s                   and Beverage
i n a n t w e R P, B e l g i u M                                                                 Concepts

A concept realised at Einstein Kaffee. A clearly recognisable coffee
shop has been created by working with materials such as wooden                                Name:
counters and wooden floors in coffee colours. The visitor can imme­                           Einstein Kaffee
diately see that various types of coffee can be consumed. Einstein                            Design:
Kaffee is a widely known business in Germany and Belgium. The interior                        Redie Totaalinrichting
is characteristic for this catering establishment, focussed on coffee
                                                                                              Execution: Redie Totaal-
time; accessible, fast service, warm atmosphere, brand-focussed but
                                                                                              inrichting, Koevering, Culi-nova
still in keeping with the area of the city of Antwerp, Flanders.
Branding concept for interior einstein kaffee
Einstein Kaffee has a branding concept for its franchise catering
establishments. The ambiance of the coffee shop is calm due to
the clear and convenient layout built up in the coffee colours of the
brand. Everything is tailored with high quality and care, in keeping
with the Einstein Kaffee brand.

Redie Totaalinrichting realises many projects for interiors in the
Benelux. The owner’s concept ideas and market knowledge of his
environment are reflected in the interior.

R E D I E TO TA A L I N R I CH T I N G BV      D E S CH EPER 217        N L 5 6 8 8 H P O IR S CH OT      W W W.R E D I E.N L

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