GENDER EGYPT 2004 ANNOUNCEMENT Workshop by HC120917201712


									                                                                                                                       deciding on the partners involved in the
                                                        INTRODUCTION                                                   activities (country, Institutions and personnel).

                                                        Gender equality mainstreaming is relatively recent and                    Specific Objectives
                                                        complex and it requires bringing together many
                                                        elements including gender analysis, development of                To support dissemination and exploitation
                                                        relevant structures, involvement of many different types           of the Euro-Mediterranean workshop held
                                                        of actors and stakeholders, local ownership and                    in Bari Institute
                                                        development of institutional capacity. Furthermore,               To increase awareness and make a
                                                        conditions of interventions that have a long history as            significant impact on policy and
          TRAINING OF TRAINERS IN                       well as many action programmes that involve many                   programmes development
         “ INTEGRATION OF GENDER                        stakeholders make it more difficult to establish                  To create a common reference framework
    DIMENSION IN WATER MANAGEMENT                       processes and elements of mainstreaming.                           to develop recommendations and identify
     IN THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION”                       Gender mainstreaming is the primary topic Bari                     new       perspectives      for    effective
                                                        Institute Workshop centred on. Considerable emphasis               involvement        of   women      in    the
                th   th
               4 –8 October, 2004                       was placed on reflecting the complex interplay of                  Mediterranean         Water     Management
                 Cairo, EGYPT                           various factors that influence the degree to which                 through        the     formulation      and
                                                        gender equality is promoted in the Mediterranean                   implementation          of       developing
                                                        countries and, particularly, those related to                      programmes, studies and projects of
                                                        organizational, societal and sector contexts, to                   relevant policies.
                                                        processes of implementation and to roles of various               To discuss on the network proposal.
                                                        female and male stakeholders. Deep analysis of these
This workshop is organized in the framework of          factors and their integration through a networking
the activities included in the project “Integration                                                                            Workshop Major Topics
                                                        project to promote gender equality mainstreaming in
of Gender Dimension in Water Management in the          the irrigation sector are the fundamental issues to be     The workshop will include six sessions covering
Mediterranean Region – INGEDI” coordinated              covered by the Workshop.                                   the following major topics:
by CIHEAM-IAMBari,Italy and carried out in
cooperation with the NWRC-MWR&I, Egypt and                                                                                 Session 1:
financially supported by the European Union as a                         General Objectives                                    - An introduction to INGEDI
part of the Sixth Framework Programme Priority-                                                                                     project,      challenges       and
Specific Support Action.                                   To discuss, in detail the findings, the proposals                       achievements (communications,
                                                            and the outcomes of IAMBari Workshop as well as                         indicators, working plans, etc.).
This Workshop is the continuation of the previous           those of the several brainstorm workshops                          - IAMBari Workshop: objectives,
one held in Bari Institute, Italy from 3-5 June, 2004       included.                                                               findings,      proposals       and
on “Integration of Gender Dimension in Water               To formulate a thematic network on Gender and its                       recommendations.
Management in the Mediterranean Region” with                promotion     in   the    Mediterranean    region
the participation of 44 Senior Mediterranean                fundamentally based on the proposals and                       Session 2:
Managers representing most of the countries                 suggestions outlined by the participants in                    Gender     equality   mainstreaming         -
involved in the promotion of Gender in the water            IAMBari Workshop.                                              supporting key elements:
resources management in the irrigation sector.             To identify the major teams and priorities to be
                                                            included in the proposed network as well as
        -   Components of mainstreaming process;          The final paper has to be ready at the start of the   Prof.ssa Maria Elisa Venezian, ICID – Roma,
        -   Gender analysis                               workshop (on October 4th , 2004).                     Italy
        -   Learning mechanisms and accountability                                                              E-mail:
        -   Gender training
                                                          ORGANIZING AND SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE                                INVITED SPEAKERS
        Session 3:
        Country strategies for Gender equality and        Prof. Dr. M. El-Kady, Chairperson of the National
                                                                                                                Besides representatives from most of the
        development cooperation (countries case           Water Research Centre, Cairo-Egypt
                                                                                                                Mediterranean Countries, the following experts
        studies).                                         E-mail :
                                                                                                                from various International and Regional
                                                                                                                Organizations will contribute to the event.
        Session 4:                                        Prof. Eng. Giuliana Trisorio Liuzzi
        Tools and Mechanisms for implementation of        Faculty of Agriculture, Bari University, Italy
        gender participation system (from top                                                                   CEDARE
                                                          Vice President of CIHEAM                              Makram Ebeid Nadia
        down/bottom up programmes).                       E-mail :              Executive Director
        Session 5:
        Regional networking for efficient and effective   Dr. Cosimo Lacirignola, Director, CIHEAM/MAI          European Union - EU
        coordination. Training and Fund Raising for       Bari, Italy                                           Riveill Nicole (DG Research)
        sustainability and development.                   E-mail :                          Women and Science Unit
                                                                                                                Fehnle Vera (DG Research)
        Session 6:                                        Prof. Dr. Atef. Hamdy, Director of Research,          Women and Science Unit
        Group discussion to address four key questions    CIHEAM/MAI Bari, Italy
        regarding TOT needs and requirements for          E-mail :                                FEMConcult
        knowledge transfer and stimulation of new                                                               Kitty Bentvelsen
        ideas, initiatives, procedures…etc.                                                                     Consultants on Gender and Development
                                                          Dr. Maurizio. Raeli, Vice Director, CIHEAM-MAI,
                                                          Bari, Italy                                           THE HAGUE, The Netherlands

VENUE and DATE                                            E-mail :
                                                                                                                Charpentier Louis
                                                                                                                Evaluation Unit (Europe Aid Co-operation
The Workshop will be held from 4th – 8th October, 2004    Prof. Juan A. Sagardoy – Consultant, CIHEAM-          Office)
at Marriott Hotel, Saray El Gezira St. Zamalek, Cairo,    MAIBari, Italy
Egypt.                                                    E-mail:                        Food and Agriculture organizations - FAO

LANGUAGE                                                  Dr. Rosanna Quagliariello, CIHEAM-MAI, Bari,Italy     - Sisto Ilaria
The language of the Workshop will be English              E-mail :                        Gender and Development Service

CALL FOR PAPERS                                                                                                 -Fatiha Bou-Salah, Regional Women in
                                                          Dr. Bogliotti Claudio, CIHEAM-MAI, Bari,Italy         Development Senior Officer, FAO/RNE
                                                          E-mail :
Detailed abstracts of 2/3 pages in English language has
to be sent to Bari Institute - Prof. Hamdy Atef, email:                                                         Judith Gracey within September 22, 2004.                                                                        Project Officer – Dimitra Project,
                                                                                                                FAO/Brussels, Belgium
                                                    tel. +39 080 4606221/222/201
International     Fund      for      Agriculture    fax +39 080 4606206
Development - IFAD                                  e-mail:
Khayasedinova Lenyara
Resp. Technical Assistance Prog. on Gender          For all information (hotel reservation, travel-tickets,
                                                    etc.) , please contact:
Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali -
Italy                                               Dr. Rosanna Quagliariello
Rauti Isabella - National Advisor on Gender         Responsible External Relations
                                                    Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo – Bari (Italy)
Osservatorio Nazionale per l’Imprenditoria ed il    tel. +39 080 4606204/312
Lavoro Femminile in Agricoltura – ONILFA -          fax +39 080 4606206
Italy                                               e-mail:
Navarro Veronica – Delegate President

KfW Development Bank - German
Bauer Armin (Strategy and Policy Department)

KIT Gender - The Netherland
Appel Marguerite
Spanish Agency for International Cooperation -
AECI - Spain
Sanz Luque Belen

Goncalves Kristina

University of Florence, Italy
Felicita Scapini


All the ABSTRACTS should be sent to the following

Prof. Atef Hamdy
Director of Research
Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo
Via Ceglie 9
70010 Valenzano-Bari (Italy)

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