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									                                    Gender Warrior Award

The Women’s Studies Program at UTEP has founded this award to celebrate two individuals
each year who have championed the cause of gender equity at UTEP and in our community.

Deadline: Nominations must be submitted to the Women’s Studies Program by March 24, 2009
Nomination forms are available online at: or in the Women’s
Studies office.

Email completed nominations to, or print and mail to:

Women’s Studies Program
Liberal Arts, Rm 233
500 W. University Ave.
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX 79986

Type in the grey boxes to complete form.

1) Name of nominee:

2) Category:    Student      Faculty/Staff

3A) Student: GPA:             Major:                               Minor:

          First Year      Sophmore         Junior   Senior      Graduate Student

3B) Faculty/Staff: Years of Service:           Department/Program:

4) Please write a letter regarding the nominee’s major accomplishments.

     Explain how this individual contributed to ending any or all of the following:
           sexism;
           homophobia;
           inequity in relationships/the workplace/education;
           gender-based violence;
           intolerance of varied gender expressions;
           transphobia.

     How has his/her activities as an activist or scholar, as a source of support, information,
     inspiration; or as an agent of change contributed to our community and campus?

     What personal qualities or aspects of his/her character contribute to the ending of
     sexism/gender-based injustice?

Type your nomination letter here:

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