SFS Academic Council Meeting of March 14, 2006 by gcpCOvQ


									        SFS Academic Council Meeting of March 14, 2006
                            ICC 212
                        Meeting Minutes

Present: Shani Senbetta Eric Lightfoot, Vikram Agrawal,
Ryan Gelinas, Whitney McLeod, Sheena Tomar, Lin Fu, Eric

1.   Updates on certain committees

Curriculum Committee- Ryan Gelinas takes over the position
for the last few Fridays of the semester and school year

Admissions Committee- Sheena Tomar has no word from the two
members of the committee as to what they are doing.

Standards and Appeals- There is nothing new as far as
reported to liaison Eric Wind for these committees.

Development and Fundraising Committee- Have compiled
database of some periodicals with student discounts to have
as reference on website and also have a sheet made for
incoming SFS freshman to place in the folders they receive
at the beginning of NSO. In addition, committee is
pursuing the idea of an open concert that would feature
different local talent in music.

2.   Selected and Abridged Assignment and Class Updates

Margaret (relayed through another member)- She hopes to get
the former Chancellor of Guatemala come and speak on a
panel with other interesting speakers to talk about a
specific Latin America issue

Lin- She finished the letter requesting funding for the Map
of the Modern World quiz show.

Eric Wind- He is looking at April 19, April 20, April 24,
and April 27 as the four potential days for Mr. Wiley to
come speak about a few policy items.

Vikram- He met with Dean Gallucci to extend a kind hand to
meet of the more adorates

Seniors- They had a great time at the Beer and Pizza with
the Jesuits on Wednesdays.
Juniors- Gelinas propsed having a small social in the
Alumni Lounge for those who returned from studying abroad.

Freshman- idea of an event for freshman of all majors to
learn more about them from upperclassmen of the same age.
T-shirt Design Contest is still open and needing

Map of the Modern World Quiz Show is coming together with a
need for PA equipment potentially being fulfilled by the
library with a return policy o f a few days.

School Council went well with many issues raised concerning

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