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					                                      ACCCEA GENERAL MEETING
                                            July 7, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 12 noon.
Mrs. Smith-Tyrichia won Healthy Eating.

The April and June Minutes were approved as submitted.

Judy Doyen handed out awards to:
    Kathryn Watts-Martinez received an Innovator Award for developing a new, outstanding process of Photography.
       The finished photography looks like 1800’s finish with warm brown tones. One of her pieces is in the office of
       Jack Stick, Texas Representative.
    Alice Gaffney received a Service to the classified award for her assistance to the Classified Association on behalf
       of her work with Linda Young.
    Sallie Jo Buchner received a Service Award for her work on the new Employee Handbook.
    Donna Pitts received an Innovator Award for her endless work on the Classified Web Page.

Shawna Berry introduced Jim Burgess, ACC Benefits Supervisor as our guest speaker.

Jim reported that the ERS is still trying to interpret what the Legislature actually passed on ERS changes. ERS is
investigating the meaning of Bill 1370 where 15 major issues are listed. ERS could only answer 9 of the 15 major issues.
Jim said there are major changes for employees in 2004. He said there is good news if you have health insurance
because the legislature cut health benefits by 65% before you pay the bill. Prescription program has major changes also.
He mentioned that Summer Enrollment starts on July 18 and runs through August 22. Employees from HR will visit each
campus twice during the enrollment period to answer questions about all the changes. Jim said it would be quicker to
register on line for immediate response. If you have no changes except to Tex- Flex you do not have to do anything. Jim
talked about saving money by taking advantage of Tex-Flex; he said it helps pay for co-pays, doctor’s visits, etc. He said
every $4 you spend you get back $1 – pre taxed. You pay for a credit card and use it to pay all your Tex-Flex expenses.
There is a $5,000 maximum for Tex-Flex. ERS On-line is You will have to use a password to access
your account.

Jim mentioned that Senate Bill 1370 will affect new employees or employees who quit and come back to work – there will
be a 90-day delay in receiving your insurance. Pam Sutton said retirement will not start until 90 days after your
retire. Check on this.

Jim stressed that using the 90-day maintenance mail in order will be the least costly for you and encourage everyone to
check the maintenance drug list available on the Merck/Medco web site. New this year will be a one-time only additional
expense of $50 per patient, per year for prescriptions. There will be an out of pocket expense of $500 for medical
benefits. Dental expenses will increase by 10%. Employees will have two choices for dental coverage - Signa or GEHA.

ACC will no longer pay part-time employees full benefits; they will pay 50%. There are 150 people affected by this

Changes affecting retiree’s states if you are 55 years old and have more than 10 years of service with the state, TRS, or
ERS your benefits will be paid. After September 1, 2003 law changes the age to 65 years plus 10 years service before
you can draw full insurance benefits. If you fall under the rule of 80 all your benefits are fully paid.

Meeting adjourned at 1:05.

Respectfully submitted:

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       Jackie Pool, Secretary                                          Date

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