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					How to Catch a Cheating Spouse with a Spy Phone

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I just had this sinking feeling that my spouse was cheating on me I could not
shake it, it was like my gut instinct was really trying to hit me over phone spy
the head with the reality that my spouse is having an affair with someone else
The two of them were just too good for me, I could not catch them in the act, I
was never able to catch a secret meeting, find any evidence of telephone calls,
and I never found any solid evidence that something sinister was going on
Regardless of the lack of evidence, I just knew Somehow, something inside
me just knew that there was an affair going on right under my nose
 I could tell by the change in attitude, the change in emotion, and the change in
romance was the ultimate clue My friends and family tell me it is just me, my
spouse is not cheating on me, there has to be some other reason for the
change, but I am here to tell you I knew it and I found a way to prove it One
day I was on the internet doing some research and found a website called the
Spy Shop and I was looking through their website, when I found this ingenious
invention, the Spy Phone Well my spouse had a birthday coming up and I
knew it would be a great gift, they like cell phones and was needing a new one
any way However, my spouse would never know that I was using the cell
phone to catch them cheating on me
 This was what I needed to prove that my imagination was not running wild and
I was not insane I chose the Interceptor, even though the Spy Phone came in
two different choices One was the Inceptor that I chose and the other was the
SMS Catcher The inceptor includes everything that the SMS catcher includes
and more You see with the SMS catcher, if they were using SMS text
messaging only, this would be ideal
 However, with the Inceptor, I could not only catch the SMS text messages, but
also listen in on any phone calls, and listen to what both my spouse and their
lover was saying So, I gave my spouse the cell phone for their birthday, and
began my search for the truth The first thing that happened was that my
spouse sent an SMS message via the Spy Phone to the lover, I got a copy of it
on my own cell phone When the lover sent one back, I got a copy of that as
 Talk about hard proof One night my spouse left the room to talk on the Spy
Phone, so I went to my own phone and dialed the special number I was given,
and was able to hear everything that was said between them They never even
knew I was there, there was no indication that someone was listening to the
conversation they were having To make a long story short, I finally had all the
evidence and proof I needed
 Needless to say, the Spy Phone taught me a very valuable lesson about my
gut instincts Jack Williams, owner and operator of The Spy Shop is the
internets top expert in the field of discovering just what the rest of the world is
up to Find out just what your spouse or employees are doing with a wide
range of valuable decides, including the popular Spy Phone
phone spy

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