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Business            Self-Aligning Bearingless Planetary – SABP
Research                                   Transmission Technology, Inc.
                                                 Lincoln Park, NJ

        Transmission concept arranged so that all planets
          are internally load balanced and self aligning

  Designed, made, and successfully tested six prototype
   gear drives rated at 500HP with input speed up to 8,000
   RPM and gear ratio’s of 7 to 1, 16 to 1, and 20 to 1 per
                                                                               Transmission assembly and it’s
  Results of testing verified engineering analysis,
                                                                             installation in Helicopter Gear Box
   demonstrated stability and viability of the gear drives, and
   showed performance improvements
                    COMMERCIALIZATION                                 GOVERNMENT/SCIENCE APPLICATIONS
  This gear drive arrangement can be used in all non-angle        Numerous government applications can use SABP drives
   gear drive applications where speed change of 6 to 1 or          including various aircraft applications, main propulsion
   higher is required                                               gearing for ship and submarines, and ship and
                                                                    submarines steering
  As a result of a consulting arrangement with Transmission
   Technology, a commercial company developed and is               Can be used in various science and outer space projects
   using SABP in off-highway vehicles                               that require a multitude of gear drives

 Glenn Research Center                                                                      1983 Phase II, NAS3-24539, 10/99
 Aeropropulsion                                                                             NASA Contact - Dave G. Lewicki
 3-043                                                                                      Company Contact - Dezi J. Folenta

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