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 Challenges for Xi Jinping, China's President-in-waiting,
     to be Discussed at China Leaders Forum 2012
   Building off of the momentum of past conferences, Golden Networking brings back China Leaders
  Forum 2012, "Political and Economic Challenges for Xi Jinping, China's President-in-waiting", New
                         York, October 2nd (

(September 14, 2012, New York) The whereabouts of Xi Jinping, China’s likely next president, was the most
recurring topic of chatter at China’s answer to Switzerland’s Davos forum in Tianjin. No wonder: China is in a
political hiatus, with a new generation of leaders expected to be named shortly. In the economic front,
businessmen are also reading the leaves trying to figure out whether the weaker growth is a structural shift or a
bump on the road.

As China’s importance in the world economy has grown, so has interest in its financial sector. The advancing
liberalization of China’s capital flows and the internationalization of the renminbi will have pervasive
consequences for the Chinese financial system. However, significant flaws persist embedded in China’s domestic
financial system; its underdeveloped financial system represents a serious problem to the growth and
diversification of its economy.

China is now growing at its slowest pace since the recession, a worrisome sign for the broader global economy.
As the world‘s two largest economies following diverging paths, the United States and China must lead the world
through a cooperative approach, especially under European Union’s unflagging burdening debt situation. The
future could be brighter, though, if China secures a smooth political transition, and reforms follow.
Golden Networking's China Leaders Forum 2012, "Political and Economic Challenges for Xi Jinping, China's
President-in-waiting", October 2nd, New York City, will examine the political and economic challenges facing
China nowadays and the long-term opportunities that will be created in the world’s largest economy by 2016.
China Leaders Forum 2012 will provide attendees with the responses to the above-mentioned questions and the
most up-to-date review of where the Asian giant stands and the challenges and opportunities for businessmen
looking to expand their business with China when others only see growth contraction. Topics that China Leaders
Forum 2012 will discuss include:
       Internationalization of the Renminbi
       Post- crisis relationship between US and China
       The Euro Debt Crisis and How it will Affect the Chinese Economy
       China’s Investments in Europe: To Save or Not to Save the Euro?
       Xi Jinping’s 100-day Plan to Unleash the Chinese Tiger

Recognized experts, regulators, and strategists, will return to China Leaders Forum 2012 in its fourth edition to
provide the information practitioners are looking for in an open and unbiased environment, highly conducive to
the most efficient and effective networking.

China Leaders Forum 2012 is produced by Golden Networking (, the premier
networking community for business executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Panelists, speakers and sponsors are
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