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									          Timico Makes VoIP Ready for Business

  First Converged Communications Services Provider to Guarantee
                      QoS for UK SMEs

Newark, UK, 24 November 2005 - Timico Ltd., an independent provider of mobile, fixed,
internet and converged communication services to the business market, today
announced that it is delivering QoS for its DSL applications such as voice, instant
messaging, video conferencing and collaborative communications for work-groups. This
offering means that business strength VoIP is now available for the first time to UK

“We are proud and excited to be the first to offer UK SMEs all the benefits of internet
communications at business-strength service levels. Other VoIP services are purely
voice play without the ability to deliver QoS, so downloading a large file or sending an
email kills the VoIP quality. SMEs are leaving themselves open to dropped VoIP calls
and interrupted communications services unless they sign up with a VoIP service
provider that can guarantee QoS – and today that means Timico,” says Mike Webb,
managing director, Timico.

Following its purchase and investment in Atlas Internet, Timico boasts one of the most
advanced core networks of any ISP in the UK. Because it has control over the underlying
infrastructure, Timico is able to offer reliable throughput for low bandwidth applications,
giving services such as voice, video and collaboration sessions priority over its network.
This level of quality is critical in collaborative business environments where a consistently
high quality end user experience must be guaranteed.

“There is a high level of interest amongst SMEs for VoIP. These businesses know VoIP’s
not just about low cost calls. They know it can provide their organisation with the type of
communications functionality that up until now used to be the preserve of big business.
However, they also know that without QoS VoIP is simply just not ready for them to
deploy – one missed sales call can be a disaster for a small company. By taking away
this concern, Timico is removing most SMEs’ only sticking point over VoIP, and I expect
that the combination of QoS with our integrated communications and VoIP service is
going to be highly attractive to UK SMEs, who increasingly see advanced
communications as a crucial enabler towards business efficiency,” continues Mike Webb.
Specialising in services tailored specifically for small and medium sized businesses,
Timico is the first company in the UK to be able to provide truly converged mobile, fixed,
internet and VoIP services on one, unified bill with one point of contact for customer
assistance. With a management team that has experience and industry knowledge from
across the IP and telecoms industries and the know-how to piece together the
convergence jigsaw, Timico is a new breed of communications company with a unique
market position. It is well placed to bring DSL-based communications firmly into the SME
business arena.

About Timico
Timico is an independent provider of converged communication services to the business
market that provides a range of fixed, mobile and internet connectivity solutions.
Founded in 2004 by a highly experienced management team, Timico brings an unrivalled
understanding of its customers' needs, delivered through its independence, its high
levels of customer service and a desire to help its customers to operate more effectively.
The company’s portfolio of services includes fixed line, mobile and broadband voice and
data services.
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