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                                                                Issue 15, October 2004
Contents                                           NDT: Changes and challenges -              Formatted
                                                   Addressing disability in HE
News from projects and partnerships
    Aimhigher national activity: funded
    projects                                       Disability disclosure, confidentiality
                                                   and evidence in a Higher Education
    Aimhigher Greater Manchester -
                                                   context: Guidance notes
    Learning for Work: vocational
    opportunities in higher education         Requests for information
    Aimhigher Greater Merseyside                   University of Gloucestershire – HEFCE
                                                   funded disability project
General Information
                                                   Multimedia resources and experiences
    CADISE: Being Inclusive in the
                                                   disability project: University Of
    Creative and Performing Arts (BICPA).
    HEFCE funded Strand 2 project to
    Improve provision for disabled                 In search of disabled people thinking
    students                                       about psychology study
    Congratulations to the 2004 National      Humour
    Teaching Fellows                          A somewhat longer Bulletin this month –
    Raising the profile of disability in HE   everyone must be refreshed after their
                                              summer holidays!
    Wanted: Tales of the best and worst
    The Graduate Employability Awards -       News from projects and
    Enhancing Employability                   partnerships
    DRC launches new education microsite      Aimhigher national activity: funded
    Professional Education and Disability     projects
    Support (PEdDS) project: Hull             An invitation to bid for funds for national
    University                                projects was issued in March (Circular letter
Events                                        07/2004). In all, forty-four bids were
                                              received with a total value of £25.66
    A Richer Picture: The Wider Role Of       million. Ten bids scored highly enough
    The Voluntary And Community Sector        against the assessment criteria, and a total
    In Learning And Development NIACE         of £5.24 million was allocated. Three of
    Annual Voluntary And Community            these bids focused on aspects of
    Sector Conference                         mentoring, so the partners involved were
    Student Employability - Resources to      asked to develop a joint project.
    make it happen                            The resulting eight successful projects are
    Admissions to Higher Education            described below. The values of the awards
    Conference                                are indicative, as details of some projects
                                              are yet to be finalised.
    Getting on Brilliantly - Managing
    successful meetings for adult             Funded projects
    educators                                 Chemistry: the next generation
    Aimhigher Healthcare Strand               Partnership: Royal Society of Chemistry,
                                              University of Leicester, eleven other HEIs,
three multinational pharmaceutical              Partnership: National Academy for Gifted
companies and two sector skills councils        and Talented Youth at the University of
Contact: Professor Paul Cullis, University of
Leicester, tel: 0116 2522130, e-mail:           Contact: Ken Sloan, tel: 024 765 74411, e-
pmc@le.ac.uk                                    mail: ken.sloan@warwick.ac.uk
Award: £941,446                                 Award: £650,200
This project aims to develop materials and      The project aims to raise expectations
activities to raise the aspirations of          among under-represented groups from
potential students to take up courses in        England's top five per cent of gifted young
chemical sciences, and to provide subject-      people. It will provide a web portal to give
specific support and materials for              national exposure to regional activities, as
Aimhigher partnerships. Activities will         well as providing online study groups and a
include providing hands-on access to            forum for staff. Other activities include
modern laboratories through summer              events for parents and carers, and over a
schools and open days, along with a wide        hundred outreach activities. The project will
range of other outreach work.                   also produce a quality framework for HEIs
                                                working with gifted and talented young
Raising aspirations, achievement rates and
participation in higher education of looked-
after children and children in public care      Overcoming specific learning difficulties as
                                                a barrier to participation in HE
Partnership: Leicester Shire Aimhigher
                                                Partnership: University of Westminster,
Contact: Tim Farthing, tel: 0116 2707942,
                                                British Dyslexia Association, the Dyslexia
e-mail: tim.farthing@citycluster.co.uk
                                                Institute, the National Disability Team
Award: £304,000
                                                Contact: Katherine Hewlett, tel: 0207 911
This project will provide information, advice   5764, e-mail: hewletk@wmin.ac.uk
and guidance for children and their carers
                                                Award: £478,000
through local conventions and producing a
video/DVD. There will also be mentoring         The project aims to raise awareness of the
activities to support looked-after children     issues surrounding pupils with specific
making transitions from 16+ to post-19          learning difficulties, within schools and
education. The project will develop a group     Aimhigher partnerships, and to deliver
of local partners involved in promoting         specific activities for such pupils. Activities
educational achievement and progression         will include national awareness-raising
of looked-after children and those in care.     events for Aimhigher stakeholders, and
                                                separate events for learners. A national
RAISE – Raising Aspirations Into Science
                                                outreach scheme is also planned.
and Engineering
                                                Raising attainment, awareness and
Partnership: University of Teesside,
                                                aspirations through football
SETNET (Science, Engineering, Technology
and Mathematics network) and the British        Partnership: Manchester Metropolitan
Association for the Advancement of Science      University, Football in the Community
Contact: Colin Wilkinson tel: 01642             Contact: Rob Halsall, tel: 0161 247 1024,
384249, e-mail: colin.wilkinson@tees.ac.uk      e-mail: r.halsall@mmu.ac.uk
Award: £500,000                                 Award: £544,600
This project will run activities such as        The project aims to raise attainment and
summer schools, discovery days and              awareness among pupils through out-of-
awards events focused on science and            school 'catch-up' homework/coursework
engineering. Revision support will also be      sessions. Parent and carer groups will also
provided in a way that brings pupils into       be set up to raise awareness of the pupils'
university laboratories.                        curriculum and its demands, and how they
                                                can support their children. In addition,
Higher Education Gateway for Gifted and
                                                football coaching will be offered to pupils
                                                and parents/carers to encourage
engagement with the scheme. The scheme         A Foundation Degrees event will be held on
will involve contact with professional and     17 November. Students in Y13 and
ex-footballers and with HE and FE students     learners in the workplace will find out about
and staff.                                     vocational higher education options.
                                               Aimhigher and the Greater Manchester
National Compact Scheme
                                               Strategic Alliance are offering an evening
Partnership: University of Leeds, seventeen    reception for employers with speakers from
other universities                             Foundation Degree Forward in order to
Contact: Ceri Nursaw, tel: 0113 343 4019,      encourage them to:
e-mail: c.nursaw@adm.leeds.ac.uk                Support staff who might be interested in
Award: £317,724                                  pursuing a FD
                                                Provide workplace opportunities for
This project will investigate the special
                                                 those studying FDs
admissions arrangements (including
compacts and summer schools) which              Engage in an employers network to
operate across the HE sector. Building on        discuss the development of new FDs
this, the project will seek to develop a       For further information please see:
collaborative scheme for these special         http://www.aimhighergreatermanchester.com
admissions arrangements. It will focus on      or contact Catherine Boyd:
how well these schemes are understood,         c.j.boyd@open.ac.uk
and how they can provide opportunities
and motivation for young people.               Aimhigher Greater Merseyside
Aimhigher National Mentoring Scheme            The partnership will be involved in many
Partnership: Middlesex University, National    activities over the coming year and the list
Mentoring Pilot Project, The Brightside        below summarises some of the main
Trust                                          projects and events.

Contact: Professor Andrew Miller, Middlesex    RadioStar
University, tel: 0208 4116846, e-mail:         An Aimhigher and Juice FM campaign
a.miller@mdx.ac.uk                             focusing on progression routes to music
                                               and related media industries culminating in
Provisional award: £1,500,000 (NB. This        a two-day convention.
money has been set aside pending the
approval of the joint project).                Champions Project
                                               A project bringing together a targeted
This project would bring together and          cohort of young people from across
develop three existing mentoring schemes,      Merseyside to act as Champions for
which include both face-to-face and online     learning.
mentoring. The project would develop
materials and a framework for mentoring of     Transition – Preparing the way forward
school pupils by HE students. A specific       Providing opportunities for pupils to
strand would relate to mentoring pupils        develop independent learning skills and
with an interest in healthcare professions.    prepare pupils for their next step in
Aimhigher Greater Manchester -
Learning for Work: vocational                  Primary Project
opportunities in higher education              Developing a range of resources across
                                               partner HEIs and FECs, including a new
Raising awareness of Foundation Degrees is     interactive website and Children’s
a high priority for Aimhigher Greater          University modules.
Manchester. Research has been
undertaken to map the current provision of     Syndicate Aimhigher Project
across Greater Manchester. “Your Guide to      Subject specific syndicates will be created
Foundation Degrees in Greater Manchester”      with members drawn from schools, FE and
is a brochure of fifty-three foundation        HE to raise attainment in GCSE and A Level
degrees offered by colleges and universities   students.
in Greater Manchester.                         Fast Forward
An on-line course offered by Edge Hill to       The BICPA project is developing a portfolio
support transition to higher education.         of resources which will provide practical
                                                information and advice for teaching staff,
Health & Social Care
                                                backed up by a programme of staff and
A course offered by JMU and Toxteth
                                                educational development sessions.
Community College providing an insight
into Health, Early Years Education and          The main focus of activity has been the
Child Care.                                     development of a number of in-depth case
                                                studies which cover a variety of scenarios
Vocational Progression Routes
                                                within the creative and performing arts.
A project lead by St Helens College
focusing on progression routes from             Using the wealth of material gained from
Advanced Modern Apprenticeships to              the case studies, we shall be addressing
Higher Education.                               the issues raised in a series of written
                                                briefings and guidance notes for staff.
Health Care Cadets
A two-year NVQ Care and Key Skills              Other activities include working with
programme that involving Foundation and         programme leaders as they prepare for
Modern Apprenticeships, this project also       new programmes and/or the revalidation of
investigates the issues around progression      existing programmes, to ensure that
to HE.                                          disability considerations are built in and not
                                                bolted on.
MAP to Hope
Developing a portfolio of activities to         For further information and more detailed
facilitate entry to Higher Education            updates on project activity contact: Gill
amongst Modern Apprentices.                     Capewell. Project Manager CADISE BICPA
                                                Project: gcapwell@surrart.ac.uk. If you
Progression Routes Research
                                                would like to know more about CADISE,
Research into progression routes within
                                                please go to: http://www.cadise.ac.uk
four sectors of construction, health & social
care, engineering and hospitality and           Congratulations to the 2004 National
leisure.                                        Teaching Fellows
Achievers Awards                                The NDT would like to offer congratulations
The fourth annual awards celebrating the        to all fifty National Teacher Fellowship
outstanding achievement of young people         Award winners in 2004.
in schools and colleges from across the
                                                We would particularly like to congratulate
whole region.
                                                Val Chapman and Judith Waterfield who are
AIMs Activities                                 leading HEFCE/DELNI funded Strand two
Continuing activities with the themes of        projects: To improve provision for disabled
aspiration and attainment, inspiration and      students, and are recipients of a National
motivation.                                     Teaching Fellowship Award.
For further information on these and other      Judith Waterfield, SPACE Project Director
activities and events taking place              and Head of Disability ASSIST Services, at
throughout Greater Merseyside visit the         University of Plymouth plans to use her
website at: http://www.ahgtm.ac.uk.             NTFS Award to look at Universal Design.
                                                More information on the SPACE project and
General Information
                                                Judith’s plans for her NTFS award can be
CADISE: Being Inclusive in the                  found at: http://www.space.ac.uk/
Creative and Performing Arts (BICPA).
                                                Val Chapman is Head of University College
HEFCE funded Strand 2 project to
                                                Worcester’s Equal Opportunities Centre. Val
Improve provision for disabled
                                                is also a QAA Institutional Auditor and
                                                chairs the Higher Education Opportunities
The eight partners of CADISE (The               Network (HEEON) and Project Director for
Consortium of Arts & Design Institutions in     the HEFCE/DELNI funded Strand two
Southern England) are collaborating on a        project: Academic standards and
project which aims to improve the design        benchmark descriptors: developing
and delivery of programmes of study within      strategies for inclusivity. Val will use her
the creative and performing arts.               NTFS award to extend the work on
strategies for inclusivity and also undertake    surveys as well as successful DRC casework
an international research visit and create       examples and legal information. In addition
and publish resources online and on CD.          to a frequently asked questions (FAQs)
                                                 section, the site also provides links to a
More information on the HEFCE/DELNI
                                                 number of related websites.
funded project led by Val can be found on
the website:                                     To view the education microsite, please
http://www.worc.ac.uk/services/equalopps         follow the link:
/benchmark/                                      http://www.drc.org.uk/education/
Raising the profile of disability in HE          Professional Education and Disability
                                                 Support (PEdDS) project: Hull
Is your institution planning a disability
event? Is an academic department trying to
raise the profile of disability issues?          The PEdDS Project is funded by the Higher
Perhaps the NDT can help.                        Education Funding Council to examine the
                                                 experiences of disabled social work
As part of our support to all HEIs in
                                                 students with ‘unseen’ disabilities
England and Northern Ireland the team
                                                 undertaking placements. The team have
would welcome the opportunity to visit
                                                 conducted interviews with fifty students
your institution to make a presentation or
                                                 and fifty staff comprising practice teachers,
facilitate a workshop, as this is an effective
                                                 disability support staff and placement
way of reaching staff and supporting you to
                                                 coordinators. The consultations have been
change practice. To discuss how we might
                                                 analysed and key themes identified. These
be able to assist please contact Yvonne
                                                 include disclosure dilemmas, reasonable
Dickinson, Deputy Director of the NDT at:
                                                 adjustments, assessing competence and
                                                 passing on information.
Wanted: Tales of the best and worst
                                                 A research report outlining the findings is in
The Times Higher is starting a regular           preparation and will be available in Autumn
feature in late September, asking                2004 at: http:// www.hull.ac.uk/pedds
academics for their worst/best
teaching/research moments over the last          Events
year and, if worst, how they overcame
                                                 A Richer Picture: The Wider Role Of
them. It would be about seventy words.
                                                 The Voluntary And Community Sector
Examples should be sent to:
                                                 In Learning And Development NIACE
                                                 Annual Voluntary And Community
The Graduate Employability Awards -              Sector Conference
Enhancing Employability
                                                 Tuesday 5 October 2004, Birmingham
ESECT and The Independent are proud to
                                                 This conference will be of interest to
invite teams in higher education and
                                                 voluntary and community organisations
employers to submit applications for the
                                                 that are thinking about how learning could
prestigious ‘Graduate Employability Awards’
                                                 support their work or that are involved
which celebrate the high standards of
                                                 already (in different ways) in adult
employability of the UK’s graduates. There
                                                 learning; their partners and potential
are two awards please see the Generic
                                                 partners in the Higher Education, Further
Centre web site for further details:
                                                 Education, private, and Local Authority
                                                 sectors; work-based learning providers;
                                                 Learning and Skills Council, Government
DRC launches new education microsite             Office and Regional Development Agency
The DRC has launched its new education           staff; and policy makers with a particular
microsite to provide students, parents and       focus on the voluntary and community
education providers with a range of useful       sector.
information on education issues and              Further details please visit the NIACE
disability in a new easy to use site.            website:
The new site includes Codes of Practice,         http://www.niace.org.uk/Conferences/Train
consultation responses and research              ingCourses/GettingOn.htm Or contact
Gurjit Kaur on tel: 0116 2042833; Email:         wants to develop their facilitation skills and
gurjit.kaur@niace.org.uk                         transform their meetings. All participants
Student Employability - Resources to             will receive a copy of the "Getting on
make it happen                                   Brilliantly" book costing £65. Further details
                                                 please visit the NIACE website:
13 October 2004, The University of Derby         http://www.niace.org.uk/Conferences/Train
with the Enhancing Student Employability         ingCourses/GettingOn.htm or contact Gurjit
Co-ordination Team (ESECT) Venue:                Kaur on tel: 0116 2042833; Email:
University of Derby                              gurjit.kaur@niace.org.uk
This one-day conference is aimed at              Aimhigher Healthcare Strand
colleagues who support student
development including academics, student         A seminar is being organised by Action on
union officers, careers service staff,           Access to explore the Aimhigher Healthcare
information support staff, educational           Strand. If you are involved in any
developers, curriculum managers and              Aimhigher activities related to health or
alumni officers. For a full programme and        healthcare professions and are not being
booking details, visit the website at:           funded through the Healthcare Strand and
http://www.ltsn.ac.uk/ESECT                      would like to attend please contact Andrew
                                                 Rawson with details of your activites.
Admissions to Higher Education                   Email: info@actiononaccess.org
                                                 NDT: Changes and challenges -
20 October 2004, King's College, London          Addressing disability in HE
Guy's Hospital
                                                 The NDT is organising a national
This conference is aimed at teachers and         conference for the 28/29 April 2005, at the
lecturers in schools in the Aspire               Hilton Hotel in Watford.
Partnership who have responsibility for
giving advice about Higher Education. It is      Provisionally titled ‘Changes and
also aimed at Connexions staff. The Aspire       challenges: Addressing disability in higher
region encompasses schools in Lewisham,          education’, the conference will provide an
Greenwich, Southwark, Lambeth,                   opportunity to consider future models of
Wandsworth, Bexley and Tower Hamlets.            disability provision. It will also provide a
                                                 showcase for HEFCE/DELNI- funded
Participants will be able to hear about the      disability projects to disseminate
latest up-to-date news from the UCAS             outputs/outcomes.
team, learn about what makes a perfect
                                                 Further information will be available on the
personal statement and what university           NDT website from early autumn, including
lecturers are looking for in their references.
                                                 a call for workshop proposals. In the
They will also get a chance to meet              meantime we would encourage you to add
admissions tutors from a wide range of
                                                 the date to your diary.
disciplines from the universities in the
Aspire partnership (King's Greenwich,            Publications
London South Bank and Goldsmiths
College).                                        Disability disclosure, confidentiality
                                                 and evidence in a Higher Education
Contact Silka Warrick tel:020 7919 7114 or       context: Guidance notes
e-mail: s.warrick@gold.ac.uk for more
information.                                     This new booklet is available on the
                                                 Scottish Disability Team website at:
Getting on Brilliantly - Managing                http://www.sdt.ac.uk/training.asp?stakeid
successful meetings for adult                    =1
Tuesday 12 October 2004, Blackburn.              Requests for information
Friday 12 November 2004, York. Thursday          University of Gloucestershire – HEFCE
9 December 2004, London                          funded disability project
The training course is for people who want       The Disability CPD project based at the
to be innovative leaders, for managers, for      University of Gloucestershire has recently
course team leaders and for anyone who           completed the first pilot run of the online
course, involving twenty-seven participants       s.stone@shef.ac.uk Website:
from the University of Gloucestershire and        http://www.skillsforaccess.org.uk
University College Worcester. The course
                                                  In search of disabled people thinking
e-moderators and project external
                                                  about psychology study
evaluator are currently reviewing and
evaluating the pilot in detail. In the light of   The Improving Provision for Disabled
this evaluation, the structure and content        Psychology Students (IPDPS) project is
of both the online course and                     desperately in need of disabled prospective
accompanying guide will be reviewed and           students, those who are considering
revised by the project team and advisory          studying psychology at university, to
panel. Also, a presentation based on the          complete our survey of their concerns and
pilot online course and the participant           expectations about doing so. Can you help
evaluations will be made at the forthcoming       us? If you are in touch with any disabled
SEDA conference (November 2004).                  students studying psychology at A-level or
                                                  equivalent, or a disabled person thinking
Three more presentations of the online
                                                  about studying psychology at university,
course are due to be run in 2005. These
                                                  we would love to hear from you. Contact
presentations will be open to all academic
                                                  Julie Collins, at: ipdps@aston.ac.uk to
and support staff in HEFCE-funded
                                                  discuss this further.
institutions. Expressions of interest should
be forwarded to: Michele Hills, Disability        For more information about the project, or
CPD Project Manager email:                        to take a look at our ‘prospective student’
mhills@glos.ac.uk                                 survey, see our website:
                                                  http://Ltsnpsy.york.ac.uk/ipdps or contact
Multimedia resources and experiences
                                                  Lucy Zinkiewicz, University of York:
disability project: University Of
                                                  BULLETIN – if you have received this
The Skills for Access (SFA) project is
                                                  indirectly and would like to be added to our
developing a website aimed at providing
                                                  mailing list, please email:
guidance to staff in Higher Education who
                                                  c.kelly@actiononaccess.org with the
produce or commission multimedia content
                                                  subject line “Bulletin mailing”.
for use in teaching and learning. SFA is
particularly interested in:                       The next issue of Bulletin will be circulated
                                                  on 1 November 2004. If you have any
 Showcasing examples of multimedia
                                                  items you would like including please email
   content where accessibility features are
                                                  to Chris Kelly: c.kelly@actiononaccess.org
   incorporated to make it accessible to
                                                  by 22 October.
   disabled students
 Showcasing examples of a multimedia
   learning resource developed with the aim
   of enhancing the accessibility of
   traditional teaching delivery to specific
   groups, for example dyslexic or deaf
 Interviewing disabled students who have
   either encountered difficulties in
   accessing multimedia resources or have
   found that using multimedia has been
   beneficial to their learning experience
If you are interested in contributing an
example, know of anyone who may be able
to help, or are interested in evaluating the
website, please get in touch.
We are offering £50 to each successful
contributor to the resource. Please contact
the Project Coordinator Sarah Stone:

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