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									     Appendix D D- Risk Matrix


     Housing Regeneration in Newington and St Andrews (NaSA)- Risk Matrix

                       Risk                              Current Risk                                                      Residual Risk
                                                       Impact   Likelihood                                              Impact   Likelihood
       Options - Pursue the intention to declare
       a renewal area.

1.     DCLG funding less than projected                  3          2        Extend timescale for programme               2          2
       impacting on programme delivery.                                      delivery and/or reduce programme or
                                                                             the Council funds the shortfall.

2.     Declaration of renewal area not                   3          2        Build on consultation undertaken to date     2          2
       supported at statutory consultation stage.                            for scheme update.

3.     Reduction in member support for                   3          2        Effective and ongoing engagement with        3          1
       process.                                                              local members and party stakeholders.

                                                                                                                          3          4
       The renewal area enables pursuance of             3          4        This is due procedure and beyond the
4.     CPO powers which may be the subject of                                Council’s control; implement CPO
       a public inquiry or other delay.                                      proceedings as soon as practicable

5.     The renewal area enables pursuance of             4          3        Continually update baseline data and         4          2
       CPO powers which are not confirmed at                                 NRA; implement recommendations from
       public inquiry, if the Council fails to prove                         independent review of NRA when
       the case or deviates from the correct                                 known; work closely with residents on
       procedure                                                             implementation of the programme.
     Appendix D D- Risk Matrix

       The CPO may be varied; properties may        4   3   Continually update baseline data and       4   2
6.     be withdrawn from the CPO for the above              NRA; implement recommendations from
       reasons or because the inspector                     independent review of NRA when
       appointed by the DCLG decides that the               known; work closely with residents on
       objectives of the CPO have not been met              implementation of the programme.
       on these properties

7.     Staffing resources and skills may be         3   3   Staffing capacity review currently         3   2
       insufficient to deliver proposed                     beening undertaken by Gateway to
       programmme                                           reviewevaluate existing resources within
                                                            delivery team and identify additional
                                                            resources required to deliver proposed

8.     Recruitment of additional posts identified   3   3   Provision of HR support due to priority    3   2
       as required, is slow and/ or unsuccessful            of this programme, senior management
                                                            support to progress posts through the
                                                            recruitment procedure

       Options – Authorise disposal of assets
       acquired through the Gateway Advanced
       Acquisitions Project to Places for People

9.     It is not seen to be best use of Gateway     4   1   Section 22 Agreement provides for          1   1
       funding as a consequence of the property             properties acquired by the City Council
       being disposed of at less than best                  for the purposes of rehousing residents
       consideration.                                       affected by regeneration proposals to
                                                            be transferred into the ownership of
                                                            Places for People for management
Appendix D D- Risk Matrix
                            purposes. On potential sale of the
                            property the value of that property plus
                            any value increase is returned to Hull
                            City Council for Housing Market
                            Renewal purposes net of any
                            reasonable management,
                            refurbishment, repairs and maintenance


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