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					                       PLANNING SUB COMMITTEE

                                2 APRIL 2008


1.    2 Grange Road & 298 Warwick Road (Ref: 2007/2267)

1.1   Purpose of Report

1.1.2 This report is compiled following the resolution to approve the above application
      at your Planning Sub-Committee meeting on 28th November 2007.

1.1.3 The planning application was approved subject to conditions and a Section 106
      Agreement. It was agreed that details of landscaping (condition 10) would be
      brought back to Planning Sub Committee for Member approval.

1.2   Matters for Consideration

1.2.1 Accordingly, condition No.10 attached to 2007/2267 states:

      (10) The development hereby approved shall not be occupied until full details of
      both hard and soft landscape works have been submitted to and approved in
      writing by the Local Planning Authority and these works shall be carried out as
      approved. These details shall include proposed finished levels or contours;
      means of enclosure; car parking layouts; other vehicle and pedestrian access
      and circulation areas; hard surfacing materials; minor artefacts and structures
      (e.g. furniture, play equipment, refuse or other storage units, lighting etc.);
      retained historic landscape features and proposals for restoration. Soft landscape
      works shall include planting plans; written specifications (including cultivation and
      other operations associated with plant and grass establishment); schedules of
      plants, noting species, plant sizes and proposed numbers/densities where
      appropriate; implementation programme.
      The reason for this condition is stated as being:

      To minimise the effect and enhance the character of the development in
      accordance with Policy ENV2 and ENV15 of the Solihull Unitary Development
      Plan 2006.

1.2.2 Details were submitted on 29th January 2008 showing the proposed hard and soft
      landscaping including refuse store, boundary details, proposed sub-station and
      access gate.

1.2.3 The approved plans show the retention of the existing wall and fence however it
      is now proposed to replace this with new wall and railings. The proposed
      boundary treatment along Grange Road consists of scalloped walls with brick on
      edge copings, brick piers and reconstituted stone caps and spheres at the
      vehicular access which would vary in height from 1350 mm to 1800mm. A
      450mm high dwarf wall with black railings above to give an overall height of
      1200mm is proposed to run from the vehicular access, along the remainder of
      the Grange Road frontage and Warwick Road frontage, bar the pedestrian
      entrance from Warwick Road which would consist of a metal gate. The proposed
      boundary treatment would be similar to that to the Churchill development
      currently being constructed at 331 – 335 Warwick Road.

1.2.4 Additional planting is proposed along the boundaries of Grange Road and
      Warwick Road which mainly consist of under planting to existing trees. Grassed
      areas are proposed between the building and Grange and Warwick Road with
      small areas of hard standing by 4 ground floor openings and the pedestrian path
      leading from the building to Warwick Road.

1.2.5 To the rear of the building a patio and ‘rockscape’ area is proposed immediately
      adjacent to the residents lounge. A large grassed area is proposed with various
      paths leading to the car parking area and an arbour in the north western most
      corner of the site.

1.2.6 The bin store is proposed in the same position as is shown on the approved site
      layout plan.

1.2.7 Your Landscape Architects were consulted on 30th January who confirmed on
      13th March that the submitted details to be acceptable and recommend that
      conditions 8 (schedule of all those trees, hedgerows, shrubs or existing features
      of the land to be retained, removed and/or treated), 10 (hard and soft
      landscaping) and 11 (details of all proposed tree planting and the proposed times
      of planting) be discharged.

1.2.8 The plans also show a possible re-location of the proposed electricity sub-station
      from the rear of the site to the front of the building on the Warwick Road
      elevation. Your Officers are of the view that the re-location of the sub-station
      could not be dealt with by the landscaping condition and would need to be
      amended by a new planning application should the applicants wish to pursue this

1.3   Recommendation

      That planning condition No.10 attached to 2007/2267 be discharged with a letter
      advising the applicants that planning permission would be required for any re-
      location of the sub-station.

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