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					Netbook Battery Comparison A netbook battery comparison is a great way to compare netbooks. After all, what's the attraction of netbooks in the first place? Extreme portability! Also convenience. Netbooks are actually what laptops were originally meant to be, but when laptops came out the state of the art as far as CPUs and memories was not advanced enough to make a really portable computing environment that could do everything you needed it to do. So, laptops started out too big. But as technology advanced, out came netbooks. There are tons of them by tons of manufacturers, and a netbook battery comparison is a great way to get started sifting through them. At this moment, late 2009, most netbook batteries last 4 or so hours. I don't know about you, but that's right at the "not very useful" end of things. I'm a writer and it's not unusual for me to just sit somewhere and work for 4 hours. Not only that, but this 4 hours is sometimes a little misleading, and we need to include this in this netbook battery comparison. Or in any other netbook battery comparison. For one thing, as you use the battery it's maximum time between charges diminishes. For another thing, not all batteries are made equal. I've seen netbooks whose batteries only lasted 3 hours. If it was an older version where you've used the netbook for a while, charged and recharged it, then that time could be two hours or less. Besides age, there is another factor I want to mention in this netbook battery comparison, number of cells. The cell is essentially the unit of the battery that chemically makes the electricity, stores it, and releases it to be used by the device. Netbook batteries come in 2, 4, or even 6 cell varieties. Generally, the more cells, the greater the time between charges. So, when you read the specs in any netbook battery comparison, be aware of how many cells it has. As far as specific netbooks, there's a huge difference in ratings. Samsung's N120 says that their batter lasts up to 10 hours between charges. Now, to my mind, that's more like it! Even if it's just 8, that's a whole lot better than 4! Whereas Sony's VAIO currently says that it's battery lasts 4 hours. You can't by the way say that the Samsung's battery lasts twice as long as the Sony's, but I can say in this netbook battery comparison, that it's very likely that Sony's battery lasts qualitatively less time that the Samsung's.

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