CHE 102 Objectives Exam3 by 2GubIGNH


									CHE 102

Objectives for Third Exam
List the four major classes of organic molecules.
        Define the four major components of these molecules.
Monomer vs Polymer.
Amino Acids.
        Structure and Function.
Nucleic Acids.
        Structure and Function.
Carbohydrates as Energy.
        Simple vs complex sugars.
        Starch vs cellulose.
OparinÕs Theory.
        Define: organic ÒsoupÓ, bacteria, algae, oxygen requiring organisms.
        Photosynthesis vs Respiration (what is produced? what is consumed?)
Understand how to read a graph.
List five ways to measure energy.
Definition of a calorie; of a BTU.
Define gross national product vs energy consumption.
Define fossil fuels.
Understand the main components of the carbon cycle.
Define and give examples of renewable vs non-renewable sources.
List the main component and original source of:
        Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas.
Define air pollutant.
Define hydrocarbon.
Carbon Monoxide:
        Symptoms of high levels, effect on Hb, sources (reactions), ways to decrease atmospheric
        levels, relation to catalytic converters (reactions).
Oxides of Sulfur:
        Symptoms of high levels, sources (reactions), ways to decrease atmospheric levels.
        Definition (two types), symptoms of high levels, sources, ways to decrease levels,
        London smog (components).
Oxides of Nitrogen:
        Sources (reactions), ways to decrease levels.
Volatile Organic Compounds:
        Definition, sources, ways to decrease atmospheric levels, Los Angeles smog
        Definition, sources, ways to decrease atmospheric levels.

Review Questions for Chapters 7, 8 and 9.

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