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Trial by Fire
Hydropneumatic gas springs prove themselves in hazardous materials

The Bonfire gas spring from the STABILUS LIFT-O-MAT series has been
customized for hazardous goods logistics. It will ensure comfortable opening
and closing of even the most complex hazardous materials storage containers
or carriers and is completely harmless in a fire. A patent for the system is

Koblenz, September 2008. – Opening, closing, and positioning all kinds of doors, lids,
and hoods is among the most important tasks of the hydropneumatic gas springs
from the STABILUS LIFT-O-MAT series. The LIFT-O-MAT BF gas spring is perfectly
customized for use in hazmat storage containers and transport carriers for hazardous
goods. The BF suffix refers to the so-called bonfire test, where the fire performance
of components and materials used in the construction of hazmat storage containers
is simulated. In this external fire test according to UN Test 6 (c), the LIFT-O-MAT BF
performs in an exemplary manner, thanks to its safety feature for automatic

Safe auto-degassing in a fire

The bonfire test stipulates that in a fire, neither the cargo nor the components of a
container structure must diffuse in an uncontrolled manner. This will both protect
people from injury as well as serve to de-escalate the situation. That is why the
STABILUS engineers have designed the LIFT-O-MAT BF gas spring so that a safe
pressure release will be initiated automatically when the temperature rises and with it
the pressure inside the gas spring cylinder. This will allow the gas (nitrogen)
necessary for normal operation to escape easily and safely from the LIFT-O-MAT BF,
eliminating a potential source of concern in a fire.

Consequently, the LIFT-O-MAT BF gas spring from STABILUS combines a high level
of comfort with a superior safety standard. For manufacturers of hazmat storage
containers and modern transport carriers – as they are needed for the transportation
of complete airbag assemblies in the automotive supplier industry – this gas spring is
the ideal solution for safe, ergonomic, and innovative logistics structures.

The gas springs from the LIFT-O-MAT series, which are available in different
dimensions and force variants, are non-locking and assume lifting, lowering, moving,
and adjusting functions. They feature a perfectly matched extension force and
application-specific, defined damping. Like all gas springs from STABILUS, the
LIFT-O-MAT BF is manufactured according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO 9001
and the global ISO/TS 16949 standard.

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