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Newsnight reveals inaccuracies in Iain
Duncan Smith's CV
Aspects of Iain Duncan Smith's CV, relating to his education, are
inaccurate and misleading, an investigation by BBC Newsnight

The investigation into the Conservative Party leader's education
and early career - broadcast at 10.30pm on BBC TWO last night
(Wednesday 18 December 2002) - was presented by Michael
Crick, author of the best-selling biography of Jeffrey Archer.

If any of the following material is used BBC Newsnight must be

The University of Perugia

Iain Duncan Smith's biography on the Conservative Party
website, his entry in Who's Who, and various other places, state
that he went to the Universita di Perugia in Italy.

This is not true: his office now admit that he went to the
Universita per Stranieri, which is also in Perugia.

The Universita per Stranieri - or University for Foreigners - was
founded in 1921 and is a totally separate institution to the
medieval Universita di Perugia, founded by the Pope in 1308.

Although the Universita per Stranieri is a respected language
school, it did not grant degrees when he studied there in 1973,
although some students attained diplomas.
Mr Duncan Smith's office has now admitted to Newsnight that
he didn't get any qualifications in Perugia or even finish his

Dunchurch College of Management

The first line of Iain Duncan Smith's biography, on the
Conservative Party website, claims he was "educated at
Dunchurch College of Management".

In fact, Dunchurch was the former staff college for GEC Marconi,
for whom he worked in the 1980s.

Mr Duncan Smith's office has now confirmed to Newsnight that
he did not get any qualifications there either, but that he
completed six separate courses lasting a few days each, adding
up to about a month in total.

Newsnight has now spoken to 19 former tutors at Dunchurch.
Most agree it is over-emphasising his experience at Dunchurch
to describe it in the way he does.

John Garside, a former Dunchurch tutor, says: "I'm puzzled,
flattered, but puzzled. What we did was offer short courses... it
was not a continuous form of education by any means."

Newsnight has shown these details to some of Iain Duncan
Smith's constituents in Chingford.

Several people assumed he must have been at both the
University of Perugia and Dunchurch for several years, and
obtained qualifications in either or both places.

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