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Date Submitted:


In the Matter of the Investigation and the
                                             )    DOCKET NO. 08-057-11
Consolidation of Dockets of the Formal
Complaints Against Questar Gas Company
                                             )    MOTION FOR A CONTINUANCE
Relating To Back-Billing

       Pursuant to Utah Admin. Code R746-100-3(H) and Utah Code § 63G-4-201, Questar Gas

Company (the Company or Questar Gas) requests that the time for interested parties to file

surrebuttal testimony or reply comments to the rebuttal testimony or response comments

previously filed by the parties, be extended to October 9, 2008. In support of this request, the

Company states as follows.

1.     On August 26, 2008, the Public Service Commission (Commission) issued the Fourth

Scheduling Order in this docket. Therein, the Commission ordered that Surrebuttal Testimony or

Reply Comments to the Rebuttal Testimony or Response Comments would be due on September

30, 2008.

2.     The Company, the Division of Public Utilities (Division), the Committee of Consumer

Services (Committee) and the Utah Ratepayers Association (URA) have agreed to engage in
discussions designed to seek the resolution of the issues raised in this docket. These parties have

agreed to hold those discussions on September 29, 2008. All formal complainants have been

invited to participate in these discussions.

3.     The Company seeks the extension of time for submitting comments in order that the

parties can focus on resolving the issues, and avoid unnecessary or duplicative work. The

Company has discussed this request with the Division, the Committee and the URA and all

support this Motion.

4.     The Company does not believe an extension of time for interested parties to file

comments will impair this proceeding.

       WHEREFORE, Questar Gas Company respectfully requests that the Commission enter

an Order extending the deadline to file comments until October 9, 2008.

       Respectfully submitted this 23rd day of September, 2008.


                                 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE
       This is to certify that a true and correct copy of MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE was

served upon the following persons by email when provided and by U.S. mail, postage prepaid,

on September 23, 2008:

        Michael Ginsberg                        Paul H. Proctor
        Patricia E. Schmid                      Assistant Attorney General
        Assistant Attorney Generals             160 East 300 South
        160 East 300 South                      P.O. Box 140857
        P.O. Box 140857                         Salt Lake City, UT 84114-0857
        Salt Lake City, UT 84114-0857           pproctor@utah.gov

        Roger J. Ball                           Betsy Wolf
        Utah Ratepayers Association             Salt Lake Community Action Program
        1375 Vintry Lane                        764 South 200 West
        Salt Lake City, UT 84121                Salt Lake City, UT 84101
        ura@utahratepayers.org                  bwolf@slcap.org

        R. Brian DeHaan                         Steven Robert Francis
        4108 West Helmsdale Circle              1447 West Bora Bora Drive
        South Jordan, UT 84095-8695             West Jordan, UT 84084

        Michael F. Garcia                       Paul J. Kardish
        2462 Hafen Lane                         1529 Meadow Bluff Lane
        Santa Clara, UT 84765                   Draper, UT 84020

        Russell N. Larsen                       Margaret P. McMain
        129 West 360 North                      1389 Roxbury Road
        Smithfield, UT 84335                    Salt Lake City, UT 84108

        George and Nancy Mitchell               Unlimited Designs
        3747 Forest Hills Drive                 11075 South State, Suite 30
        Salt Lake City, UT 84106                Sandy, UT 84070

        Arthur Wasek                            Robert and Susan Slattery
        2150 Cottonwood Cove Lane               1349 Downington Ave. Down
        Salt Lake City, UT 84121                Salt Lake City, UT 84105-3734

        Laurence Stella
        648 East 100 South
        Price, UT 84501-3105



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