FINHAM RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION
Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on Monday 25 June 2012


     Committee          Bob Fryer, Geoff Sewards, Peter Barclay, Kathy Boulton, Ann Bush,
     Members:           Anthony Dalton, Alan Elliott. Angela Fryer, Graham Reynolds,
                        Joyce Reynolds and Colin Salt,
     Councillors        Cllrs Gary Crookes and Tim Sawdon
     Police:            PCSO J Steed and Mr Peter Sturgeon
     Guests             John Archer, Chris Hall, Thelma Hardwick, Neville Hunt, Huw Jones
                        and Roger Morrall,

Apologies:              Elaine Appleby, Sam Hyndman, Mr and Mrs Pickering and
                        Stephen Trinder

1 Neighbourhood Watch

    Mr Peter Sturgeon described the advantages of forming Neighbourhood Watch
    Groups. Where these small community support groups are in operation criminal
    activity has fallen and the insurance companies offer reductions in insurance
    premiums. A Co-ordinator is required to liaise with the police. Mr Sturgeon
    distributed leaflets illustrating protective measures which households could take.

2 Minutes

    The Minutes were taken as read and approved.

3 Matters Arising

    There were no Matters Arising.

4 Severn Trent Proposals

    Mr Ed Preston of Severn Trent briefly addressed the meeting explaining the proposed
    improvements at Finham Sewage Treatment Works. This followed the recently held
    public consultation. A small supply of information leaflets were left for distribution.

    It is proposed to move the centrifuge process which removes water from waste to
    leave dry ‘cake’ from Rock Farm (Baginton) to Finham Sewage Treatment Works.
    This will result in increased traffic. To avoid the dangerous bend at Gate 2, the
    junction of the B4113 and B4115, lorries will exit from Gate 1. Severn Trent is ready
    to deal with any unacceptable smells resulting in this process.
5 Planning Issues
  Development at Coventry Airport – Gateway Project

   Coventry and Warwickshire Development Partnership (CWDP) – Sir Peter Rigby’s,
   Rigby Holdings and Roxhill (Rugby) Ltd developers, have published proposals to
   develop industrial units on the perimeter of Baginton Airport. Although not initially
   connected to the airport, it was noted that the airport has permission for 24 hour

   It is proposed to build a ‘bund’ around the perimeter to partially screen the buildings.
   These would be made from contaminated soil from Rock Farm Sewage Treatment

   These proposals include major alterations to many of the roads in the vicinity,
   including Leaf Lane, Rowley Road and the A45 up to, and including, the island at the
   junction of Leamington Road and St Martins Road.

   Further information can be found on the partnership’s website:

6 Police Report

   Total crime figures for Wainbody Ward are down 81% on June 2011. This includes
   burglaries, criminal damage and vehicle crime.

   Whilst crime in the area is down, there have been recent burglaries. PCSO Jon Steed
   and Mr Sturgeon urged residents to take precautions to protect their property and to
   be aware of security issues around the house.

7 Correspondence

   The following items of correspondence have been received:

   Warwick District Council – New Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation ends
   27 July.
   Voluntary Action Coventry – C & W Partnership NHS Trust call for Governors and a

8 Treasurers Report                                          £

   Coventry Building Society                             9,994.35
   HSBC                                                    521.67

   Total (including Kings Hill Fund £1,399.21)         10,516.02

9 Rounds Report

   Alan Elliott distributed the Subscription Packs to the Roundspeople present and stated
   that there were still vacant Rounds.

10 Councillors’ Report

11 Roads and Footpaths

   There was nothing to report for the above two items.

12 Planning Applications

   The following Planning Applications have been submitted:

   63 Erithway Road – two-storey extension
   25 Hadleigh Road – two-storey extension and single storey rear extension.

13 Any Other Business

   a) Clockwise Bus Route – 9c

      Although there is opposition to the introduction of a clockwise bus route (9c) in
      the Green Lane/Finham area, for a trial period this will be introduced. It is
      essential that if this route is to be retained it is used well especially during the trial

   b) Coventry Director of Public Health

      Dr Jean Moore has recently been appointed to the above post.

14 Date of Next Meeting

   Monday 23 July 2012.


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