northside pac Sept 2011 minutes by 0s7iRTF


									                                Minutes of
                      September 7, 2011 PAC meeting
                                9:00am @
                            North Intermediate

Co- Chairpersons:    Gillian Lucot
                     Michelle Malfa
Treasurer:           Diana Cappiello
                     Nancy Zimmer
Co-Secretaries:      Dipa Gandhi 
                     Melissa Erickson

Enrichment Coordinators: Lynn Cheney
                         Stephanie Nelson

Northside PAC email:

Treasurer’s Updates:

Currently, there is $11,380.16 in the account, of which $600 has been approved
for trivia night, which leaves $10,817.16.

Mr. Ferriero’s Updates:

      Minimal Changes in bus routes and bus drivers, so everything went
       smooth first week of school
      New student database system, Aspen, which will allow us to do more
       things electronically, i.e. attendance, report cards
      Math word of the week program has begun again
      Musical instrument demo presentation today; signing up is on the 14th @
       the high school @ 7:00pm
      School pictures are on 9/8
      Open house date has been changed to Tuesday, Sept 20 @ 6:00-7:00pm
      Friday, Sept 30 is the first CIT day (11:25 dismissal); this year there will be
       no lunch on early dismissal days; CIT days have been reduced from 5 to 3
       days and every CIT early dismissal day will be on a Friday
      We’re trying to have recess before lunch; hand sanitizers are provided
       after recess – at the West it was successful
      NIS t-shirts will be distributed within the next few days
      Becky, the guidance counselor, is using a program to help kids in need,
       North STAR, s = socially
                     t = thoughtful
                     a = and
                     r = responsible
       in an effort to help Book Store Next Door and help VT flood victims by
       having a book drive
      Jane talked on new food policy: nonfood item during classroom
       celebrations; talking about nutrition in classroom; Mrs. Peachy suggested
       child to donate a book and she will put a plate with child’s name on it in
       front of book
      Requests:
           o $49 Becky’s program
           o $99 math Olympiad
           o $200 playground balls for 4th grade
           o $1128 for t-shirts

Mr. Arsenault’s Updates:

      Some new staff joining the WSS: Keriann Bartley assigned to the
       language based class and Lauren Harris is teaching second grade
       assigned to room C-10; Merrimack Fellowship Program – Julie Fisher and
       Erin Murphy; Simmons Intern – Casey Meagher
      Federal Law is now to offer water to students, therefore extra efforts have
       been made to have water available during lunch
      Open House is Sept. 21 from 5:45 – 8:00pm – Each grade level has a
       separate time
      Early release, CIT on Sept. 30
      Recess change- allows students to self select using the playground and
       equipment, rather than assigned a specific day - which is going well so as
       Mrs. Stinson is reinforcing safe equipment use
      Thoughts for recess: Place a bin outside to keep equipment such as balls,
       nets, etc. Michelle Malfa suggested bin from Home Depot, she will
       research it further
      Reading Incentive Program – award book from visiting author
      Literacy closet – staff placing books in closet by reading level for various
       groups; want to enhance closet in the future
      Mr. LaPointe acting assistant principal for Mrs. King while she’s on leave
      $750 was approved for playground equipment
      Schedule a day or two for parent volunteers to teach students new games
       that they can play during recess.

Enrichment, Lynn Cheney, Updates:

      Needs deposit money for enrichment programs
      Johnny the K for WSS deposit is $200
      WSS may need $2000 for enrichments
      NIS thinking of Tango of Marionettes - $670
      Harriet Tubman
      Star Lab
     Channel 7 news Jeremy the weather guy
     May be ~ $3000

Event/Fundraiser Updates

     Fall Funraiser – Michelle Malfa is chair
     Pumpkin Fair – sign up for the even you want to volunteer for
      Anthony’s raffle table will have 2 $10 ticket raffle prizes this year
     Box Tops – Diana Capiello and Kat Moore will continue
     Spirit Store Diana Capiello continue
     5th grade yearbooks – Becky Anthony - $10 per yearbook; thought is to
      keep 5th grade celebration and yearbook separate; need to start taking
      yearbook pictures now; need money for deposit now, which was granted
     Gardening – Mary Grace Vestal and girl scout troops will take over

      **NEXT PAC MEETING IS Oct 5th @ WSS @ 6:00PM**

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