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            Eagles Harbor Homeowners Association Inc.

                      Architectural Review Committee
                           Plan Approval Guide

Written approval of home construction plans is required prior to
commencement of any clearing, grading or construction.

This is "Plan Approval Guide" is designed to assist you in getting your plans
through review in accordance with Eagle's Harbor Conditions and
Restrictions and is subject to the following:

Plans must include:

    TWO /strong> copies of a completed Plan Approval Check List

      TWO full sets of the proposed house plans. (including elevations,
floor plans, and roof pitch)

     TWO copies of a site plan showing house placement including
distances from property lines, driveways, walkways, septic and well

     TWO copies of the landscaping plan showing plants, shrubs,
decks, fencing, etc.

     MATERIALS AND COLORS USED for the exterior of the above,
must be approved. (TWO COPIES)

1. A $1000 Road Bond is required when house plans are submitted
(check payable to Eagles Harbor Homeowners Association, Inc., by
either the builder or the Owner.) This bond is refundable upon
completion of home construction, if road pavement and road shoulders
near and in front of the subject lot are maintained, throughout the
construction process, in the same good condition as they were in when
construction began. (NOTE: This can be in your contract with your
builder – require him to place the bond and be responsible for the
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actions of his subcontractors.) This bond is intended to ensure the
Homeowners Association from unnecessary road repairs caused by
careless contractors, and also to ensure proper reseeding, clean up, etc.
of rights-of-way and drainage swales. Upon final completion of home
construction, landscaping, proper installation of an 8-inch minimum
driveway culvert, paving of driveway as approved and the installation
of the approved mailbox, the homeowners should request an inspection
from the Homeowners Association A.R.C. If there is no damage to roads
or shoulder of the roads, the $1000 road bond will be refunded.

2. A fee of $250 (check payable to the Eagles Harbor Homeowners
Association, Inc.) must accompany the a completed

      “Plan Review Check List”

      Approved plans will be kept by A.R.C. for future review.

3. The Plan Review Check List needs to be completed and approved by
Architectural Review Committee (A.R.C.) prior to commencement of
construction. Review will commence once all items have been received.

4. A site plan, showing the placement of the home, drain field, driveway,
road shoulder drain culvert, etc. must be submitted, along with a copy
of the house plans.

5. Submit snapshots of the entire road, road shoulders and ditches in
   front of the lot and across the street from the lot to show the
   condition of the road, road shoulders and ditches prior to clearing or
   any construction.

6. Lot owner agrees that placement of his well has been reviewed by
Greenwood County Health Department to confirm that it will not
adversely affect the approved septic field on the subject property, or
any adjacent property.

7. Lot owner will check with the Greenwood County Health Department
before moving earth on the lot to be sure that the septic field on the
subject lot is not damaged. This includes, but is not limited to, moving
earth for a driveway
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8. Plans submitted for review must depict total heated living space is
greater than 1600 square feet exclusive of garages, porches, decks, etc.

9. The EXTERIOR of the home must be completed within one year of
the date of commencement

10. No dwelling unit may exceed 2 ½ STORIES above the ground.

11. All homes must meet setback requirements, as set forth in the
recorded plat, deed restrictions, homeowner’s association
documentation and governmental regulations and guidelines.

12. The roof over the main structure of the house must be at least an
8/12 pitch. Architectural shingles required unless otherwise approved.

14. EXTERIOR MATERIALS PROHIBITED include the following:
asbestos shingles, aluminum siding, imitation brick or stone roll siding,
exposed concrete and concrete block.

15.Foundations: brick, stone or stucco covered foundations are

16. Once house plans are approved, the foundation must be staked out
and an inspection requested and approval of location given prior to
construction beginning. Please contact Homeowners Association A.R.C.
for this inspection.

17. The front elevation must be facing the street. The rear elevation
should be facing the water or back of the lot.

18. The approval of this building will in no way warrant the security or
integrity of the home being approved, nor does it warrant the approval
for the county and state regulations.

19. The property owner is responsible for placing and maintaining a
stone driveway and road shoulder drain culvert to facilitate the delivery
and distribution of building materials at a centralized staging area on
the subject lot.

       No materials of any nature are to be unloaded or stored in the
road or road rights-of-way.
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      This driveway is to be used before and during construction, to
      prevent damage to the roads and shoulders of the roads to
      minimize dirt and mud deposit caused by the heavy equipment
      and trucks, the owner is responsible for the cost of cleaning the

      During construction and after completion of construction, a
      Homeowners Association representative will inspect the roads and
      road shoulders near and in front of the subject property to insure
      that they are in the same condition as they were at the start of
      construction. If the roads, road shoulders or right of way are
      damaged. The owner will be responsible for the cost of any
      necessary repairs

 20. Driveway must be finished in concrete, asphalt, pavers or other
approved material. This is to be constructed and maintained in
accordance with the rules, regulations, and specifications approved by
the Architectural Review Committee

21. Only the mailbox approved by the Architectural Review Committee
may be used and it must be installed according to US Postal regulations.
The boxes are available at Lowe’s Home Improvement:

      Box: Solar Group Estate Series ES15B (Large Size Black)

     Post: Solar Group Estate Series ES300 (Black Cast Extruded

22. All gas and oil tanks placed on the property must be buried
according to county regulations or screened from view. They must be
out of sight from both the road and the lake.

23. No freestanding towers or antennas are permitted.

24. Garbage/trash cans must be screened from view from the roads and
the lake.

25. No dog lots allowed. (An enclosed area used solely for the purpose of
housing / confining dogs)

26. No “For Rent” signs may be displayed on a lot.
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27. Only the approved “For Sale “ signs may be displayed on a lot.

28. If fencing is to be used on the property, a sample must be provided
and approved by the A.R.C. Chain link fencing will not be approved.

29. A dumpster is required during construction (must be located on lot.)

30. One garden shed is allowed per lot. Plans, including proposed
location on lot, must be submitted to the H.O.A. for approval.
Requirements include:

       No larger than 12’ x 12” (144 ft)

       Siding materials and colors must be approved.

       Architectural shingles are required.

       Garden shed must be shielded from lake and road view by trees
/ shrubs.

Please refer to: Covenants General Use Restrictions or Request copy
of: Requirements for Application to Build or Alter.


In order to prevent property damage, all burning must be attended
until totally extinguished.

Property owners will be held responsible for damage resulting form

Eagles Harbor HOA
Eagles Harbor ARC
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The construction hous are as follows:

Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Violating of construction hours will have $250.00 fine imposed.

Eagles Harbor Board of Directors

Eagles Harbor ARC

Eagles Harbor Homeowners Association Architectural Review Committee.

Plan Approval Guide rev. ARCbc 10-25-05

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