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The Patrick Convey Recognition Award fund was established to celebrate and remember the life of
Patrick Convey by supporting an annual award to a Nova Scotia rowing athlete who best exemplifies the
traits that made Patrick a special person, specifically, a person with a passion for sharing his gifts, a
commitment to rowing in Nova Scotia and an outstanding athletic achievement in rowing.

The annual prize amount will depend on funding. This year, in recognition of both youth and more
experienced rowers and their differing life experience and rowing resumes, we will be awarding two
awards based on applicant age categories. The Award amount is $1000 for each Award recipient.

 Category 1 – 25 years or younger; Category 2 – 26 years and older
 registered member of a Nova Scotia Rowing Club as well as a member of Rowing Canada Aviron
 athlete is working to maximum capacity and demonstrates a passion for rowing and/or coaching
    and/or volunteering in a club.
 demonstrate good sportsmanship, integrity, commitment to rowing
 commitment to NS rowing,
 general attitude, and willingness to help others (as confirmed by at least one reference).

The Family of Patrick Convey will work with an Awards committee (comprised of a Row NS Board
Member and 1 representative from each rowing club in Nova Scotia) to determine the recipients. The
Family reserves the right to not award the Award in a year because of lack of suitable applicants.

Please submit your typed application plus electronic copies of the letter(s) of reference and submit the
information online to rowing@rowns.ca

Please note, your written reference(s) would include your coach and/or Club President who can speak to
your demonstrated good sportsmanship, integrity, commitment to rowing and to NS rowing, general
attitude, and willingness to help others.

Recipients will be asked to acknowledge receipt of the Award to the Family.

Applications must be received in the Row NS office by midnight September 20, 2012
(rowing@rowns.ca) or
Row NS, Suite 400-5516 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS B3J 1G6


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Brief history of your rowing, including rowing in Nova Scotia.

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