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SECTION TITLE:                     STANDARD SANITATION OPERATING PROCEDURES                       Approved By

DOCUMENT TITLE:                    CLEANING OF ALL UTILITY ROOMS AND FORKLIFTS                    Pages:           1

        PURPOSE: This SOP outlines the procedure for cleaning all utility rooms and forklifts.
        These actions are taken to ensure that the cleaning is done properly to stop buildup of dust and
        to prevent any pest activity in these rooms.

   PERSON                              MONITORING
                     FREQUENCY                                     CORRECTIVE ACTIONS                       RECORDS
 RESPONSIBLE                            ACTIVITY

                                                          When findings deviate from written
                                                          standards the QA designate will
                                                          document findings on the Daily / Monthly
                                       Daily GMP          GMP Audit Form and notify the General
                                       Audit, Monthly     Manager of the deviation.                    Daily GMP Audit,
                     According to      GMP Audit,                                                      Monthly GMP Audit,
 QA Designate,
                     Audit Schedule,   Daily Cleaning     Short term action will be initiated and      Daily Cleaning &
 Cleaning staff
                     As Required       & Sanitation       recorded on the Daily / Monthly GMP          Sanitation Checklists
                                       Checklists         audit form. Long term action required,
                                                          will be discussed by management and
                                                          corrective actions / responsibilities and
                                                          time frames will be agreed and

   EQUIPMENT & CHEMICALS: Wiping cloth, brush, FS Pot Scrub detergent (1 oz per gallon
   water) and FS Prosan 512 sanitizer (200ppm).
   NOTE: Use separate and distinct cleaning utensils for cleaning food-contact surfaces and
   packaging areas). Never use cleaning utensils used to clean rest rooms, toilets for any other
   cleaning purpose.

   1.  Clear the area of all materials and equipment from the floors
   2.  Pick up any loose pieces of garbage on floor and dispose.
   3.  Dry brush excess debris from walls and work surfaces to a suitable bin.
   4.  Cover all electrical outlets or components with plastic.
   5.  Rinse with water.
   6.  Wash with detergent solution (use a scrubbing brush on any heavily soiled items).
   7.  Rinse with water.
   8.  Clean with sanitizer solution (200ppm).
   9.  Use squeegee to get rid of any pooling water on floor.
   10. Leave to air dry.


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