Shakespeare Research Project by 26s66gVB


									                Shakespeare Research Project

Before beginning reading Shakespeare, we’re going to take some time to learn
a little about the playwright and the Elizabethan period.

Also, this is a great opportunity to do a little digging and researching to locate
and write. Of course, most of you are saying, “What another paper?” or
“Writing, I hate it!” A little secret, folks, most of you are planning on college, and
when you begin classes then, there will be a lot of writing. Professors will expect
you to have the skills to research and to use the MLA format for papers. This is
something that they will not teach you, and expect you ready to go! Also, you
will use this for the remaining years of high school, so why not, just learn now.


Besides learning about Shakespeare and the times, an important skill to work on
is asking the right questions. We begin assignments not knowing much, but we
have the tools to figure out what we need.

Example, you may have played the guessing game, where you are given a
sealed box with an object inside. The idea is to guess what is in the box without
opening it. You know how to ask questions to figure out what is in that box. You
can do the same with a research project.

What kind of questions would be ask, if you were given a box?


Why can you ask those questions?



You can ask the same kinds of questions for a research topic before even
beginning your actual research.

If your topic is a person?


If your topic is a place?



If your topic is a historical period?



You can come up with general questions to assist you in your research, but the
key is asking a good question. The answer is to ask a question(s) that will allow
your research to be meaningful to you and to your paper.

Some of you are whining I can hear it already. “I don’t know anything about this
topic!” A good place to start is the encyclopedia. Check to see if your topic is
there, and read up on the subject. Then, you can start asking some quality
questions that will guide you in the right direction.

Your topic is Christopher Marlowe. Can you think of a few things?



Now read the article from the encyclopedia.

Can you think of some more meaningful questions to ask?



Now you are ready to begin research the topic to find relevant information to

Your Project


You will choose a topic and prepare three questions that you will research and
answer in paragraph form using complete and mechanically correct sentences.
Included in your grade will be the process of research, each part will be assessed
as you complete the tasks: sources, note-taking, outlining, rough draft, final draft,
citations, works cited page.
1. Review and choose three of the following topics. One will be selected for you
to start your research.

Shakespeare                   History of the Globe Theatre   Dress of Elizabethan Period
Queen Elizabeth               The Black Death                Christopher Marlowe
Weapons of the times          The Sonnets                    Sir Francis Drake
Sir Walter Raliegh            Mary, Queen of Scots           Feudal System
Food of the times             Women of the times             Health of the times
Magic and Folklore            Henry VII                      The Boy Players
Inventions                    Games and Pastimes             Lord Chamberlain’s Men
Religious beliefs

2. You will generate three questions based on your topic. These will be

3. Research will be completed to answer these three questions in two to three
   paragraphs. Research will include one encyclopedia, one web source and
   one other form of printed material: book, specialized encyclopedia, or

In class you will be taught and practice.

4. Proper note-taking.

5. Prepare an outline.

6. Use citations correctly.

7. Provide a “Works Cited” page.

8. It will be typed, and double spaced. Clean font, 10 to 12 pt.

9. Handed in with a cover sheet, stapled together in packet form.

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