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  After a Months-Long Evaluation Process, Luminaries from Industry, Academia and
Government Named Gator Six ’Best Serious Game’ During the Serious Game Showcase
                           & Challenge at I/ITSEC 2006

December 14, 2006 - Orlando, FL: WILL Interactive, Inc., Potomac, MD-based leader
in virtual experience behavior modification gaming, won the ‘Best Serious Game’ award
from the National Training and Simulation Association for its groundbreaking serious
game, Gator Six, Battery Command Virtual Experience. After being evaluated by more
than 30 luminaries from industry, academia and various government sectors on their
Serious Game-ness, Technical Quality, and Playability/Usability, WILL Interactive, Inc.’s
Gator Six was selected as the top serious game at the 2006 Interservice/Industry
Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC).

The next generation software uses WILL Interactive, Inc.’s VEILS® (Virtual Experience
Immersive Learning Simulation) technology which is a cross between a video game and
a feature film that enables users to role play multi-dimensional lead characters in live
action,   research-based   interactive   movies   that   depict   real-life   decisions   and
consequences. Gator Six deals with many of the critical issues U.S. soldiers face today.
It addresses pre-deployment, combat, and stability operations, and covers issues such
as leadership, decision-making, diplomacy, enemy fire, family life, and even a death in
the unit. Content for Gator Six is based on the experiences and advice of U.S. Army
officers who have returned from Iraq.

“National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) was pleased to have hosted The
Serious Game Showcase & Challenge at I/ITSEC 2006 and we’re pleased to see that
WILL Interactive, Inc. was chosen as a winner among other great programs,” said NTSA
President Fred Lewis. “We congratulate WILL Interactive, Inc. for their groundbreaking
program and we look forward to seeing them again in 2007.”
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“Winning this prestigious competition is confirmation of the trend towards realism in
serious games. More and more leading organizations are moving from the twitchspeed
animation paradigm to games that require critical thinking and address the emotional
aspects of decisionmaking,” said WILL Interactive, Inc. CEO Sharon Sloane.                  “We’re
honored to be recognized for the ability of our simulations to modify behavior and
improve performance”.

WILL Interactive, Inc. applies the same underlying learning principles and technology to
experiential learning products across various industries, including military, corporate
training, education and healthcare. These products reach users both cognitively and
emotionally, teaching better decisionmaking skills by instructing how to think rather
than what to think.      WILL Interactive, Inc. sells its off-the shelf simulation products
through its web site and also works with organizations to develop custom programs to
meet specific needs and interests.

About WILL Interactive, Inc.:

WILL Interactive Inc., founded in 1994, pioneered and patented the advanced form of
digital game-based learning called Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations
(VEILS®). WILL works with America’s leading organizations to help address their most
critical education and training challenges, including issues of national concern. VEILS ®
uniquely enable users to role-play the lead characters in live action, research-based
movies and experience real-life decisions and consequences in the safety of cyberspace.
WILL’s products are used by millions of military and law enforcement personnel, and are
also part of the curriculum in thousands of middle schools, high schools and colleges.
WILL Interactive’s unique blend of art and science allows them to create immersive
learning simulations that have been shown in independent pilot evaluations to improve
individuals’ decision-making under real-life stresses. For more information, visit

About National Training and Simulation Association:

National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) provides the training, simulation,
related support systems and training services industries a focused, formal organization
to represent and promote their business interests in the market place. The Association
provides a forum to communicate the full capability and broad characteristics of all of
the elements of training systems and services to include associated support services.

Founded in 1988 as a non-profit corporation, the Association fosters communication
between the training agencies regarding requirements, procurement issues and policies.

National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial
Association (NDIA).
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