Welcome to Geometry! by 15S54ki4


									                 Welcome to Geometry!
Dear Students and Parents,

       We are so excited to have you in our class this year! Please take some time
to read together through the course syllabus and class expectations. This is an
SOL course, and all students will take the Geometry SOL in May. Please be aware
of the following opportunities for extra help:

       Ms. Casares’s Website: Go to the Potomac Falls Homepage  Staff 
Scroll down to find CASARES. There are links to several websites with online
tutorials for homework help.

       Classzone.com: Contains the entire textbook online as well as worked out
solutions and review games. Access code is: 2628985-20

       Geometry Lab: Meets every Tuesday morning from 8:00 – 8:45 and
Thursday afternoons from 4:00 – 4:45. Staffed by all geometry teachers on a
rotational basis.

      Your Teachers: We are available most mornings by 8:00am and many
afternoons after school. However, we recommend touching base with us ahead
of time so we can make sure that we don’t have any meetings!

      We look forward to an exciting and productive year together.


                                                  Ms. Casares and Mr. Breslow
                                       Geometry—Classroom Guidelines
                                               Ms. Casares
3-ring binder with dividers
*Graphing calculator (TI-84 or NSpire series)
Loose-leaf notebook paper

*See my website for the PFHS calculator policy.

Class Expectations
       Be on time—you must be in your seat when the bell rings.
       Be prepared—bring materials (math binder, pencils, pen, highlighter, paper, calculator) and a       positive
attitude to class every day.
       Be on task—you are expected to do all assigned work and be on task the entire class period.
       Passes will be issued only if you have your agenda.
       Electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) are to be turned off and out of sight at all times.
       Show respect for yourself and others, including school and personal property.

You can expect a homework assignment every day class meets. I do this not to torture you, but to give you a chance to
practice concepts learned in class that day. Homework will be checked for completion (this means showing all work!)
every day.

Make-up Work
It is your responsibility to turn in make-up work. Handouts and worksheets will be placed in your class’s folder. Any
make-up work is due within two class periods following an absence. Quizzes and tests are to be made up before the
next one is given. I will not chase you down.

Extra Help
I am available almost every morning for extra help. However, it is to your benefit to make an appointment with me
beforehand to ensure that I won’t be in a meeting. Look for me in room 140 (the math workroom). In addition, there is
Geometry help available Tuesday mornings from 8:00 – 8:45 and Thursday afternoons from 4:00 – 4:45. I am also
available during most flex periods. Stop by in the morning to get a flex pass.

Grades will be calculated based on the following percentages:
Tests: 45%
Quizzes: 45%
Assignments: 10% (Includes Homework and Problem Sets).

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