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									      Mathematics Puzzle Books
Dewey Title                                          Author         ISBN
510     Mathematical Funfair                         BOLT Brian     0521377439
        By the author of "Amazing
        Mathematical Amusement Arcade" this
        book contains over a hundred puzzles
        and games. The subjects vary from
        matchstick to coin and food puzzles,
        and will challenge the most ardent
        puzzler. The second part contains a
        commentary giving hints and solutions.
510     Professor Fiendish’s Book of Diabolical      POSKITT        043998226X
        Brain-Benders. Criminal mastermind           Kjartan
        and evil genius Professor Fiendish has
        finally achieved his ultimate goal-a
        Murderous Maths book all to himself.
        And in a desperate attempt to warp the
        brains of readers everywhere he has
        filled it with utterly diabolical puzzles.

510     Maths Curse                                  SCIESZKA Jon   0140563814
        The story of a child's typical day with      & SMITH Lane
        every action related to a mathematical
        problem, throwing up mathematical
        concepts or puzzles with the answers
        planted for the young reader to find with
        the aid of jokes and illustrations.

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