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									                                         NATIONAL LEAGUE RULES

The rules of baseball will apply unless modified by the following rules listed below.


    1. The National League is to accommodate participants that are currently in the 5th or 6th grade.

    2. Regular season. From April 12 through July 12, no player may play in any other baseball league
       while also playing in a De Pere Baseball Kelly Danen program. For example, a player may not
       participate in Kelly Danen and Allouez at the same time even if those programs play on different
       nights. If a player does play for two leagues during this time period, he will lose his eligibility to
       play in the De Pere Baseball Kelly Danen program immediately and no fees will be refunded.

    3. Tournament teams. During the Kelly Danen regular season, which is from the date of the first
       scheduled practice to the scheduled end date of the league tournament, a player who does not
       try out for a De Pere Baseball Kelly Danen tournament team may not play for any other
       tournament team. This includes being a substitute on a De Pere Baseball Kelly Danen
       tournament team. A player who tries out for a De Pere Baseball Kelly Danen tournament team
       and is selected to play on one of those teams may not play for another tournament team, either
       another De Pere Baseball Kelly Danen tournament team or a team outside of De Pere Baseball
       Kelly Danen, if that player's De Pere Baseball Kelly Danen tournament team is scheduled to play
       that same weekend. If a player tries out for a De Pere Baseball Kelly Danen tournament team, is
       selected to play on a tournament team, and then declines to play for the team that selected the
       player, that player will be considered to not have tried out for a tournament team and the
       appropriate restrictions will be in place. A player who tries out for a De Pere Baseball Kelly
       Danen tournament team and is not selected to play on one of the teams, or is selected but that
       player's team is not playing that weekend, is free to play for any other tournament team.


    1. The only changes in the league schedule MUST be approved with the league coordinator. Teams
       not showing up for a scheduled game will forfeit game.

    2. Any games played outside the league must be approved through the league coordinator.

    3. Rain outs maybe rescheduled at the discretion of the league coordinator.

    4. There will be a tournament at the end of the year. Seeding will be determined by the won-loss
       record during the regular season.

    5. No game shall begin after 8:45pm.


    1. Time limit is as follows:
                  “Time” shall be determined as of the last out of the just-completed inning or half
                  A regulation game is six innings, however no inning shall start after 1 hour 20
                  In case of tie game after 6 innings, teams will play as many extra innings as the time
                   limit allows.
                  Games that are tied when the time limit is reached shall be a tie for the record. Any
                   tie game with implications for playoff seeding will be decided by a coin flip at the
                   end of the year or time of seeding.

   2. Any game called for any reason will be resumed from the exact point at which it was suspended
      regardless of the number of innings played.

   3. The infield fly rule does apply.

   4. All players will play in each game a minimum of 6 defensive outs. ALL substitutions must be in
      by the 3rd inning. If this cannot be done, the player involved shall start the following game and
      play until above requirement has been completed and then shall complete the requirements for
      the game now being played.

   5. Throwing of equipment and/or abusive or profane language by ANYONE will not be tolerated
      and shall be cause for removal from the game, playing area or league.

   6. Adult coaches are permitted to coach the bases but there must be an adult in the dugout at all
      times while the game is being played.

   7. A coach may not leave the bench or dugout to confer with a player or umpire until receiving
      permission from an umpire.

   8. The use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages in any form is prohibited at the park.


   1. Teams shall consist of 10-15 players.

   2. Team rosters must be turned into the league coordinator before the first game.

   3. Any player failing to come to practice or games may lose his eligibility to play in a game.
      Anything beyond a one game disciplinary action must be brought to the attention of the league
      before any further action can be taken.

   4. All players must attend a De Pere school or be a city resident to play in the league.

   5. All players must bat with free substitution.

   1. Players must not wear watches, rings, pins, jewelry (including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings)
      or other metallic items. EXCEPTION would be items for medical conditions.

   2. Casts may NOT be worn during games

   3. All players must wear a protective cup.

   4. Each team must field at least eight players to start a game. Failure to start with eight will result
      in a forfeit. Any player joining the game after your team has batted will be placed at the bottom
      of the batting order.

   5. Courtesy runner for a catcher is allowed at anytime. Courtesy runner will be the player who
      made the last out. Courtesy runner will also be allowed for an injured player.

   6. Coaches and players must remain in the dugout while the game is being played.

   7. A player or coach ejected from the game must leave the field and park. In addition they will be
      suspended for the next scheduled game they play.

   8. All players must wear a protective helmet when not in the dugout. First time a warning will be
      issued, second time removal from the game.

   9. All players must stay in the dugout. There is NOT an on deck batter circle. Only 2 coaches,
      batter and runners are allowed in the playing area.

   10. Any player listed on the lineup and is not available to bat at his turn will be considered an out
       unless injured. If a player is injured and misses a turn at bat, they will not be allowed to reenter
       the game.

   11. All players must be in full uniform to play (hats, pants, jerseys and socks).

   12. Uniform jerseys are to be tucked in at all times and hats worn.

   13. Players may not wear metal spikes.


   1. A player once removed as a pitcher may not pitch again in the same game.

   2. A pitcher may pitch 2 innings in one game but not pitch more than 4 innings in a calendar week.
      One pitch thrown in an inning constitutes one (1) inning pitched. A calendar week is defined as
      Sunday through Saturday.

   3. A pitcher will have four (4) warm-up pitches between innings and six (6) warm-up pitches for
      new pitchers.
   4. A second trip to the same pitcher in the same inning will cause automatic removal of the

   5. The pitchers glove shall not be white or gray. No pitcher shall wear sweat bands on wrists. Long
      sleeves under jerseys cannot be white or gray in color.

   6. Pitcher and catcher cannot switch position during an inning.


   1. Sliding is permitted but must be feet first while going to a base but may slide head first returning
      to a base. Any runner who intentionally “takes-out” a defensive player by not sliding or by any
      other flagrant way will be automatically out with possible ejection from the game. If said
      behavior of player continues disciplinary action to include being removed from the league may
      occur. When a runner is going to score and no play will be made on them, the catcher must
      keep out of the way and no slide is required. A runner will be called out for not sliding and
      taking out the catcher if there is a play at home plate. The rule is a judgement call by the
      umpire and the call is final.

   2. Slug bunts, i.e., faking the bunt and taking a full swing is prohibited. If a batter slug bunts they
      shall be called out.

   3. Fake tags by a defensive player at any base is not allowed. Team warning will occur. If the
      player(s) continue to do this they will be ejected.

   4. The out at first base must be made on the white part of the base. The safety bag is for the

   5. If a runner leaves a base to soon, the team of said player shall receive one warning and then all
      future runners leaving early for that team shall be called out. The result of the pitch is a no pitch.

   6. No leading off until the ball has reached home plate. The runner may steal any base, including
      home plate.


   1. Each umpire has the authority to rule on any point not specifically covered in these rules.

   2. Each umpire has the authority to disqualify any player, coach, manager or fan for objecting to
      decisions or for unsportsmanlike conduct or language

   3. Any umpire’s decision which involves judgement , such as but not limited to, whether a ball is
      fair or foul, whether a pitch is a strike or ball or whether a runner is safe or out, is final.

   4. If there is a reasonable doubt that any umpire’s decision may be in conflict with the rules, the
      coach may appeal the decision and ask for a correct ruling be made. Such appeal shall be made
      only to the umpire who made the protested decision.
5. If a different decision should be made on one play by different umpires, the umpire in chief shall
   call all the umpires into consultation with no managers or players present. After consultation,
   the umpire in chief shall determine which decision shall prevail. Play shall proceed after the
   final decision has been made.

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