revised 08/18/12

 York County Baseball                                                                             Established 2004

                           Information and Instructions
August 23, 2012

To:    All 2012 York County Youth Fall Baseball Teams, Administrators and Scorekeepers

How: To reach the above named group
       Ken Hersey                             Email        
       235 Blymire Rd
       Dallastown, Pa 17313                   Web Site     
Home Phone 717-244-2424          Primary number to call to cancel or schedule umpires
     10am and 11pm Mon - Fri (Use this number initially for attempted contact)
           Sat and Sun - 2 hours prior to game time if you can - no less than 1.5 hours

Cell Phone 717-891-1002              This line may not be answered at all times
       24 hours a day                (voice mail is available if call is non emergency in nature)

Cell Phone 717-880-8732              To report scores
       24 hours a day                (no one will answer this line - not a complaint line)

Something New for 2012 Fall Season
      The special score reporting line with a maximum of 40 voice mail messages has served us well,
             however with now 132 fall teams calling scores we need to and have expanded.

       We have added a special email address just for score reporting. It is not to be used for any
             other purpose. If you are responsible for reporting your teams scores and prefer email
             or the voice mail box is full, please use this alternative way of reporting scores.

       Special Email for Scores:

Instructions to Scorekeepers and Teams
       Both Teams - Home or Away - Winning or Losing
                Report the score of the game to the proper number - same day that the game is played if
               you want the scores and standings to be current
               If game is rained out or called prior to being official, please report that fact also

Cancellation of Umpires
      Home team must call when the decision is made to cancel but no later than 90 minutes prior to
              game time to cancel umpires.
      Calls made after 90 minutes - Every effort will be made to contact the umpires but you are
              responsible for paying appearance fee should they not be reached and show for game.

                                        See other side for additional info
Rev 08/18/12

Web Page
     Will be updated with scores, standings, and makeup dates by Tues noon of each week.
     Please let me know of any errors that you notice as extreme care is given to accuracy.

Rescheduling Games
      As soon as the 2 teams agree or the league dictates and a date is agreed upon, home team
      should call and advise me of the need for umpires. Give as much notice as possible but be sure
      the date is firm with both teams. Please give me the previous date the game was scheduled
      when calling. Email if you wish ( I check it all the time) and I’ll confirm receipt of message.

Umpire in Chief
     Each league will maintain its own umpire in chief for rules interpretation, conduct codes,
     proper uniform codes, approved list of qualified umpires, etc. The above named group will
     follow instructions from each league and only acts as an administrative scheduler. It will assist
     in all matters of improper conduct by all players, coaches, teams and umpires. Please also
     remember, your umpires are contracted to do balls, strikes, safe and out and 7 innings and are
     not your administrative league’s administrative directors. They do not know your league’s
     special rules - that is the responsibility of each team manager.

Umpire Fees for 2012
     payable to the umpires at the home plate meeting prior to start of all regular season games
             Each team pays 1 umpire prior to the start of each game
             2 umpires to be assigned to all games
                    YCOBL & RL+35 Oldtimers and HSL High School Games - $50 / Umpire
                    16-18 Games - $50 / umpire,         13-15 Games - $48 / umpire,
                    10-12 and 8-9 Games - $42 / umpire,        Tournaments as contracted
             Appearance Fee is about ½ of regular game fee
                    YCOBL & HSL - $25 / Umpire            16-18 & 13-15 - $25 / umpire
                            10-12 & 8-9 - $20 / umpire,
             Full Game Fee Due after pitch one in all leagues
             Only 1 umpire shows or 1 assigned and umpire does game by himself
                    is 1 ½ of regular game fee
                            16-18 - $75 / umpire       13-15 - $72 / umpire
                            10-12 & 8-9 - $63 / umpire
                    okay to get and use a qualified volunteer if both teams agree
                    - pay the assigned umpire the appropriate fee ($75, $72 or $63) per above
                    - and the volunteer either $25 (16-18), $24 (13-15) or $21 (10-12 or 8-9)

               All Teams using York County Baseball services are subject to full game fee charge
                      ($100, $96 or $84) for games cancelled less than 48 hours for non weather
                             related reasons unless changes have been league approved.

Umpire Assigner Fee Youth Fall Ball - $45 / team for regular season and $15 / team for the playoffs
                    fee guaranteed thru 2012 season only
                    Umpire Assigner is contracted on a year by year basis

Note: Playoff Games will be paid by league via checks mailed to umpires at conclusion of playoffs
              Checks will be mailed to umpires by the league within 20 days from the conclusion of
              said games. Teams do not pay the umpires at the game for the tournament / playoffs.

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