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					                                  Booster Board Meeting
                                     Monday February 6, 2012
                               Location: Rose Room in Meyer Center
                                      Meeting Start: 7:00 PM

Attending: Don Back, Alex Duarte, Amy Metzger, Mark Giordano, Kate Cimorell, Paul Richards, Tim
Nash, Jodi Mott (Quorum Present)
Note Taker: Amy Metzger
Guests: Dave Krier, GiGi Cimmarusti, Pat Grimes, Rula Lewis, Paula Reed, Anne Fogler, Maureen
Johnson, Zack Keiner, Paul Sorce, Rula Louis, Dave Stone, Nancy Glaser

Voted Items:
Discerned new Girl’s Athletic Director, Communications Director and

Take Ten – Prayer lead by Kate Cimorell

Budget Review – Paul Richards

Girls AD Update – Tim Nash (no update)

Boys AD Update- Mark Giordano
    Gave some football coaches names to Don Back

Girls Volleyball Update – Dave Krier
    Our net broke while being put up by students for gym class. John Paul fixed it for us at no
    John Paul is quoting game jerseys for our teams.

Boys Basketball Update – Pat Grimes
    Boys Basketball is wrapping up. The City Tournament games are being set.
    We will need volunteers for St. Susanna hosting the City Tournament

Concessions Update – Pam Grimes (Reported by Pat Grimes)
    Concessions and admissions are down as of January 1, 2012.
    Look at moving the admissions table

Football Update – Don Back
    Discussion on 8th graders repeating a grade to play again.
    If a child attends St. Susanna

Boys Volleyball Update – Mike Shea
    Sent via email
    Registration deadline for boys’ volleyball

Spring Sports 2012- Don Back
    Boys Volleyball 8 registered to date.
    33 for track registered to date. Normally have 90. Registration ends in 2 weeks.
    8 for softball registered to date.
New Business – Don Back
   MANDATORY PARENT MEETINGS- March 15th at 7:00 PM and March 25th at 2:00 PM
   The notice has run in the bulletin for the past 2-3 weeks.
   ACTION ITEM: Jodi and Amy will be finalizing the agenda for the Parent meeting within the
     next few weeks.
   We decided to not have high school coaches speak at the mandatory parent meeting. We will
     give Sean Reynolds ample time to speak on his topic. The reason we dismissed high school
     coach presenters is because of the varying ages of youth in our program.
   Con is all the kids running around and causing a lot of commotion.
   Program is far removed from Fall Sports.
   The Garrett Christian Award is normally presented during Sports Award program and
     acknowledged during 8th grade graduation.
   If the student awarded is a St. Susanna athlete, then it will be awarded during graduation.
   When will we have the banquet or announce
   AL BRUNCK AWARD- Alex Duarte
   Boosters would like to give award to a kid. The family would like to present to a volleyball
     coach. Could be either girls’ volleyball or boys’ volleyball.
   ACTION ITEM: Alex is working on criteria for the award.
   ACTION ITEM: Jodi will talk with Roberta about if the AL BRUNCK AWARD should be
     volleyball only.
   A plaque will be given.
   ACTION ITEM: Jodi to check with Fr. Bob about correct venue to present Garrett Christian
     and Al Brunck Award.

Recruiting Efforts for Coordinator Positions-
    The 2 months prior to the season is normally the busiest.
    There is some paperwork involved in the Coordinator roles.
    The Coordinator honors their term position. The last year of their term, we hope to have a
      replacement that can be mentored either the last year to 6 months before taking over.
    The majority of issues will be dealing with parents. It will be up to the Coordinator to bring to
      our faith views to the job.

Coordinator Positions Currently Open:
    Football Facilities
    Girl’s Youth and Varsity Basketball
    Uniform Coordinator and Spiritwear (these positions may be combined)
    Youth Girls Volleyball
    Facilities Scheduler across all sports.

Uniform Coordinator:
    Get back to uniformed coaches shirts and keep track of when they get a shirt.
    Change all uniforms over so they all have the same branding.
    Talk about putting St. Susanna onto the uniforms.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:24 PM

                Next meeting Monday March 5, 2012 Rose Room in Meyer Center

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