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									                                                         NPS Professional Development Opportunities

  National Park     State     Professional Development       Cont. Education Credits     Distance Learning     Classroom Resources       Grade     Contact Info
                                     Opportunity                     Offered                Opportunity                                  Level
 Acadia National    ME        Opportunities Provided; No      Advanced Placement          Traveling Trunks   Educator's Guide Series;    3rd -      Education
    Park, Me                Schedule Listed; Teacher Ranger Summer Institute, College         Program           Pre and Post Visit        8th     Coordinator;
                                   Teacher Program           of the Atlantic Summer                            Activities; Materials              Cynthia Ocel,
                                                                 Courses for K-12                               available for loan                207-288-8812
 African Burial      NY        Democracy Walk Teacher               Not Listed              Not Listed            Off and On-site        1st -     Visitor Center,
Ground National              Workshop (August 7-8, 2012)                                                     presentations available;    12th     (212) 637-2019
Mounument, NY                                                                                                 Unit Plan; Lesson Plan:
                                                                                                                 Anthropology &
                                                                                                             Archeology; Lesson Plan:
                                                                                                             History and Imagination;
                                                                                                             Burial Sheets; Biography
                                                                                                              Organizer; PowerPoint

 Andersonville       GA     Offered a Teacher Workshop in           Not Listed              Not Listed            Self-Guided Visit       Not          Chief of
National Historic              October 2011 (FUNDING                                                           Materials; Classroom      Listed   Interpretation
    Site, GA                           REQUEST)                                                                Curriculum Activities;             and Education;
                                                                                                             Historic Lesson Plan; Web              Eric Leanord
                                                                                                                       Rangers                     229 924-0343
                                                                                                                                                      ext. 201

Antietam National   MD      Figting for Freedom: The Battle     Participants in the         Not Listed         Teacher Packets,          K - 12      Education
 Battlefield, MD            of Antietam (August 2-3, 2012) Fighting for Freedom will                            Scavenger Hunt                        Center,
                               $100.00 stipend provided     receive CEUs from Virginia                        Worksheets, Tour and                Stephanie Gray
                                                                       Tech                                       Trail Guides                     301-432-4567
                                                             NPS Professional Development Opportunities

    Appalachian       CT -   A TRAIL TO EVERY CLASSROOM                Not Listed                 Not Listed          A Trail to Every Classroom    K- 12       Chief Ranger,
National Scenic Trail WV                                                                                                         Guide                         Todd Remaley,
                                A Place-Based Professional                                                                                                     304 535-6171
                              Development Workshop Series
                              Connecting Communities Along
                             the Appalachian Trail Promoting
                                  Resource Stewardship,
                                Recreation and Community

Appomattox Court      VA       Summer Teacher Workshop                 Not Listed                 Not Listed               Orientation DVD          K - 12     Ranger Brandon
    House                          (June 28, 2012),                                                                   available; teacher packet;                Chamberlain,
                                                                                                                            Lesson Plans;                      434-352-8987 x

  Arches National     UT        Teacher Ranger Teacher                 Not Listed                 Not Listed            Different Curriculums      1st - 6th       Chief of
     Park, UT                          Program                                                                         offered based on grade                   Interpretation
                                                                                                                                level                          (435) 719-2240

 Badlands National    SD        Teacher Ranger Teacher                 Not Listed           Distance Learning Video      Education Outreach         K - 12          Park
      Park, SD                         Program                                                  Conferences; will          Program; Virtual                     Headquarters
                                                                                               resume in October         Experience Lessons,                   (605) 433-5361
                                                                                                                          Health and Fitness
                                                                                                                        Program, Self-Guided
  Bent't Old Fort     CO       Living History Encampment         Yes - through the Living      Traveling Trunks        Traveling Trunk Lessons      4th -          Visitor
 National Historic            which will be implemented in        History Encampment               Program             and Guide Books; Other        6th        Information
     Site, CO                 2013; there is a fee for this 5-                                                           Various Lessons and                   719-383-5010
                                    day, 3-night event;                                                                        Activities
 BigBend National     TX       Annual Teacher Workshop                 Not Listed                 Not Listed              Curriculum Based          2nd -          Chief of
     Park, TX                    (usually December) $40                                                                Materials Developed in        6th       Interpretation,
                                     Registration fee                                                                    1996; Teaching with                   David Elkowitz,
                                                                                                                       Historic Places Program                  432-477-1107
                                                        NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Biscayne National    FL   Biscayne Expedition Overnight           Not Listed           Wreck Ashore Electronic        Guest Speakers;       K-8th     Education
     Park, FL               Program (May - December),                                   Field Trip; Underwater      Curriculum Materials             Coordinator,
                                       Free                                             Ecosystem Adventure          Based on Teacher               Maria Beotegui
                          Biscayne Explorer Day Program                                  Electronic Field Trip;      Programs; BioBlitz             305-230-7275
                              (November - May) Free                                    Picnic at Porgy Traveling Biodiversity Poster/Lesson            ext. 08
                                                                                        Trunk (Trunk is mailed              Plans
                                                                                          to your classroom )

  Boston Harbor      MA      Teacher Ranger Teacher               Not Listed                 Not Listed         Guest Speakers; Living in   5th -     Youth and
 Islands National                   Program                                                                       Two Worlds Program        12th    Visitor Services
 Recreation Area,                                                                                               (DVD and Guide); Harbor                 Program
       MA                                                                                                        Connections Program;                Coordinator;
                                                                                                                   Guided Tours, etc.                    Hugh

Boston National      MA     Boston People and Places      Yes - Through the Boston           Not Listed         Lesson Plans and Teacher    3rd -    Boston Park
Historic Park, MA           Summer Teacher Institute;        People and Places                                  Guides Provided; Various     8th       Ranger ,
                                                          Summer Teacher Institute                              Education Programs (90-               Julia Mize
                                                                                                                       120 mins)                    617 242-5643

 Bryce Canyon        UT   Field Seminar Program (typically Provides 4 credits in the         Not Listed          Educational Outreach   K - 12        CHIEF PARK
National Park, UT          takes place in early June each   sciences of geology and                            Programs; Classroom Core             RANGER, David
                                        year)              biology through Southern                              Curriculum Programs;                  Fireman,
                                                                Utah University                                  Nonverbal Information               435-834-4760
 CanyonLands         UT      Teacher Ranger Teacher               Not Listed                 Not Listed          Different Curriculums 1st - 6th        Chief of
National Park, UT                   Program                                                                     offered based on grade              Interpretation,
                                                                                                                          level                     (435) 719-2140

  Cape Lookout       NC      Teacher Ranger Teacher               Not Listed              Traveling Trunks         Lesson Materials in    1st - 8th Education and
National Shore, NC                  Program                                                                    Science and Social Studies               Public
                                                                                                                                                     Wouter Ketel,
                                                                                                                                                    (252) 728-2250
                                                                                                                                                       ext. 3005
                                                          NPS Professional Development Opportunities

 Capulin Volcano      NM   Climate Change Workshop (July             Not Listed             Traveling Trunks       Ranger Guided Education       K-12       Park Ranger,
    National                18-20, 2012) for middle/high                                                           Based Programs based on                 Lynn Carmtell,
 Monument, NM               school teachers, teachers will                                                                grade level                     (575) 278-2201
                           receive a stipend for attending
                            as well as a stipend to plan a
                              fieldtrip for 2013; Teacher
                               Ranger Teacher Program

  Carl Handburg       NC   Free Teacher Workshops (July         Get 0.5 CEU credits for    Carl Sandburg Home Curriculum Based Lessons           K - 12     Education
 Home National                    10th and 12th)               five hours in the teacher Virtual Museum; Where based upon grade level;                    Coordinator;
 Historic Site, NC                                                    workshops               to? What Next?    Where to? What Next?                      828-693-4178
                                                                                            (Educational Film);      Lesson plan
                                                                                         Student Poetry Contest

   Cedar Breaks       UT      Teacher Ranger Teacher                 Not Listed                 Not Listed           Ranger Programs are          Not     (435) 586-9451;
     National                        Program                                                                         given upon request;         Listed   (435) 586-0787
  Monument, UT                                                                                                      Academic Fee Waivers                   (summer only)
Central High School   AR      Currently offer a Teachers"            Not Listed              Traveling Trunks     Various Lesson Plans and       K-12        Education
 National Historic            Institute on civil rights that                             Program Virtual Tour of    Curriculum Materials                    Specialists,
     Site, AR              examines school desegregation                                 Central High; Electronic provided; reimbursement                  Kimble Talley,
                            ...It's from Sunday, July 15th -                               Field trip about the   grants for field trips; pre-            (501) 396-3000
                                      Friday, July 20th                                      Little Rock Nine;        visit brochure and

Chamizal National     TX      Teacher Ranger Teacher             Credit Hours can be        Traveling Trunks          Offers various cross-      K-12        Education
  Memorial, TX             Program; Most workshops are          earned and applied to        Program; Web            curricular lesson plans                 Specialist,
                            free of charge; however you        yearly CPE requirements       Conferencing             based on grade level                    Martin
                           must call for more information;                                                                                                 Christiansen ,
                               Teacher E-Newsletter                                                                                                       (915) 532-7273
Chickasaw National    OK    Had a week long workshop in              Not Listed                 Not Listed           Goddard Youth Camp           Not       Ron Parker,
Recreation Area, OK         2010 that focused on "Teddy                                                                                          Listed   (580) 622-7231
                            Roosevelt's Dream: National
                             Park Service Footprints in
Congaree National     SC      Teacher Ranger Teacher                 Not Listed                 Not Listed                 Not Listed             Not        Chief of
    Park, SC                          Program                                                                                                    Listed   Interpretation
                                                           NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Coronado National      AZ       Teacher Ranger Teacher              Not Listed           Traveling Trunks     Explorer Boxes (a Ranger      4th       Education
  Memorial, AZ                         Program                                               Program            brings the park to the     grade       Division,
                                                                                                                classroom); Reader's                520-366-5515
                                                                                                               Theatre for 4th Grade                    x2310
Craters of the Moon    ID    Craters of the Moon Educator's         Not Listed              Not Listed         The Teacher's Guide to      K - 12      Chief of
National Monument             Workshop: May 5 & 6; Nature                                                     Craters of the Moon (5th              Interpreation,
   & Preserve, ID            Photography: June 15, 16, & 17;                                                  and 6th); other activities              Ted Stout,
                                 Virtual Field Experience                                                       and guides based on                 208 527-1330
                               Professional Development                                                          grade level available
                                  Program: July 11 - 13

   Death Valley        CA;      The Death Valley Education          Not Listed           Virtual Museum;        Guest Speakers;            K - 12      Chief of
 National Park, CA;    NV      Team enjoys partnering with                           Traveling Trunk Program Educational Fee Waivers                Interpretation
        NV                       school districts, non-profit                                (4th - 8th)            Provided                        and Education,
                              organizations, and universities                                                                                       Terry Baldino,
                                   to provide professional                                                                                           760 786-3279
                              development opportunities for
                              teachers. We have hosted for-
                               credit, field-based courses in
                               geology, and look forward to
                                expanding our repertoire to
                             include climate change, botany,
                               phenology, astronomy, visual
                                     and performing arts,
                                  environmental education
                                pedagogy, and many other
                                    subjects in the future.

Denali National Park   AK      Summer Teacher Trainings     Professional Development Electronic Field Trip on Denali Rocks Lesson Plan      Not           Park
 and Preserve, AK            Provided by Murie Science and credit provided through the Science of Sled Dogs (6th - 8th); Education         Listed     Information
                              Learning Center (Scholarships      Univ. of Alaska             offered          Packet; Denali Education                    Line,
                               Available); Teacher Ranger                                                               Plan                        (907-683-9532)
                                    Teacher Program
                                                             NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Dinosaur National       UT       Teacher Ranger Teacher                Not Listed                 Not Listed               Not Listed          Not     Canyon Visitor
Monument; CO, UT                        Program                                                                                               Listed      Center in
                                                                                                                                                       Colorado, (970)
                                                                                                                                                        374-3000 and
                                                                                                                                                        Quarry Visitor
                                                                                                                                                       Center in Utah
                                                                                                                                                       (435) 781-7700

  Effigy Mounds         IA    Numerous Teacher Workshops               Graduate and               Not Listed         Effigy Mounds National   K - 12   Superintendent,
     National                  Listed for the 2012 year, $25       recertification credit                              Monument On-Line                  Jim Nepstad,
  Monument, IA                 fee; Teacher Ranger Teacher           available for IOWA                                  Teacher's Guide                563-873-3491,
                                          Program                      teachers only                                                                          x101
   Eisenhower           PA    Eisenhower Academy Summer              Two Pennsylvania             Not Listed           Various Education       4th -       Education
 National Historic            Institute for Teachers (July 8 -   Professional Education                              Programs for 4th -12th    12th         Division,
     Site, PA                   13, 2012) The fee is around      Credits (60 Act 48 CEUs)                                                               717-338-9114
                                            $600               are available for attending                                                                 Ext. 4411
                                                                   the Academy. Three
                                                                   graduate credits are
                                                               available for an additional
                                                                    fee of (2011) $1179
                                                                  through the Mount St.
                                                                      Mary's Master of
                                                                 Education program. To
                                                                 receive credit, students
                                                                   will complete course
                                                                 assignments and lesson
                                                                    plan, and attend all
                                                                sessions of the Academy.

Ellis Island National   NJ;   Need to get on mailing lists for         Not Listed                Traveling Trunk       Learning about your     K - 12    Education
Monument: NJ, NY        NY       future workshops; last                                      Program;Virtual Field Ancestors; Lesson Plans;              Specialist,
                               workshop was December of                                      Trip (March 29, 2012);    Activity Sheets, and              Katherine
                                          2011                                                  "A Distant Shore"   Primary Sources; Towards          Craine, 212-363-
                                                                                                   Ellis Island      a New Program (Ranger-             3206 ext 178
                                                                                                Videoconference       Outreach) (4th grade);
                                                                                               Program (4th-5th)    Punching the Ticket (5th -
                                                           NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Everglades National     FL    In-School Teacher Workshops             Not Listed                  Not Listed                 Community            K-6th    Education and
      Park, FL                 (Must be scheduled); In-park                                                           Outreach(Must be set up)                Outreach
                               Teacher Workshops; Teacher                                                                 (Ex. Career Day);                 Coordinator,
                                 Ranger Teacher Program                                                                  Materials for Loan;               Allyson Gantt,
                                                                                                                        Activity Kits; Lesson              305-242-7860
   Federal Hall         NY      National Parks of New York            Not Listed                  Not Listed                  Not Listed          K- 12        Chief of
National Memorial,              Harbor Teacher Workshop:                                                                                                   Interpretation,
        NY                   'Democracy Walk', August 7 & 8,                                                                                                 Steve Laise,
                               2012, Selected applicants will                                                                                               212 825-6883
                             receive a $100 stipend following
                                 completion of the entire
                               program, which includes pre-
                                   workshop readings.
Fire Island National    NY   Annual Teacher Workshop, May             Not Listed            Traveling Trunk Program          Not Listed           K - 12       Chieft of
   Seashore, NY              5, 2012, Get teachers connected                                                                                               Interpretation,
                             to the park as an outside source                                                                                               Kathy Krause,
                                                                                                                                                            631- 687-4772
  Florissant Fossil     CO   Summer Seminar Series; (July 7 - Graduate credit through             Not Listed          Various Lesson Plans and    K - 12         Lead
   Beds National             August 4, 2012) $50 per person Adam's State College or                                     Curriculum Materials                 Interpretive
  Monument, CO                for a one-day seminar; Teacher     recertification credits                               provided based upon                     Ranger,
                                to Teacher Ranger Program         through BOCES are                                          grade level                   (719) 748-3253
                                                                 available to teachers
                                                                 through the Summer
                                                                Seminar Series; Adams
                                                              State charges $27.50 for a
                                                                ½ graduate credit for a
                                                              one -day seminar. BOCES
                                                                recertification credit is
                                                               available for $5.00 for ½
  Fort Necessity        PA      No continuing Education               Not Listed                  Not Listed          French and Indian War Kit   3rd -       Education
National Battlefield,             Courses Scheduled                                                                      ($40); Traveling the     12th     Specialists, Jane
        PA                                                                                                             National Road (Free, via             Clark, 724-
                                                                                                                                  Cd)                         329-8124
                                                               NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Fort Scott National     KS       Teacher Ranger Teacher                  Not Listed               Traveling Trunks      Guest Speakers; Virtual     K-12        Education
 Historic Site, KS                      Program                                                    Program; Video     Resource Center (used as                Coordinator,
                                                                                                Conferencing Classes     a research aid to high              Barak Geertsen,
                                                                                              (Civil War Medicine and     school students who                 620-223-0310
                                                                                                      Civil War           present programs to
                                                                                                   Quartermaster)       elementary students in
                                                                                                                         grades K-4 during our
                                                                                                                          "Life on the Frontier"
                                                                                                                       program. The individual
                                                                                                                          programs or stations
                                                                                                                      convey various aspects of
                                                                                                                        life at Fort Scott during
                                                                                                                           the 1840s.); Various
                                                                                                                      Activity Packets based on
                                                                                                                                grade level
Fort Smith National     AR;     Offers in-service workshops       Workshops for Arkansas       Historic Images Online Guests Speakers; Videos       K-6th       Education
Historic Site; AR, OK   OK              upon request              History In-Service Credit            Gallery             in Visitor Center are             Coordinator, Pat
                                                                     may be requested                                  available to loan; Lesson              Schmidt (479)
                                                                                                                      Plans and Teacher Guides                  783-3961
                                                                                                                      available based on grade

 Frederick Douglas      DC     Civil War Washington Teacher       3 graduate level credits    Virtual Programs offered Offers Frederick Douglass K-12th         Education
 National Historic             Fellows (sessions up until July    offered through Trinity     via Video Conferencing; Lesson Plans and Posters;               Specialist, Lori
     Site, DC                 27th, 2012) Local registration is       University for an           Virtual Museums          Annual Oratorical                   M. Spillman
                                  $300, while out-of-town             additional $375                                           Contest;                     (202) 692-6036
                                 registration is $600-$1000
                              depending on room necessities

  Frederick Law         MA       Workshops and multi-day                 Not Listed                 Not Listed         Good Neighbors Program        Big        Education
 Olmsted National              institutes are available upon                                                                 (3rd grade)            Focus     Specialist, Lisa
 Historic Site, MA                        request                                                                                                   on 3rd       Stearns,
                                                                                                                                                    grade     617.566.1689
                                                                                                                                                                 ext 211
                                                              NPS Professional Development Opportunities

 Gateway National      NJ;     Summer Seminars in Science              Not Listed         Traveling Trunks          Several lesson plans    Grades            Education
Recreation Area; NJ,   NY     Education (July 18, 19); Other                                  Program             available online (Jamaica  4-6               Division,
        NY                   teacher workshops are required                                                        Bay, Staten Island, and   and            718-354-4530
                              prior to class visit, must call to                                                        Sandy Hook)          High-
                                schedule; Teacher Ranger                                                                                    School
                                     Teacher Program

George Washington      MO     Teacher Workshop: The Civil              Not Listed         Traveling Trunks           Character Education         K - 12,
  Carver National              War in Southwest Missouri:                                     Program             Curriculum Packets for (2,      4th
 Monument, MO                 Cause, Consequence, & Cost,                                                         4, 6), Fire Ecology Lesson,    Grade
                             Thursday, August 2, 2012 (8:00                                                        Various videos available     annual
                                a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) Free of                                                                    for loan           art and
                                         Charge!                                                                                                 essay

Gettysburg National    PA     Offers three four hour long              Not Listed          Traveling Trunks          Offers a Field Trip        Focus         Education
 Military Park, PA           workshops that must be set up                                Program; Satellite      Planning Kit to Teachers        on          Specialist,
                               in advance; THE RICHARD                                 Broadcasts for Schools                                   Middle         Barbara
                                BARTOL, Jr. EDUCATORS'                                 or it can be bought as a                                 School      Sanders, (717)
                              CONFERENCE (July 15-19th)                                           DVD                                                         334-1124,
                                                                                                                                                           extension 3151.

  Glacier National     MT      Glacier Institute and Glacier    6 Opi Renewal Units     Traveling Trunks       Guest Speakers are               K - 12       Education
     Park, MT                 National Park Climate Change offered through Montana Program; Virtual Glacier   offered; Provides an                         Specialist, Laura
                             Teacher Workshop (June 25-28, State University during         Field Trip       Educator's List of items                            Law,
                                  2012); 2012 Montana         "Get Out" Early Childhood                       that may be used in                           406 888-5837
                                 Environmental Education             Workshop                               association with Glacier
                               Association Conference $200                                                  NP and their respective
                             (March 22-23, 2012); "Get Out"                                                 prices; Glacier Teacher's
                                Early Childhood Workshop                                                     Guide; Various Lesson
                             (October 18, 2012) Price not yet                                                Plans; Coloring Books,
                                  listed; Traveling Trunk                                                    Songs, Pre- and Post-
                              Workshops offered every third                                                         Activities
                                        week in Oct.
                                                            NPS Professional Development Opportunities

   Golden Gate        CA    Teacher Workshop: Dissonant         CEUs are available with          Not Listed         Online games available     K - 12     Education
National Recreation         Voices: Dialectics of Place, July this teacher workshop but                              and downloadable                   Specialist, Lynn
     Area, CA                 31 - August 3, 2012, $400        participants are required                                   curricula                        Fonfa,
                                        stipend                 to produce a 2-3 page                                                                    415 561-4757

  Grand Canyon        AZ    Two workshops are offered in            Not Offered            Offers various one-hour Ranger Visit to Classroom   K - 12       Chief of
 National Park, AZ         the fall for a fee of $50 a person;                                 programs via the        Programs (Free);                 Interpretation,
                               Teacher Ranger Teacher                                      internet; must register   Assemblies; Several                Judy Hellmich-
                              Program ( no date set yet)                                      for each program;    Lesson plans to go along             Bryan, 928 638-
                                                                                           (2004) Electronic Field  with distance learning                   7760
                                                                                            Trip; Traveling Trunk    programs; Traveling
                                                                                                   Program         Grants; Lesson plans that
                                                                                                                    go along with the park
  Grand Teton         WY       Teacher Ranger Teacher                Not Listed          Traveling Trunks       Rangers can come to the        3rd -      Education
National Park, WY                     Program                                         Programs; “Tails from classroom to participate            8th        Division,
                                                                                      the Tetons” Electronic in programs for students                   (307) 739-3399
                                                                                     Field Trip (fees apply to
                                                                                     some activities); Raptor
                                                                                       eField Trip; Geology
                                                                                            eField Trip
Grant-Kohrs Ranch     MT      Hosts an annual teacher    Participating in the annual     Traveling Trunks       Rangers can come to the        K - 12     Education
 National Historic          workshop in cooperation with workshop will give you 30       Program (4-8th)        classroom to participate                  Specialist,
     Site, MT               the University of Montana at    Renewal Units and 2                                in programs for students;                406-846-2070
                            Missoula (June 11-15, 2012), Graduate credits for $135,                             Lesson Plans and Guides                    ext. 230
                              Participants will earn two                                                         in Social Studies, Grass
                            graduate credits through the                                                          and Soil, Animals and
                              University of Montana at                                                           Habitats, Fire Ecology,
                                      Missoula.                                                                   Water, and Geology
                                                           NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Great Basin National   NV       Every summer, a one-week          Participants in the           Not Listed        Explore the Great Basin is Middle     Education
      Park, NV                  workshop is offered by the     summer workshop can                                  a resource and activity    School  Coordinator,
                             National Park Service, Bureau of   earn Nevada or Utah                               guide for teachers. While           Brandi Roberts,
                                Land Management, and US         continuing education                               the guide was designed             (775) 234-7521
                               Forest Service in and around credits or university credit                              with middle school
                              Great Basin National Park and      through Utah State                                  students in mind, the
                             White Pine County, Nevada. The           University                                  information and activities
                               workshops rotate through a                                                           can be adapted for any
                             three-year cycle, focusing on the                                                        age group; Teacher
                                physical environment, the                                                         Checklist for Field Trips is
                             biological environment, and the                                                                offered
                              cultural resources of the area.

  Great Smoky          NC;       Smoky Mountain Science         Southern Appalachian Offers an electronic field Teacher's Guide to the        K- 12    Education
Mountains National     TN            Teacher Institute          Naturalist Certification trip in the park; Various   Park and WebRanger               Coordinator,
  Park; NC, TN                 Monday, June 18 - Saturday,       Program (SANCP) in           video and audio       activities; Teacher and           Susan Sachs,
                             June 23, 2012 ($50 registration     partnership with the      podcasts; searchable    Ranger Guided program              828 926-6251
                              fee); Advanced Water Quality     University of Tennessee.     internet databases              materials
                                        Workshop                Complete 8 courses to
                             Wednesday, August 1 - Friday,       earn a certificate in
                               August 3 2012; Got Elk? Fall       natural history and
                                  Research in the Smokies        interpretative skills.
                               Friday, October 28 - Sunday,
                               October 30, 2012 ($75 fee);
                                 Salamanders and Storms:
                               Studying a Changing Climate
                              Friday, November 2 - Sunday,
                               November 4, 2012 ($50 fee);
                                                        NPS Professional Development Opportunities

   Harper's Ferry     WV; Harpers Ferry National Historical          Not Listed                Traveling Trunks     Harper's Ferry Jeopardy;     K- 12    Education Office
  National Historic   VA;   Park presents a History and                                            Program          War for Freedom: African                 Assistant,
 Park: WV, VA, MD     MD      Technology Workshop in                                                                 Americans in the Era of               304.535.6456
                            partnership with Shepherd                                                                    the Civil War - a
                           University (June 18 - 22, 2012);                                                         curriculum developed by
                              Freedom Rising Summer                                                                   the American History
                          Graduate Workshop (August 10 -                                                            Workshop for use by the
                           13, 2012) Responsible for your                                                            National Park Service;
                           own lodging, travel, and food                                                               Education Materials
                                                                                                                    Packet; Provides links to
                                                                                                                      full text books online

 Herbert Hoover        IA      Teacher Ranger Teacher                Not Listed                   Not Listed          National Park Fair: Kids   K - 12        Visitor
 National Historic                    Program                                                                        Teaching Kids about our                Information
      Site, IA                                                                                                        National Parks booklet              (319) 643-2541
                                                                                                                        (3rd grade); HEHO!
                                                                                                                      Activity Worksheets for
                                                                                                                      Educators and Student
                                                                                                                     (3rd- 6th); Various other
                                                                                                                     curriculum guides based
                                                                                                                           on grade level

Homestead National    NE              Not Listed                     Not Listed             Provides a virtual tour Reading Ranger Program;      K - 12      Education
  Monument of                                                                              with interactive exhibits; Curriculum Materials and              Coordinator,
   America, NE                                                                                 Programs can be         Powerpoints based on               Tina Miller, 402-
                                                                                           tailored to meet specific grade level; Math Booklet               223-3514
                                                                                                classroom needs              (4th - 10th)

Hopewell Culture      OH    2012 Archeology Workshop for      Teachers will receive 35            Not Listed           Activities and Lesson    3rd -      Chief Ranger
National Historical          Teachers (June 18-22, 2012)       contact hours through                                Plans provided for grades 12th           Le/Interp
     Park, OH                                                      Ohio University-                                  3-5; National History Day             740 774-1126
                                                              Chillicothe, and will have                            (History competition for 6-
                                                                the option to receive                                       12th grade)
                                                                    graduate credit
                                                          NPS Professional Development Opportunities

 Independence         PA     Summer Teachers Institute                Not Listed            "Freedom in America: Activity Sheets and Lesson K - 12        Education
National Historical           Develop your E.S.P. $75 a                                        Some Assembly        Plans geared toward                    Program
     Park, PA                 person (July 9-12, 2012);                                     Required", Electronic   specific grade levels                  Manager,
                            Additional full/half day guided                                       Field Trip                                            Jeffrey Collins,
                               programs can be setup                                                                                                    215-597-1039

  Indiana Dunes,      IN                                         Illinois teachers can        Traveling Trunks       Several items can be      K - 12       Chief of
                              September 29, 2012, Dunes
National Lakeshore,                                               receive continuing        Program (can not be   provided for teachers on              Interpretation,
                               Ecology Focus on Invasive
         IN                                                     education units (CEUs)            shipped)        a loan; online interactive             Sue Bennett,
                             Plants/ October 19-20, 2012,
                                                              and Indiana teachers can                            water safety game; online              219 395-1622
                            Dunes Ecology Focus on Birds,
                                                                  receive continuing                              student galleries; various
                            (overnight workshop at Dunes
                                                                 recertification units                             program packets based
                            Learning Center)/ December 1,
                                                              (CRUs) for participating in                               on grade level
                            2012, Dunes Ecology Focus on
                                                              these workshops. Indiana
                           Urban Waters/January 26, 2013,
                                                               and Illinois teachers may
                              Project WILD/ February 23,
                                                               apply for graduate credit
                             2013, Geology Road Trip with
                                                                    through Indiana
                              Dr. Ken Schoon/ March 23,
                                                              University Northwest and
                            2013, Dunes Ecology Focus on
                                                               Chicago State University
                           Climate Change/ April 27, 2013,
                                                                    for an extra fee.
                           Project Learning Tree and Arbor
                           Day Celebration/ June 22, 2013,
                                Dunes Ecology Focus on
                             Threatened and Endangered
Jefferson National    MO    Colonial St. Louis, 1763-1804:            Not Listed              Traveling Trunks    Videotapes and DVDs can K - 12          Director of
    Expansion               Society in the Wilderness (July                                  Program ($35-$45)    be sent out on a loan; Pre-           Education, Julie
  Memorial, MO                 11-12); Free Professional                                                             and post- activities                  Northrip,
                           Development Workshops can be                                                             provides, Curriculum                 314 655-1615
                              set up on-site or in schools                                                         Guides based on grade
                                                                NPS Professional Development Opportunities

 John Fitzgerald        MA     A Sense of Wonder Stories of               Not Listed             Not Listed       “What John F. Kennedy 1st - 6th   Lead Park
Kennedy National              Nature, Science and History, On                                                      Means To Me”, Annual           Ranger, Sara
Historic Site, MA               April 5th: A conference for                                                      Essay And Poetry Program            Patton,
                                  classroom teachers and                                                             (3rd); Boyhood In            617 566-7937
                                  librarians of grades 3-8                                                       Brookline: The Challenges
                                                                                                                  And Character Of Young
                                                                                                                  Jack Kennedy (2nd-5th);

   Joshua Tree          CA       Workshops and the Desert             Some classes offer      Traveling Trunks   Guest speakers programs       K - 12      Education
 National Park, CA              Institute courses are offered       optional college credit       Program          are offered based on                    Programs
                                        upon request                through UC Riverside.                         grade level; Videos and                   Division,
                                                                       Course fees vary.                         Kits are available to loan;             760-367-3011
                                                                                                                 Keys Ranch, Where time
                                                                                                                  Stood Still Lesson Plan

 Juan Bautista de       AZ,    Have nothing planned for the                                                                                             Superintendent,
   Anza National        CA     near future…also site is down                                                                                             Naomi Torres,
Historic Trail, AZ,CA                                                                                                                                    415-623-2340

   Kenai Fjords         AK     The Ocean Alaska Science and               Not Listed             Not Listed      Guest speakers programs       3rd -       Education
 National Park, AK               Learning Center Teacher's                                                         are offered based on        12th     Coordinator, Jim
                              Workshop is offered each fall in                                                     grade level; Teacher's                Pfeiffenberger,
                               cooperation with Kenai Fjords                                                       Guide to Exit Glacier,                907 422-0502
                                National Park and the Alaska                                                        Homework Help for
                              SeaLifeCenter, will be in October                                                  students, Various Lesson
                                           2012                                                                    plans based on grade
                                                              NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Kenilworth Park and    DC          Provide professional                Not Listed               Distance education       Park staff will visit your   K - 12     Education
Aquatic Gardens, DC            development by request for                                        opportunities are        school or group to do                  Specialist,
                               individuals or groups. Some                                   available by requesting      workshops, talks, and                Lori Spillman,
                              training may be done on line,                                    in writing a CD with        demonstrations on                   202 692-6036
                              some at the school, or at the                                  material on watersheds, watersheds, native plant
                                           park.                                             soils, or wildlife habitat gardening, invasive plant
                                                                                             management. An online        control, wetland, etc.
                                                                                               course Wetlands for      Various study guides are
                                                                                              Distance Learners is a      available for students
                                                                                              challenging course or
                                                                                              can be used in part by
                                                                                                     any grade.

Klondike Gold Rush - WA         Interdisciplinary workshops     Washington State clock              Not Listed          Scavenger Hunts for Field     2nd -    Acting Chief of
    Seattle Unit              combine instruction, activities, hours are usually available                                Trips, Taming a River,       8th     Interpretation
 National Historical             field sessions, curriculum                                                              Various lesson plans on               and Education,
     Park, WA                  development workshops, and                                                                     the gold rush                      Tim Karle,
                             curriculum review focus groups;                                                                                                    206 220-4235
                                  Teacher Ranger Teacher
Lake Mead National     AZ;    Two 8-hour day workshops are             Not Listed                   Not Listed           Guests Speakers can     1st - 5th     Chieft of
Recreation Area; AZ,   NV          provided (call for more                                                              come in and talk about              Interpretation
        NV                              information)                                                                   Water Safety Education as           and Education,
                                                                                                                        well as various teacher              Kevin Turner
                                                                                                                       guides and lessons based            (702) 293-8712
                                                                                                                            on grade level

  Lake Roosevelt       WA     No opportunities available at            Not Listed            Various Traveling Trunks Guests Speakers, "Fort          3rd -       Education
National Recreation                    this time                                                    Programs         Spokane Frontier Outpost         12th         Program
     Area, WA                                                                                                            to Indian Boarding                       Specialist,
                                                                                                                      School" DVD available for                Janice Elvidge,
                                                                                                                                 loan                           509-633-9441
 Longfellow House      MA               Not Listed                     Not Listed                   Not Listed           Two downloadable             3rd -     Park Ranger,
   Washington's                                                                                                      packets enabling teachers         8th      Kate Hanson
   Headquarters                                                                                                       to bring lessons from the                     Plass,
  National Historic                                                                                                  historic Longfellow house                 (617)876-4491
      Site, MA                                                                                                         and collection into the
                                                          NPS Professional Development Opportunities

  Lowell National      MA     Merrimack Region 2012 MITS Earn PDPs/ CEUs or PDPs Bringing History Home,     On-site and In-School     3rd -         Chief of
 Historic Park, MA            Summer Institute (July 9-20, and 4 graduate credits Online Interactive Game program guides available;   12th      Interpretation,
                            2012); National Endowment for (for an additional cost)                           Various Classroom                 Kerry Olson, 978-
                               the Humanities (July 15-20)                                                 Activities; Some packets               970-5020 or
                            Landmarks of American History                                                   can be purchased or                TIHC's Director,
                                       and Culture                                                           rented; Numerous                        Sheila
                             Inventing America: Lowell and                                                primary source available             Kirschbaum, 978-
                                the Industrial Revolution                                                                                          970-5080
                                Summer 2012 Week-Long
                                   Teacher Workshops

  Marsh - Billings -   VT     Forest for Every Classroom               Not Listed            Not Listed          Teacher Blogs;       1st -     Park Ranger,
Rockefeller National          Workshop; Park Research                                                       Salamander Monitoring     12th     Joseph Herrick,
 Historical Park, VT        Partnership (begins in August);                                                 Video done by students;             802-457-3368
                            Teacher Ranger Program; Trail                                                   various classroom units                ext 44.
                                 for Every Classroom                                                          based on grade level

  Minute Man           MA     Provides educational events,             Not Listed            Not Listed       Teacher guides and      K - 12      Education
 National Historic             talks, tours, activities, and                                                  various lesson plans             Coordinator, Jim
    Park, MA                     programs to create an                                                                                          Hollister, 978
                            immersive experience in colonial                                                                                    369-6993 x22
                              and American Revolutionary
                                 history to enhance the
                                 curriculum you teach.

 Missouri National SD;NE       Teacher Ranger Teacher;            Tuition fee from the       Not Listed    Ranger in your Classroom   2nd -        Chief of
 Recreational River            Teacher Workshops on a          accrediting institution for                 Program; Downloadable      10th     Interpretation,
                                    needed basis               those teachers who wish                            Brochures;                   Chris Wilkinson,
                                                                to earn academic credit                                                         605-665-0209
                                                                  when that option is
Montezuma Castle       AZ       Teacher Ranger Teacher                 Not Listed            Not Listed        Educator's Guide       K - 12     Park Ranger
    National                          Program;                                                                    Available                        (interp),
 Monument, AZ                                                                                                                                   Case Griffing,
                                                         NPS Professional Development Opportunities

 Mount Rainier        WA   Mount Rainier National Park      Washington State clock           Not Listed          Guest speakers available     1st -       Education
National Park, WA        offers a variety of free education    hours are usually                                 to talk to the classrooms;   12th         Program
                           workshops each year. Living      available. An academic                                    Sister Mountain                  Manager, Fawn
                         with a Volcano in Your Backyard     credit option is also                                 Curriculum; Nisqually                Bauer, 360-
                           Workshop (July 23-27, 2012);       available for some                                      River Curriculum                    569-6591
                              Teacher Ranger Teacher           workshops at an                                       Materials; Volcano
                           Program; The Mount Rainier-        additional cost of                                   Curriculum Materials
                            Mount Fuji Sister Mountain      $40/credit through The
                               Project (not updated)         Heritage Institute; all
                                                             credits are based on
 North Cascades       WA    Last program 2010; Teacher          quarter system
                                                                  Not Listed                 Not Listed              Guest speakers are       K - 12      Chief of
National Park, WA            Ranger Teacher Program                                                                available to talk to the            Interpretation
                                                                                                                    classrooms; Various                and Education,
                                                                                                                    activities offered on               Charles Beall,
                                                                                                                 climate change, cascades,             360-854-7302
                                                                                                                      watersheds, and
                                                                                                                    endangered species

Petersburg National   VA    Petersburg Regional Education          Not Listed             Traveling Trunks       “Climate Change, Wildlife    K - 12     Education
  Battlefield, VA            Partnership (last conference                                  Program (4-6)         and Wildlands Toolkit for             Specialist, Leslie
                            2010); Teacher Ranger Teacher                                                          Formal and Informal                 McClammy, 804-
                                       Program                                                                    Educators,” Kit; Various              732-3531 ext
                                                                                                                  historical and museum                      204
                                                                                                                   lesson plans offered;
                                                                                                                 Mobile Education Trailer

  Petrified Forest    AZ       Teacher Ranger Teacher              Not Listed              Traveling Trunks         Ranger on the Road        K - 12      Education
 National Park, AZ                    Program                                          Program; Several videos    Program; Teaching with                  Specialist,
                                                                                        and podcasts available      Museum Collections                  928-524-6228
                                                                                         for every classroom;       Lessons; Lessons on                    ex 264
                                                                                                                 fossils, paleontology, and
                                                              NPS Professional Development Opportunities

  Pictured Rocks       MI       The Michigan Alliance of                   Not Listed                   Not Listed         DVDs, books, and other   K - 12         David Kronk,
National Lakeshore,           Environmental and Outdoor                                                                    materials used on a loan                Park Ranger,
        MI                   Education holds an annual fall                                                                  basis; After School                 (906) 387-2607,
                              conference (Oct 12-14,2012)                                                                 Outdoor Science Program;                   ext. 206
                               Deadline is August 1, 2012                                                                     Wildlife Activity
                                                                                                                            Management Guide;
                                                                                                                             Outdoor Classroom
                                                                                                                             Videotape (can be
Richmond National      VA   Workshops take place in the fall               Not Listed                Traveling Trunks      Various free curriculum      K - 12     Education
Battlefield Park, VA         and summer and may satisfy                                             Program (Has to be        based programs;                    Specialist, Pat
                            school district requirements for                                        picked up); Various                                             Ferrell,
                               developmental training.                                               Online Galleries;                                           804-771-2018

 Rocky Mountain        CO    Rocky Mountain National Park               Academic credit is              Not Listed          Offers various outside      K - 12    Education
 National Park, CO             offers a variety of education          available through the                                 resources for teaching                  Program
                            workshops each year; a program         Colorado State University                               science; photo galleries;               Specialist,
                                can also be developed for a            for most workshops;                                offers a fun fact directory               Mark De
                                 particular school; Teacher           Educators can receive                               of items related to Rocky                Gregorio,
                              Ranger Teacher Program; The           relicensure units for full-                                   Mountain;                      970 586-3777
                                  Rocky Mountain Nature                 day and multi-day
                               Association's Field Seminars          seminars, as approved
                                 Program is committed to           through Centennial Board
                               educating the public through        of Cooperative Education
                                  the talents of excellent         Services (BOCES). Each full
                            instructors, all highly qualified in      day of seminar time is
                              their fields of expertise. (price        equal to 0.5 units of
                                           varies)                       credit. Fees are in
                                                                    addition to seminar fees
                                                                        and are $25.00 per
                                                                     seminar or for series of
                                                                         related seminars
 Saguaro National      AZ       Teacher Ranger Teacher                       Not Listed              Traveling Trunks       Teacher's guide is     K - 12 Supervisor Park
     Park, AZ                          Program                                                    Program (Ranger comes available; DVD on Saguara         Ranger, Melanie
                                                                                                        with trunk)      heritage is available for             Florez,
                                                                                                                                    loan                   (520)733-5151
                                                           NPS Professional Development Opportunities

 Saint - Gaudens       NH     The site periodically presents          Not Listed                Not Listed         Several books and films      K - 12        Chief of
 National Historic             workshop opportunities for                                                         available for loan; Several             Interpretation,
     Site, NH                teachers that may be used for                                                         lesson guides provided                     Gregory
                             professional development. (no                                                          based on grade level                     Schwarz,
                                   recent workshops)                                                                                                       603 675-2175

 Saint Croix Island    ME    Park staff introduce teachers to         Not Listed             Traveling Trunks         Series of podcasts        5th -      Visitor Center,
   International                two National Park Service                                 Program (4th - 8th); and available, done by a TRT      8th      (207) 454-3871
 Historic Site, ME          learning tools for the classroom,                             Passamaquoddy Kit are with his middle school
                              Passamaquoddy History and                                          available            students; Student
                               Culture: A Teaching Kit for                                                            recordings about
                             Grades 5-8 and the Saint Croix                                                         experiences with Saint
                                 1604 Interpretive Trunk,                                                                Croix Island
                              through teacher workshops.
                             Workshops are available upon
                              request. The last workshops
                                      were in 2007.
Saint Croix National   WI; Currently no teacher workshops             Not Listed              Videotapes and            Rivers are Alive     K - 12        Park Ranger,
 Scenic Riverway,      MN are planned (however does offer                                     Traveling Trunk     curriculum guide available                 Jean Van
       WI,MN                   other programs for the                                        available for loan           (4th grade)                       Tatenhove,
                            community); Teacher Ranger                                                                                                    (320) 629-2148
                                  Teacher Program

   Santa Monica        CA      Climate Change and the           Teachers can earn two           Not Listed             Various Parks as         K - 8th       Chief of
Mountains National          Seasonal Cycles of Nature (June     Continuing Professional                             Classrooms programs                   Interpretation,
Recreation Area, CA            22-23, 2012/June 28-29);         Education (CPE) Credits                              available; California                Megan Kish, 805
                               Teacher Ranger Teacher           when participating in a                            Mediterranean Research                    370-2309
                                       Program                        workshop                                        Learning Center is
                                                       NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Sequoia & Kings     CA             Not Listed                   Not Listed            Not Listed    Rangers in the Classroom 1st - 6th    Chief of
Canyon National                                                                                      Program; The SPROUTS              Interpretation
   Parks, CA                                                                                             program provides               and Cultural
                                                                                                    students with a hands-on             Resources,
                                                                                                       learning opportunity            Colleen Bathe,
                                                                                                      utilizing two relatively         559 565-3130
                                                                                                    new sciences: phenology
                                                                                                        and citizen science;
                                                                                                        various lesson plans
                                                                                                    provided based on grade
  Shenandoah        VA        Workshop attendance is            Not Listed            Not Listed        Various Classroom       K - 12      Education
National Park, VA        required before participating in                                            Programs offered based              Office, 540-999-
                          a curriculum-based education                                                 on grade level, most               3500 ext. 3489
                          program.Kindergarten and 1st                                              require teacher workshop             shen_education
                           grade Teacher Workshop is                                                in order to be used, some     ;
                          offered periodically; 2nd - 6th                                            are ranger guided, while
                           grade Teacher Workshop is                                                others are self-guided. For
                            offered annually, usually in                                             the older students there
                           September. (September 28,                                                   is online/interactive
                           2012, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m);                                                       material
                             Exploring Earth Science in
                            Shenandoah National Park
                         Teacher Workshops are offered
                         periodically; History and Social
                          Science Teacher Workshop for
                            Grades 5-12 (August 9 - 10,
                         2012); Teacher Ranger Teacher
                                                            NPS Professional Development Opportunities

   Stones River         TN   Stones River National Battlefield       Not Listed           Traveling Trunks       Guest speakers are       K - 12     Education
National Battlefield,        offers at least two opportunities                        Program; Rangers from available to talk to the               Coordinator,
        TN                   a year for educators to visit the                         Stones River National   classrooms; Numerous                 John McKay,
                                 park and learn about the                             Battlefield present two lesson plans and teacher             615-893-9501
                                 resources and programs                                  distance learning       guides provided for
                               available for their students.                              presentations in            students
                                 Several workshops listed                              cooperation with the
                                 starting in October 2012                            Instructional Technology
                                                                                        Support Center and
                                                                                      Middle Tennessee State

Theodore Roosevelt      ND       Teacher Ranger Teacher              Not Listed            Not Listed                Not Listed           K - 12       Chief of
 National Park, ND                      Program                                                                                                    Interpretation,
                                                                                                                                                    Eileen Andes,
 Tuzigoot National      AZ       Teacher Ranger Teacher              Not Listed            Not Listed         Teacher's Guide available   K - 12    Park Ranger,
  Monument, AZ                          Program                                                                    that touches on                    John Reid,
                                                                                                                 numerous subjects                  928 634-5564
  Valley Forge          PA   Hosted a 2012 Teacher Institute         Not Listed            Not Listed             Histoical, Natural      K - 12       Chief of
National Historical            (July 9-12, 2012); Teacher                                                      Resouces, and Curitorial            Interpretation
     Park, PA                 Ranger Teacher Program $75                                                        Curriculums Provided               and Education;
                                                                                                                based on grade level               Rhonda Schier,
                                                        NPS Professional Development Opportunities

Vicksburg National   MI   Vicksburg National Military Park Teachers selected for this Virtual Museum Exhibit Lesson Plans and Teacher   K - 12    Education
   Military Park,              Educators' Workshop          Institute will be eligible to     Available          Guides Provided                   Specialist,
                           (Mississippi State University) -            receive 4                                                                 Melissa Perez,
                                  June 17-23, 2012            Continuing Education                                                               601 619-2905
                                                                   Units through                                                                     x2905
                                                                  Mississippi State
                                                                University. The cost
                                                               to each teacher who
                                                                   applies for the
                                                               CEU’s will be $20. No
                                                                   partial credits
                                                                  will be awarded.
Voyageurs National   MN      Teacher Ranger Teacher                Not Listed              Not Listed       Environmental Education K - 12           Chief of
    Park, MN                        Program                                                                 Speakers Available; Water            Interpretation,
                                                                                                             Safety Training (ages 10-               Tawyne
                                                                                                               14); Wolf Education                  Schoewe
                                                                                                                 Trunk; Voyageurs                 218 283-6670
                                                                                                                education cassette
                                                                                                                (available for loan)

Weir Farm National   CT   A Park for Every Classroom, The qualify for CEU credits to       Not Listed        Art curriculum materials   1st -     Park Ranger,
 Historic Site, CT          park hosted its first teacher  interested teachers of all                          for grades 1 - 12 are    12th     Kristin Lessard,
                          immersion workshop on March grades and subject areas.                                      available                   (203) 834-1896
                          31 and April 1, 2012; have to be                                                                                             x11.

Whitman Mission      WA   There are numerous workshops       Washington State clock     Traveling Trunks      Various supplemental      K - 12      Education
National Historic         available upon request; at least     hours are available;        Program;            materials offered for             Specialist, Mike
    Site, WA               10 teachers needed to hold a      academic credits are an                          classroom use; Stout-                 Dedman,
                                     workshop                   option for some                                Hearted Seven Study                509-522-6360
                                                                workshops at an                                 Guide; Community                      x2062
                                                                 additional cost.                            Service Learning Projects
                                                                                                             may be set up for school
                                                                                                            credit options; Volunteers-
                                                                                                            In-Parks Program Projects
                                                         NPS Professional Development Opportunities

World War II Valor    HI;   2012 Summer Teacher Institute,        Not Listed         Witness to History           Not Listed           K- 12    Superintendent,
  in the Pacific      AK;         World War II: How it                               Videoconference                                              Paul DePrey,
    National          CA     Transformed America, Hawai'i,                          Program, For more                                           (808) 423-7300
   Monument,                   and the Pacific (July 16-20,                        information contact:                                              x7629
    HI,AK,CA                             2012)                                       Paul Heintz, Video
                                                                                  Coordinator, Witness to
                                                                                  History Program, Pacific
                                                                                  Historic Parks, 808-485-
Wupatki National      AZ              Not Listed                  Not Listed             Not Listed               Not Listed           K-12       Supervisory
 Monument, AZ                                                                                                                                    Park Ranger,
                                                                                                                                                 John Portillo,
                                                                                                                                                 928 526-3367
Zion National Park,   UT              Not Listed                  Not Listed      Zion National Park offers Education Program          K - 12      Lead Park
        UT                                                                        an Educational Outreach Materials available (3rd -                Ranger -
                                                                                  Program for 3rd through           5th)                        Interpretation,
                                                                                  5th grade classes within                                          Adrienne
                                                                                   a 50-mile radius of the                                      Fitzgerald, 435-
                                                                                            park.                                                  772-7624

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