Online Gaming and it�s History

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					Online Gaming and it’s History

Online gaming is playing videogames with
opponents through the use of networks.
It all began in the early nineties. A small
software producer, id software, that developed a
trail-blazing action game concept.
The Online Gaming
Alliance™ (OGA) was
established to monitor the
thousands of worldwide
licensees of Grand
Virtual™ technology
The Online Gaming
Alliance is a positive force
for online gaming,
providing benefits to
players, casinos and the
     Online Gaming in the Market
The online gaming market already generates significant profits
for established operators, and despite a complex legal and
political environment, it continues to attract new ones
             2002 statistics                     • As the market develops and broadens
                                                 its appeal to a wider range of
                                                 customers, the uptake of online gaming
                                                 will continue to rise. This graph shows
                                                 the dramatic increase in regular online
                                                 gamblers over just five years.

 • With online casinos taking the biggest
 share of the industry, Data monitor estimates
 that online gamblers currently spend more
 than $30 billion
Different Multiplayer Games
           Action Games
          Kid/Family Games
            Sport Games
           Puzzle Games
           Racing Games
           Casino Games
A Theory of Fun for Game Design
This is a novel that shows
ways of teaching
interactive designers how
to create and improve
their designs to
incorporate the highest
degree of fun.
This book also shows
detailed game description
and other aspects of the
product design.
Multiplayer Online Video Games
 Played through
 computer networks
 usually the internet
 Video games are
 played against human
 opponents rather than
 Artificial Intelligence
      Artificial Intelligence
Definition: The ability of a computer or
other machine to perform those activities
that are normally thought to require
Main component of modern gaming
Also, largest component missing from
online multiplayer gaming
  Multiplayer generalizations
Uses internet connection
to play other people from
around the world
All PC’s and most
Consoles now have
ability to play online
Different experience from
traditional game playing
     Multiplayer PC Gaming
PC’s were the first
multiplayer platform
Easiest to get on and
play online
Interaction with other
players is easy
through keyboard
RPG and Strategy are
best on a PC
Multiplayer Console Gaming
              Considered future of
              Play games head to
              head with people
              around the globe
              Easier to use for
              games like sports,
              racing, and shooters.

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