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                        Librarian’s Review of Publisher’s Advance Copy

Date: April 27, 2005
Author: X Editor:                Burgan, Michael
Title: Empire of Ancient Rome. ISBN: 0-8160-5559-9
        Christensen, Wendy. Empire of Ancient Egypt. ISBN: 0-8160-5555-8
        Doak, Robin. Empire of the Islamic World. ISBN: 0-8160-5557-2
        Somervill, Barbara. Empire of the Inca. ISBN: 0-8160-5560-2
Series: “Great Empires of the Past”
Illustrator:        Photographer:
Publisher: Facts on File
ISBN: See above                          Pages: 128                       Price: $30.00
Grade Range: 6 through 12                                       Publication Date: 2004
Fiction:             Easy:          Nonfiction: X        Dewey Classification:
        Rome 937, Egypt, 932, Islamic World 909, Inca 985
Theme or Topic: Rome – History, Egypt – History, Islamic Empire, Inca - History

                   Rating                                 Suggestions
        1X     Outstanding/Superior              X Curricular use
        2      Above average/Desirable             Developmental values
        3      Average/Acceptable                  Subject matter or treatment will tend to limit to
        4      Below average/Marginal                     specialized collections
        5      Not recommended                      Will appeal only to the unusual reader

Did you know that each year poor Inca families were expected to give the governor a louse tax (a tube filled
with lice), that the ancient Egyptians developed accurate balance scales in order to weigh the hearts of
their dead, or that early members of the Islamic Empire might have developed the first tennis game?
Interesting facts such as these are scattered throughout these informative volumes. Each book begins with
a history of the civilization which is followed by chapters on society and culture. They contain black and
white maps, illustrations, charts, and photographs. Fact boxes, time lines, helpful web sites, and
bibliographies complete these books which would be a good purchase for any high school library. Because
of the abundance of text and few pictures, middle school libraries might consider it a supplementary

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Prepared by: Karen Hodges, Librarian                     Campus: Westwood High School

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