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									                             H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program
                             Department of Music
Band - Carl Holmquist - 703-228-2216
Orchestra - Risa Browder – 703-228-2216
Chorus- Bill Podolski – 703-228-2215

                            H-B Woodlawn High School Music trip to
                        Walt Disney World (March 30 – April 2, 2011)

                                            Packing List

           For The Bus Ride:                               For Disney:
              Comfortable Clothes                               Comfortable Clothes for 3 days
              Pillow                                            Comfortable Shoes
              Snuggie (optional)                                Rain Gear (poncho or umbrella)
              Snack Food                                        Camera
              Videos (Disney Movies a plus!)                    Autograph Book
              Cell Phone & Charger                              Small Bag to carry things around
              Personal Music & Game Players                     Sunglasses
              Headphones!                                       Sun Tan Lotion
              $5 to tip the Bus Driver                          Bathing Suit
                                                                Small Towel?
           For the Performance:                                 Light Jacket
              Uniform –                                         Watch
                   Men – Black Shoes, Black                     Spending Money**
                   Socks, Tuxedo,
                   Cummerbund, Bow Tie                     For Your Own Good:
                                                                Tooth Brush & Paste
                    Women – Black Shoes,                        Deodorant
                    Black Dress, Pearls (chorus                 Shower Gel or Soap
                    only)                                       Etc…

              Music & Folder
              Instrument & Equipment

       **About spending money: Each student is asked to bring $5 so that we can tip the bus driver. As
       for meals, $10 will be given to each student (included) on the way down to Disney for dinner.
       Breakfast is provided by the hotel each morning. Each student will be given a $20 meal voucher
       for lunch and dinner for the days we are in the parks. We will also give each student $10 on the
       return trip for a meal (included). Should students wish to eat beyond this budget, they are
       welcome to do so, but must provide their own funding. Since all other costs are included in the
       price of the trip, spending money is at your own discretion.

                                          Verbum Sap Sat

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