What's dead stays dead by 0Q54ap1


The Basics:

The game will be all about staying alive and surviving. This tournament is designed to
get people to use units they would not normally use and use tactics they would not
generally employ. The way that was seen as best to do was that every model that dies
stays dead!

Whenever a miniature is destroyed it is removed for the whole tournament entirely
until further notice. Now when I say each model I mean each exact model. If you
remove the warrior in your squad holding the rocket launcher that squad no longer has
a rocket launcher. Because of this you may only take models that you have. None of
this “This guy has a melta-gun but I don’t have the model so I’m using this Hive
Tyrant instead”. Well probably not that bad but you get what I mean.

This obviously leaves room for squads below their required model limits and tanks
starting a game immobilised or weapon-less. Any force organisation chart rules and
squad limits are only in effect for the first game. After the first game you may set up a
guardian unit consisting of only one model and only half the troop choices in your
whole army. You start a game with the exact army that was at the end of the last game
plus any modifications in the rules.

When somebody dies that is not always the end, oh no. As well as Victory points
there is another type of points. These are called Resurrection points. There are two
ways of obtaining these. These points can be spent buying any models from the
original 1000 that have been destroyed. Every model costs as it is in the codex. If the
model has any upgrades it costs the original price plus the amount for the upgrade.
Anything with wounds will keep the amount of wounds it had last game same for any
inflictions on vehicles.

For the sake of victory points any wound on models with wounds will give victory
points proportionate the amount of wounds. So something with 4 wounds will give ¼
of it’s total point for every wound caused. The same goes for vehicles. If the vehicle is
damaged you give up ½ of its total value + upgrades as points. It then costs the same
amount to heal wounds/repair damage.

The Aim and Setup of the game:

   1. How games are chosen will be announced when we have a rough idea how
      many will people will be attending.

   2. Each player will have 1000 points to spend on a starting army.

   3. The aim is to simply be the last man standing at the end of the day.
   4. If time runs and the final game or games can not be played out then the winner
      will be decided by the total amount of victory points each person has collected
      plus the total amount of points their final army is worth. The winner is the
      person with the highest number. (This way is no where near as fun as last man
      standing but it is a last resort against a draw)

   5. All games will be played using the table edge set-up with normal set up rules
      being used.

Playing a game:

       1. Before the games start I will set up two objectives in no mans land. These
          objectives will stay where they are for the all the games on each table.

       2. These objectives as always can only be held by troop choices but contested
          by everything. For every full turn that these objectives are held the owner
          will acquire 25 bonus resurrection points. That is from the start of person
          1’s movement phase through to the end of person 2’s combat phase.

       3. The game will go on for 5 turns on.

       4. Any unit either holding or contesting an objective at the end of the battle
          will also gain a veteran upgrade as listed on p.263 of the 5th edition
          rulebook. Note that they must be the only unit contesting the objective or
          must hold it fully. For ease I have condensed the lists at the foot of these

Ending the game:

   1. At the end of the game all victory points must be added up. This will be done
      by adding up the total value of the models that you killed or wounded. Both
      sides should do this then both numbers should then be told to me.

   2. Resurrection points are now worked out and noted down. For every 4 victory
      points that you earn, you earn 1 resurrection point. Work out how many
      resurrection points you have gained and then add any earned from holding the
      objectives. You can new spend your resurrection points on buying back
      models that have died, wounds for your characters or parts for your vechiles
      back. These points will be then gone forever. You may not go above the
      original 1000 points but may save any resurrection points you do not spend.

Veteran Upgrades:
As discussed earlier some units may become eligible for veteran upgrades. These add
abilities to your units above and beyond their previous skills.

Whenever a unit earns an upgrade you simply roll 1d6 on the appropriate table
(choose fieldcraft/melee for infantry, and only artillery can gain gunnery skills)
1. Infiltrate
2. Move Through Cover/Skilled Rider
3. Stealth
4. Scouts
5. Fleet
6. Fearless

1. Feel No Pain
2. Furious Charge
3. Counter-Attack
4. Hit & Run
5. Preferred Enemy
6. Fearless

1. Night Vision/Acute Senses
2/3. Relentless
4/5. Tank Hunters

1. +1 BS
2/3. Re-roll terrain tests
4/5. Ignore Shaken
6. +1 AV on all facings (max 14)

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