The Most Dangerous Game Alternate Ending by lPp9L2


									                                                                                    Thomas 1

Kaylee Thomas

Mrs. Thomas

English I Honors

10 January, 2011

                       The Most Dangerous Game Alternate Ending

       I pressed my back against a tree and panted heavily. Sweat dripped off my nose

as I caught my breathe. I had been hiding from General Zanoff for what felt like hours.

He was hunting, I was the prey. I eyed a nearby group of trees. Everything was quiet and

I was confident that General Zanoff wasn’t nearby. I hadn’t heard his footsteps or the

crunch of leaves under his boot in about twenty minutes.Heart pounding ,I inched a little

to my destination. Still hidden by the tree. I inhaled deeply and bolted to the trees. In

midstride almost to the trees, a loud bang sent be barreling forward.My back felt like it

had been set on fire. I cried out in pain, trying to reach around to the throbbing between

my shoulders. General Zanoff shuffled into my sight. I peered up at him through clenched

teeth.He grinned. “ I do believe that I am still undefeated champion of this game” he

declared smugly. I closed my eyes as the painful reality set in; I lost the game.

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