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									Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

                                 GOVERNING BODY
                                 MEETING MINUTES
                                   March 27, 2008
                                       9:00 a.m.
                                  Springfield, Illinois


       A.      ROLL CALL

               Arlington Heights        Jim Huenink
               Aurora                   Jan Faulhaber
               Belleville               Pearl Campbell
               Bloomington              Yadira Ruiz
               Carbondale               Camille Dorris
               Charleston/Mattoon       Bonnie Buckley, Mickie Owens
               Chicago, CCCC            Courtney Avery
               Chicago, Loop YWCA       Judith Nelson, Meisha Lyons
               Chicago, Mujeres         Neusa Gaytan, Maritza Reyes
               Chicago, RVA             Sharmili Majmudar, Nicole Ousley
               Chicago Heights          Barbara McCormick Sommerville
               Danville                 Nancy Cahall
               Decatur                  Peg Kovach
               DeKalb                   Linda Moser
               Elgin                    Chris Juhl
               Galena                   Josh Jasper, Rita Duvé, Stacie Speirs-Pfeiffer
               Glen Ellyn               Rose Stewart
               Gurnee                   Lynn Osborn
               Hickory Hills            Lynn Siegel, Patty Murphy
               Joliet                   Donna Plier, Sarah Smith
               Kankakee                 Susan Wynn Bence, Angela Rutledge
               Macomb                   Diane Mayfield
               Peoria                   Julie Boland
               Princeton                Connie Doran
               Quad Cities              Violeta Talandis
               Quincy                   Susan Goodwin
               Rockford                 Maureen Mostacci
               Springfield              Catherine Walters
               Sterling                 Carol Fitzgerald
               Streator                 Margaret Morrison, Lori McCollum
               Urbana/Champaign         Jennie Hill
               Vandalia                 Carolyn Daniels, Pam Bird

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

               Cynthia Murphy, McHenry
               Susan Catania, Illinois Department of Human Services

               ICASA STAFF:
               Polly Poskin                  Margaret Green
               Carol Corgan                  Lyn Schollett
               Jane Fee                      Carrie Ward
               Denyse Snyder                 Jesse Pierce
               Sean Black                    Yvonne Bronke
               Susan Faupel


               Julie Boland convened the meeting in the absence of Jeanette Castellanos-Butt.
               Julie reminded the Governing Body to review the consensus decision-making
               process, which was distributed at the start of the meeting.


               The Governing Body reviewed the January 31, 2008 meeting minutes. Maureen
               Mostacci recommended approval of the minutes. There was one correction
               to the minutes: Catherine Walters was present at the January 31 meeting.
               The Governing Body approved the minutes by consensus.

       D.      STAFF REPORT

               Polly noted every board packet has an updated ICASA calendar and an update on
               federal funding. Congresspeople need to hear from our centers about funding.

               1.      Training Institute Staff have been planning for the Statewide Conference.

               2.      Polly and Lyn have been working with the Attorney General’s Office to
                       plan roundtables regarding enforcement of victim rights.

               3.      Site visits continue and will be completed in April.

               4.      Carrie, Margaret, Carol and Sean have worked with VCRCC staff in
                       Danville to achieve the new center’s separation from YFRC.

               5.      Lyn and Polly have been working at the legislature, focusing much effort
                       on the Statute of Limitations and Adult Entertainment Facility Fee bills.

               6.      Staff has been working with Executive Committee and Contracts Review
                       Committee to grapple with reductions in funds for FY09.

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

               7.      Carol, Carrie and Sean drafted revisions to standards, for review by
                       Program Committee, related to male advocates and broadening some
                       service definitions.

               8.      Sean and Carol continue to meet with the Department of Human Services
                       Disability Task Force. Carol said the Needs Assessment Report will be
                       sent to centers in April. She encouraged centers to contact her or Sean
                       with feedback, ideas and concerns to guide the strategic planning process
                       that will follow the Needs Assessment Report.


       A.      FY08 VOCA FUNDS

               Julie reviewed the March 5 Executive Committee discussion of the reductions in
               VOCA funds. She presented the decision of Executive Committee regarding
               distribution of this reduction between the subcontracts and the training and
               communications budgets.

               Executive Committee decided that: 1) the training and communications budgets
               will be reduced by $116,898; 2) up to 50% of that amount will be replaced by
               VOCA rollover if rollover becomes available; and 3) subcontracts will be reduced
               by $1,137,496.

               Polly said that the percentage of the VOCA reduction could change. Jim Huenink
               asked if the Executive Committee’s decision means that 50% of any rollover
               would automatically be used for training. Carrie said that rollover would be used
               to replace up to 50% of the $116,898 reduction to training and communications
               budgets. This may not equal 50% of the total rollover. He asked if that could be
               changed. Carol said the Governing Body could change that decision today. Jim
               recommended that Executive Committee consider total rollover when the
               figure is known and determine distribution between subcontracts and
               training/communications budgets rather than predetermining an amount to
               set aside beforehand for training and communications.

               Bonnie Buckley said we need to prioritize victim services over training. Margee
               Morrison said local training has been reduced, and centers rely heavily on ICASA
               training. We need well-trained staff and use training also as a wellness program.

               Rose Stewart said we could also look at doing training less expensively.

               Carrie said the use of rollover funds is limited and cannot support ongoing
               personnel costs.

               The Governing Body approved Jim’s recommendation by consensus.

               Julie presented a second Executive Committee decision that $100,000 of
               ICASA’s cash reserve be released for subcontracts. Jane Fee said the $100,000 is
Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

               really a token and does not actually enable centers to replace the lost VOCA
               funds. These funds are one-time and unrestricted.


               Executive Committee set FY09 Governing Body meeting dates as follows:

                       September 25, 2008
                       December 4, 2008
                       February 5, 2009
                       April 2, 2009
                       June 25, 2009


       A.      LEGISLATION

               Mickie reviewed Bill Tracker and asked centers to contact legislators, since all the
               bills are on the floor of the House or Senate now.

               Polly suggested checking sponsors on a bill. If your legislator is a sponsor, call to
               thank them, rather than to ask them to vote yes.


               Polly reviewed the Governing Body decision about this tax which stated:

               The Governing Body authorized staff to work to draft and introduce a bill to
               create this tax. The drafting should address the range of agencies and
               services to receive funds to benefit those harmed by the industry. The bill
               should only include strip clubs.

               Polly noted that the current proposed bill language addresses the programs to be
               funded but not the services. ICASA needs to assess the program development
               efforts needed to respond to those harmed by commercial sexual exploitation.
               Executive Committee will assess how to develop and define these services as part
               of the strategic planning process.

               Susan Wynn Bence asked if centers in communities without strip clubs will have
               access to the funds. Polly said that decision will be up to Executive Committee,
               but recommended that every center be eligible if we engage in program
               development related to the commercial sex industry.

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

       C.      OTHER

               1.      Constituent Visit Day

                       Lyn Schollett encouraged all centers to send staff, volunteers and clients to
                       Constituent Visit Day. The day will start with a briefing, and then center
                       staff will go to meet with their legislators.

               2.      Crime Victim Rights Roundtables

                       The Attorney General’s Office received a grant to host five roundtables
                       around Illinois regarding victims’ rights. The goal is to gather information
                       about situations in which crime victims’ rights have not been
                       implemented. The Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act has no
                       enforcement mechanism, and legislation to change that may result from
                       these roundtables. Lyn urged every center to participate in one of the
                       roundtables, through either verbal or written testimony.

               3.      Amicus Brief

                       Per ICASA policy, Lyn and Polly consulted with the Public Affairs
                       Committee’s co-chairs and decided to sign onto an amicus brief in a case
                       before the Kentucky Supreme Court. It addresses application of the Rape
                       Shield Law in a civil case.



               Finance Committee recommends that the February financial statements be
               filed for audit. The Governing Body approved the recommendation by


               The Finance Committee will conduct the annual fiscal site visit on June 4, 2008.

V.     PROGRAM COMMITTEE – Maureen Mostacci


               Maureen said the Committee’s primary task at its meeting was to consider and
               recommend policy regarding male advocates in the emergency room. She said
               the Committee had a lengthy, comprehensive discussion about the issue before
               recommending policy.

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

               She reviewed the recommended changes in ICASA’s Service Standards. These
               changes stipulate that centers will ensure that female advocates are the first
               responders to sexual assault victims in the emergency room.

               Julie asked if Governing Body wanted to act on the recommendations as a whole
               or one part at a time.

               Susan Wynn Bence asked if ICASA’s Men’s Group agreed with the policy. Josh
               Jasper said the group did not have consensus, so agreed not to comment. Yadira
               Ruiz clarified that males can still respond to the emergency room, just not as first
               responders to women in the treatment area.

               Violeta Talandis said her center doesn’t have teams, so the policy would
               effectively bar a male advocate if there is only one responder. She asked if the
               policy requires that a center have male advocates.

               Connie Doran asked about males who are raped. The policy permits males to
               respond if the victim chooses.

               Nicole Ousley said this could be dealt with by having hospital staff tell the
               survivor [the male advocate’s name] is on the way” and then the survivor can say
               they would rather have a different advocate.

               Carol Corgan said the policy doesn’t provide for the scenario Nicole described;
               instead first responders must be female.

               Josh said data shows male victims are usually assaulted by male offenders. We
               should not assume a male victim wants a male advocate.

               Rose said the discussion at Program Committee was very respectful and she
               appreciates that. We do need to be attuned to making choices available to

               Lyn suggested a change to the policy, clarifying that centers are not required to
               have male advocates.

               Violeta said the policy does not account for victim’s ability to make choices about
               how they respond to whatever advocates arrives to assist them.

               Rose said we wanted to acknowledge rape is not gender-neutral and the impact of

               Patty Murphy said the most compelling argument made in the Program
               Committee discussion was the survey a center did where 100% of survivors said
               they would prefer a female advocate.

               Judith Nelson said this discussion came up in a men’s group a few years ago. The
               group of about seven men said they would prefer a female responder, which
Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

               relates to the particular vulnerability of that moment. It is less comfortable, for
               men and women, to have a male come into the room at that moment.

               Jennie Hill said her center did the survey of survivors. The women said they
               would not want a male advocate in the emergency room and would not feel
               comfortable asserting that they didn’t want a male advocate. They also said it
               would affect their decision to use a rape crisis center. She said 75% of them also
               said they would not want a male answering the hotline.

               Jim asked why Violeta feels this deprives the victim of choice. Violeta said it
               makes a lot of assumptions about what victims want.

               Denyse Snyder said advocates go to the emergency room with an assumption their
               presence will be helpful. If we assume that, we could also assume a female
               responder is more acceptable to a survivor.

               Julie asked for consensus on the recommended changes to ICASA Service
               Standards. The Governing Body approved the recommendation, as revised, by
               consensus. (Attachment #1)


               Program Committee reviewed the Standards for counseling. The Committee
               wants to clarify the requirements, partly in response to a grievance this year. The
               Committee will survey the Governing Body regarding the impact of proposed
               changes to counseling credentials.


       A.      DANVILLE

               Vermilion County Rape Crisis Center (VCRCC) just separated from a multi-
               service organization and submitted a joint application for funding and

               1.      Match

                       Contracts Review Committee recommends that VCRCC be required
                       to show 0% match in FY08, 5% match in FY09 and 10% match in

                       Carol Fitzgerald asked if there are any other policy exceptions for
                       VCRCC. Carrie said no.

                       Courtney Avery asked if the fact that this is a separation rather than a new
                       center means all their current funds are available to VCRCC. Carrie said

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

                       Jane asked about whether the center is required to pay membership dues.

                       The Governing Body discussed the issue of dues. If they were required to
                       pay dues, $375 (25% of $1,500 for the 4th quarter) would be due in FY08.
                       Jane said ICASA could afford not to collect the $375.

                       Governing Body added to the recommendation that membership dues
                       be waived for FY08. The Governing Body approved the revised
                       recommendations by consensus.

               2.      Supplemental Application

                       Contracts Review Committee recommended that the Governing Body
                       authorize Contracts Review Committee to approve a supplemental
                       application for remaining Your Family Resource Connection’s
                       (YFRC) FY08 funds. Carrie explained that these are funds originally
                       allocated to YFRC that the center has not used. That total amount was not
                       known when VCRCC submitted its original application. The Governing
                       Body approved the recommendation by consensus.

       B.      FY08 VOCA FUNDING CUTS

               Catherine described the FY09 funding cuts in VOCA. Contracts Review
               Committee recommends that the reductions in VOCA funds be distributed
               proportionately among centers. Violeta asked what this means. Carrie clarified
               proportionate distribution of the decrease.

               Sharmili Majmudar asked why McHenry would be excluded from the reduction.
               Carrie explained the center would be in its first year as a new Governing Body
               member center, and VOCA is 100% of the center’s current base allocation of
               ICASA funds.

               The Governing Body approved the recommendation by consensus. (Attachment


               FY09 VAWA funds are being reduced by $83,187. Contracts Review
               Committee recommends that decreases be distributed proportionately,
               consistent with the recommendation regarding VOCA cuts, and that VAWA
               allocations to DeKalb and MLEA, Chicago not be reduced. Every center
               affected by the satellite funds stepped out of the room during the decision-
               making. The Governing Body approved the recommendation by consensus.
               (Attachment #3)

               The Governing Body discussed why the Conflict of Interest policy applied to this
               decision. This decision did not affect all centers, unlike the VOCA reductions.

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

       D.      $100,000 CASH RESERVE

               On March 5, 2008, Executive Committee agreed to use $100,000 of ICASA’s
               cash reserve to help make up for the significant VOCA reductions. Contracts
               Review Committee reviewed whether to distribute the $100,000, equally or
               proportionately. These funds will be allocated as General Revenue Funds, being
               relatively unrestricted. This money would essentially be a one-time allocation of
               unrestricted funds. The proportionate distribution option was based on the
               amount of each center’s corresponding VOCA reduction. General Revenue
               increased funds have historically been distributed equally or with the goal of
               equalizing funds (giving the smallest increase to the highest funded center and
               vice versa).

               Contracts Review Committee recommends equal distribution of the increase
               which would be $3,226 per center distributed among 31 centers. Centers not
               receiving a VOCA reduction are not eligible for these funds.

               Judith asked about the key factor in deciding on equal rather than proportionate
               distribution. Catherine said the funds do not really make up for the VOCA cut –
               it just isn’t enough. Another factor is that all the centers contributed to that
               funding being available. Additionally, we usually distribute General Revenue
               funds equally or give the smallest increases to the center with the most money;
               proportionate allocation would reverse that. Polly said center dues are part of the
               cash reserve, and all centers should have equal access to that.

               Carrie said the impact on centers is partly assessed based on the number of centers
               that would be negatively affected by equal distribution (e.g., 24 centers would get
               less funds with proportionate distribution compared to eight with equal

               Courtney asked how the VOCA cuts affect the requirement that centers have a
               full-time advocate. Carrie said the Standards were changed several years ago; a
               primary advocate is required, but the position does not have to be full time.

               The Governing Body approved the recommendation by consensus.


               The Committee recommended an FY09 allocation plan for the Bullying
               Prevention Initiative funds. The affected centers left the meeting. Susan
               Goodwin convened. The Governing Body approved the recommendation by
               consensus. (Attachment #4)


               Carrie said Contracts Review Committee asked staff to talk with grants monitors
               at the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority regarding whether ICASA

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

               could combine VOCA contracts to permit flexibility about where centers apply
               the reductions.

               Josh asked about whether ICASA could pursue other sources (e.g., Attorney
               General funds) to replace this reduction. Polly said the Authority doesn’t have
               any lapsed funds as they did in the past. Polly said the Attorney General’s Office
               is behind in victim compensation due to funding shortages and is unlikely to have
               funds to offset this cut.

               Josh said maybe we need to talk about changes in VOCA to increase the cap.
               Polly said there is a huge VOCA reserve, and we could advocate for tapping into
               the reserve. Josh asked how to move sexual assault/domestic violence services up
               on the list of priorities (e.g., ahead of terrorism).

               Rose said it might be helpful for ICASA centers to describe the local impact of
               VOCA cuts (number of FTEs lost and number of clients unserved).

               Carol Fitzgerald asked about VAWA Prevention. Jane said VAWA Prevention
               has not been reduced for FY09. Centers can apply for the same amount.

               Polly described the history of Block Grant funds, which originally came to
               ICASA via IDPH. The funds were moved to DHS, and then VAWA RPE funds
               were moved back to IDPH. Now DHS wants to move the Block Grant funding
               back to IDPH. Bonnie asked whether subcontracts will be affected if the block
               grant is moved from DHS to IDPH. We are not sure.


       A.      Diane reported in Ami Lilley’s absence. Diane reviewed the training budget cuts
               recommended by the Committee. She made the recommendations as a Governing
               Body member since the Committee did not have a quorum and could not make an
               official recommendation.

               Diane recommended that the FY09 training budget be reduced by making
               the following changes:

                          Eliminate the four specialized trainings (advocates, counselors,
                           educators and managers).

                          Change lunch from a banquet function to lunch on your own at all
                           training events except the Statewide Sexual Assault Conference
                           Recognition Luncheon.

                          Reduce the number of 40-hour Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention
                           Trainings from six to four.

                          Eliminate one New Director’s Training.

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

                   Violeta asked if restoring two 40-hour trainings could be the priority if any
                   funds are reinstated. Susan Wynn Bence said she would prioritize restoring
                   the counselor’s training. Denyse noted that the two 20-hour Counselor
                   Trainings are still on the calendar.

                   Catherine said regional counselors’ meetings could be used to conduct

                   Courtney asked about web-based training. Staff is working on that. Yadira
                   said she has a staff person who could be a resource on that.

                   The Governing Body approved the recommendation by consensus.


               Diane recommends that Training Institute staff utilize technology to move to
               a paperless system for notification, registration and other tasks related to
               training. The Governing Body approved the recommendation by consensus.



               Personnel Committee needs to pick a meeting date to review the proposed
               guidelines for planned and emergency succession.


               Denyse reviewed the Caucus meeting minutes.


               Allies served as a focus group for the DHS disability project. Allies worked on
               the Statement of Commitment and will soon complete it.

               At the next meeting, the Caucus will discuss Obama’s speech on race. Rose
               asked if we are looking at the blog responses. Julie said it can be very difficult to
               review and respond to blogs because of the amount of negativity. Yadira said
               doing institutional advocacy with the media can affect that.

        D.     MEN’S GROUP

               Josh said the group met on February 28 and discussed roles for men in the

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008


               Carol asked if the Governing Body wants ICASA to apply for grant funds with
               local centers as pilot projects. At least one center wants to apply on its own and
               would prefer not to compete with ICASA.

               Jennie said sustainability is a problem based on grant requirements.

               Camille said local centers would be stronger applicants.

               Yadira said the local child advocacy center in Bloomington is applying, and it
               does not currently do prevention work.

               ICASA will give letters of support to local center applicants. Camille and Susan
               Goodwin said local agencies in their communities are putting together
               collaborative applications and asked their centers to participate.

               Carol Fitzgerald recommends ICASA not apply for this grant and that staff
               send “Inside the Classroom” for possible inclusion as a curricula choice for
               the project.

               The Governing Body approved the recommendation by consensus


               Catherine said the event is a partnership with a national group. There is no cost to
               register. A local group that wants to sponsor has to register. Once an
               organization is registered, no other entity can register for that community.
               Catherine said we could look at coordinating the event statewide.

               Shelly Vaughn at Prairie Center has a background in development and is willing
               to help other centers plan the event in their communities.

               Polly said if ICASA sponsored a walk in Chicago, we would need to partner with
               Chicago centers and figure out a way to share any funds with Chicago programs.

               ICASA could apply but we don’t want to preempt Chicago centers.

               Judith said the YWCA had just started considering it.

               Susan Wynn Bence said we may want to all do the event on the same day.

               Sharmili said she would like to talk with other Chicago centers about this.

               Governing Body needs to decide if ICASA should apply. Catherine
               recommended that ICASA staff call the owner and ask if ICASA can apply

Governing Body Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2008

               as a “placeholder” for Chicago programs. If Chicago programs are not
               applying, ICASA should.

               The Governing Body approved the recommendation by consensus.


               ICASA will survey centers regarding the impact of VOCA cuts.

                                    Minutes submitted by:
                                       Carol Corgan


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