Troublemakers in the Church Job 5:6-7 by Oi4S6F


  Job 5:6-7
• Trouble- annoyance, disturbance or difficulty
• Eliphaz said “Man is born to trouble as the
  sparks fly upward.”
• Our experience tends to verify his statement
• Mankind is beset by many problems & troubles
• Our troubles are not all the same
• But we all have some
        Cause of Man’s Troubles
1. Sin is the basic cause of our greatest problems
• Brought sickness, suffering, sorrow & death to
  the human family
2. We bring some troubles on ourselves
• By sinful attitudes & actions- Prov. 22:8
• And foolish choices- I Sam. 13:13
3. But others can cause us trouble- Gal. 1:7
           Christians Shouldn’t Be
•   We should be peacemakers- Matt. 5:9
•   Those who cause trouble are the Devil’s children
•   Yet churches have troubles today
•   Some from without
•   But others are due to troublemakers within
•   God hates such troublemakers- Prov. 6:19
•   Let us consider those who are troublemakers
Not All Accused Are Troublemakers
• Ahab said Elijah troubled Israel- I Ki. 18:17
• Elijah said it was because of Ahab’s idolatry
• God approved Elijah on Mount Carmel
• Paul was accused of troubling the Jews- Acts 24:5
  God approved Paul by protecting him
• Festus admitted Paul was innocent- Acts 26:31
• Neither are those today who humbly stand for
  the truth troublemakers
        Those Who Teach Error
• Galatians were troubled by false teachers-Gal.1:7
• They insisted that they accept circumcision
• Doesn’t take a large change to pervert the gospel
• False teachers lead believers astray & divide the
  Lord’s church
• Often for their own gain- II Pet. 2:3
• Many errors are taught today
• All who teach a different gospel are cursed- V8
       Those Who Teach Opinion as
•   We all have a right to our opinions
•   But we must not elevate them
•   Nor should we try to push or bind them on others
•   Human ideas divided the Jews- Acts 23:8
•   They made the Pharisees’ worship vain- Mt. 15:9
•   Such will divide churches today
•   Our faith must not be in opinions- I Cor. 2:5
•   But in the power of God- God’s word
          Those Who Act without
          Authority Cause Trouble
•   Must have authority for all we teach- I Pet. 4:11
•   And authority for all we do- Col. 3:17
•   Includes worship & works of the church
•   Reason why we don’t use musical instruments
•   Many churches have added unauthorized works
•   Social functions, recreation, daycare & others
•   Those who insist on doing these divide churches
    And are troublemakers
        Those Who Insist on Having
               Their Way-1
•   Diotrephes- III Jn. 9-10
•   He loved to have the preeminence & seized it
•   He spoke against the apostle
•   Refused to receive John’s messengers
•   And cast out those who received them
•   The preeminence belongs to Christ- Col. 1:18
•   We are all brethren- Matt. 23:8
      Those Who Insist on Having
             Their Way-2
• Pride has troubled many churches since
• The proper attitude- Phil. 2:3-5
• No one’s opinions are always wisest & best
• We should be willing to consider the ideas of
  each person
• Then choose what is best for all
• That shows a love for the church- I Pet. 2:17
         Christians Who Live in Sin
•   Described as a bitter root- Heb. 12:15
•   That would trouble the Hebrews
•   Like Achan who troubled Israel – Jos. 7:25
•   Caused Israel’s defeat & his family’s death
•   Hypocrites discourage those in & out the church
•   They have an evil influence- I Cor. 5:6
•   They also damage the reputation of the church
•   They must be disciplined by the church
                In Conclusion
• Remember God’s view of troublemakers
• He will trouble those who trouble his children-
  II Thess. 1:6
• Let us be peacemakers
• And among those who edify the church
• You must be a member of it to build it up
• Are you a christian this morning?

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