Business elites in Moldova has tried Alsatian cuisine at

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					Business elites in Moldova have tried Alsatian cuisine at “Marius”.

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On Thursday, April 17 at the corner of M. Eminescu and V. Mickle was a
gala dinner celebrating the opening of the restaurant “Marius”. The
event took place without the magnificent speeches and the
presentation of gifts, because the highest light was invited here just for
the fact, why go to a restaurant - to taste the delicious Alsatian cuisine
and enjoy the atmosphere of upscale European restaurant.
  The chef Mr. Friedrich Staud, recently arrived from Baden-Baden,
  demonstrated his mastery of high French cuisine, which blends
  beautifully with the noble Moldavian wine. The first dish were served
  snacks and aperitifs - galantine chicken with prunes and Armagnac,
  mousse of ham in a test in the form of a swan, marinated salmon fillet,
  served with apple sauce and potato pancakes.

  After to the guests were presented a soup of cancer layered cakes, a
  dish with vivid flavor and aroma less expressive. On hot were filed
  medallions of fillet of beef with fuagra, with fresh spinach and polenta
  on Provencal. Completed by a gastronomic journey dessert: vanilla
  parfait with strawberry-mango sauce. The evening continued in the
  warm atmosphere of the club communication. All dishes are presented
  in the evening according to the menu. On the menu will be presented
  Alsatian cuisin.

April 18th restaurant opened its doors to
all comers.
French cuisine can be called the food of the gods, but to try it does not
necessarily rise to the Olympus, you can now visit a restaurant,
“Marius”. It is not just for the French food - it rite. Restaurant menu
“Marius” - this is haute cuisine (haute cuisine), with its thin sauces,
garnishes graceful, bursts of exotic tastes, a combination of form and
content. Here you can enjoy such dishes as quail stuffed with fua-gra.

The undoubted advantage of this restaurant is the service. Guests and
service - the main thing for waiters “Marius”. Artful serving in a
dignified manner accompanied by a professional gastronomy.
The elegant interior of this place calms. Light, you see, is very important
to create an atmosphere, but here is a lot - the window size is not
inferior to showcases, chandeliers handcrafted, specially designed and
manufactured for “Marius” Italian masters. Beautiful and comfortable
English furniture without frills. And the dishes - a sample of fine style
and superior quality.

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