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									                    Fall Regional Training Workshop Overview

EWB-USA Training Workshops are developed as continuing education for our professional and
student volunteers. Workshops are different from conferences. They provide lessons in
technical training, national chapter procedures, how to function as an EWB-USA chapter, and
what is financial responsibility. Training workshops or conference attendance is a requirement
for participating in projects for all EWB-USA Chapters.

 EWB-USA requests that each Region host an annual workshop in the fall when schools are back
in session.

In order to host a successful Workshop, EWB-USA will provide guidance on the agenda,
timelines, roles and responsibilities and budget. A successful Workshop will also:

      Provide a valuable benefit in education and training
      Provide a valuable benefit in networking
      Break-even or profit financially

The Workshop Committee should consist of at least:

      Dianne Shanks and a CRM for National coordination and oversight
      Workshop Coordinator from the Regional Steering Committee
      Host Chapter Committee
Recommended Draft Regional Training Workshop Agenda

Friday Night

7:00 – 9:00 PM     Registration and Poster Sessions
                   Social networking opportunity (off site is preferable)


8:00 – 9:00 AM     Registration & Poster Sessions (if desired)
9:00 – 9:15 AM     Welcome by Workshop Chair & EWB-USA
9:15 – 10:00 AM    Category One (see Menu of Services – General Session)
10:00 – 10:15 AM   Refreshment Break
10:15 – 12:00 AM   Project Presentations (Break-out sessions)
12:00 – 1:00 PM    Lunch
1:00 – 3:00 PM     Category Two (see Menu of Services – Break-out sessions)
3:00 – 3:15 PM     Break
3:15 – 5:00 PM     Panel Session
5:00 PM            Activities - Dinner


8:30 –10:00 AM     Category Three (see Menu of Services – Break-out sessions)
10:00 – 10:15 AM   Break
10:15 – 11:00 AM   Project Presentations (Break-out sessions)
11:00 – 12:00 AM   Category Four – (See Menu of Services – General session)
12:00 – 12:15      Awards (These can be given for photos, panel speakers, project
                   presentations, or any others determined by planning committee)
                   Thank You’s

12:00 – 2:00       Alt #1 - Lunch and Regional Steering Committee Meeting
                   Alt #2 – Lunch and Presidents Forum
                   Alt #3 – Lunch and Faculty Forum
                   Alt #4 – Lunch and Project Lead Forum
Regional Training Workshop Milestones & Tasks

      March & April – Secure location
      April – Develop initial agenda
      May & June – Get information out to chapters, continue refinement of agenda
      July – Begin detailing logistics, continue refinement of agenda
      Two months out – Registration opens (registration will be conducted through the EWB-
       USA National website)
      August & September – Finalize agenda, logistics

Regional Training Workshop Milestones & Tasks – Details

March & April, seven to eight months prior to training workshop

      Select location for the workshop
      Organize preliminary workshop planning committee with members listed on page 1. This
       committee will meet monthly until the workshop, and perhaps biweekly during the two
       months before the workshop. Goals of this committee in the first two months are to:
           o Confirm suitability of location – are local chapters excited to host the workshop,
               are they willing to support the workshop planning committee and the workshop
               itself by providing volunteers?
           o Secure free or low cost facilities for the workshop – all committee members
               work to find free or low cost facilities for the workshop, make any necessary
               reservations, and gain a preliminary understanding of workshop transportation
               and lodging (*NOTE: if hotel location is decided upon, all hotel contracts must
               be discussed with EWB-USA PR and Events Manager)
           o Develop fundraising plan – if facilities have a cost greater than $1,000
           o Publish selected location and date – in addition, publicize preliminary logistics
               of event

April, seven to eight months prior to training workshop
    During this month, a subcommittee is formed to draft the agenda for the workshop. The
        goals of the subcommittee during this time are to:
           o Collaborate with National – define workshop content and theme
           o Look within the region for potential resources – address workshop content and
               theme based
           o Define a preliminary topic based agenda (an informal list) – to include keynote
               speaker(s), training topics, other opportunities for chapters (e.g., open forums,
               new chapter orientation)

May & June, five to six months prior to workshop
   During these months a publicity sub-committee is formed to begin publicizing the
      workshop. The ultimate goal is to send chapters on summer break with all of the
      important information about the upcoming regional training workshop. To
      accomplish this, the publicity sub-committee will:
       o Develop monthly workshop updates – EWB-USA National will post on the
         EWB-USA web page; the Region should post on its web page as well
       o Send monthly emails to Regional membership – use both membership
         database from EWB-USA as well as Regional structure (*NOTE: Sub-committee
         must work with EWB- PR and Events Manager to send to EWB-USA members
         via Eblasts and newsletters)
       o Provide information for State Representatives – introduce chapter
         representatives on monthly phone calls

   July – Begin detailing logistics, continue refinement of agenda
   Two months out – Registration opens
   August & September – Finalize agenda, logistics
Registration Information

EWB-USA will take all special information and place it in the registration website link under
your Workshop registration area. You will receive updates on registrants.

      EWB-USA will provide registration names for the making of nametags.
      The budget and estimates will determine your potential fundraising.
      All regions must break even. Each region must raise enough funds to cover all expenses.
      If a fundraising plan is necessary, identify your potential list of funding opportunities and
       send to your CRM. The list must be approved to insure no duplication of effort between
       national fundraising and regional efforts. There may be opportunity for fundraising
       collaboration between national and regions. Our Development department will confirm
       those collaborations.
      Please send your registration information incentives along with your workshop budgets
       directly to Dianne Shanks.
      Registration information will go “live” the week of June 22nd.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: What if the Training Workshop produces a profit? Who gets the funds?
   A: The Region should determine who gets the profits, but typically the Region will split the
   profit with the host chapter.

2. Q: What if the Workshop takes a loss?
   A: The Regional funds will cover the loss of the workshop. However, the goal of the
   workshop is to break even.

3. Q: Why do we have to pay the expenses for three EWB-USA staff members to come?
   A: When the professional dues were determined, it was decided that these expenses would be
   allocated to each Region. They should be accommodated when determining the registration

4. Q: Can we have social functions?
   A: Yes, there can be social functions at these events. However, these functions significantly
   increase the budgets and need to either be accommodated in the tuition, or be optional and

5. Q: Can we develop our own PR materials?
   A: Yes, although the EWB-USA logo must be clearly visible, identifiable and unchanged.

6. Q: Can we develop our own Sponsorship guidelines?
   A: No. As our engineering corporate sponsors are in many states across the country, EWB-
   USA must ensure that they do not receive different guidelines for different workshops.

7. Q: Can we approach EWB-USA’s Corporate Sponsors?
   A: Although EWB-USA encourages you to approach as many potential sponsors as possible,
   approaching the national level sponsors is prohibited. However, many National level
   sponsors do have local funds that can be distributed throughout the community and it is
   highly encouraged to approach the local contacts for funding. For more information on how
   to contact national sponsors at the local level please contact Colin Lacy at colin.lacy@ewb-

8. Q: If the hotel that we would like to host the event in requires a contract to reserve rooms,
   who has to sign it?
   A: The National office of EWB-USA must sign all contracts for facilities, please contact
9. Q: What if insurance is required?
   A: EWB-USA carries General Liability Insurance for all events. Please contact your CRM
   for a copy of that insurance certificate. If you need a specific location added as an
   Additionally Insured to our insurance, we will need the name, address, and contact
   information for that venue. Please keep in mind that it takes approximately 2 weeks to get a
   copy of the certificate with that Additionally Insured information.
Draft Budget Format:

Please note that all costs will change depending on region, events, and logistics.

                                          Draft Budget Format
                                        2008 Regional Workshops

            Type                Number       Fee      Total                   Comments
                                                                    Attendance numbers & prices are
   Professionals on the list       40      $125.00    $5,000.00
                                                                      estimates based on last year.
     Students on the list          70       $50.00    $3,500.00
 Professionals Non-members          6      $150.00     $900.00
     Speakers/instructors           9        $0.00      $0.00
    Workshop volunteers            25        $0.00      $0.00
     Sponsors Attendees
  Saturday Event Attendees         25       $20.00     $500.00
            Total                 150                 $9,900.00

           Type                 Number       Cost      Total                   Comments
      Attendance fees                                $9,900.00         From attendance table above
       T-Shirt Sales               50       $10.00    $500.00
       CH2M HILL                    1       $2,500 $2,375.00
      Kim Marathon                  1        $600     $570.00
          Contech                   1        $500     $475.00
           Esco                     1       $1,000    $950.00
            Vai                     1        $200     $190.00
     MacKay & Sposito               1       $1,000    $950.00
      Kennedy Jenks                 1       $1,500 $1,425.00
        Parametrix                  1       $1,000    $950.00
           URS                      1        $500     $475.00
          Herrera                   1        $500     $475.00
         PB World                   1       $1,000    $950.00
        Tetra Tech                  1       $1,000    $950.00
           Total                                    $21,135.00
                  Type                      Number        Cost        Total      Comments
Facilities Charges
          Early Entry Hoffman (Sunday)         1         $20.00       $20.00
                      Media Equipment.         1        $100.00      $100.00
          Career Fair Tables, Rooms, etc       1        $100.00      $100.00
                 Friday Reception Food         75          $8.37     $627.75
                  Friday Reception Bar          1        $100.00     $100.00
                           Sat Breakfast      150          $8.64    $1,296.00
         Sat Morning Snacks/Beverages         150          $3.19     $478.50
                              Sat Lunch       150         $10.45    $1,567.50
       Sat Afternoon Snacks/Beverages         150          $3.19     $478.50
                               Sat Event        1       $4,396.36   $4,396.36
                          Sun Breakfast       150          $8.64    $1,296.00
        Sun Morning Snacks/Beverages          150          $3.19     $478.50
                             Sun Lunch        150          $9.95    $1,492.50
                        Catering Linens        19          $6.00     $114.00
Travel Expenses
                National Staff Expenses        2        $600.00     $1,200.00
                      Speaker Expenses         1        $600.00      $600.00
                              Lanyards         1        $252.50      $252.50
                            Name Tags          1         $91.38       $91.38
                   Registration Folders        1        $122.98      $122.98
               Printing, Signs, Agenda         1         $50.00       $50.00
             Technical Track Supplies          4        $100.00      $400.00
        Resume Book Printing/Shipping          1         $50.00       $50.00
Other Expenses
                               T-Shirts       100        $4.50        $450.00
                  reusable coffee mugs        150        $4.30        $645.00
                       emissions offset                                $0.00
                Total                                               $16,407.47
             Contingency                      10%                    $1,640.75

                                             Income                 $21,135.00
                                            Expenses                $18,048.22
                                           Net Income                $3,086.78
Draft Sponsorship Cover Letter and Levels

Dear <<insert name, ex. Dr, Richards OR Ms. Smith>>,

The Engineers Without Borders-USA (EWB-USA) Regional Training Workshop is being held
from <<insert dates>> at the <<insert location>> in <<insert city, state>>. This is the <<insert
number i.e. first, second, etc>> time the Training Workshop will be hosted in <<state>> and
over <<insert estimated attendee number>> participants from throughout the <<insert region>>
U.S. are anticipated to attend. We invite you to pledge your annual support to EWB-USA
chapters in <<state>> and be part of this exciting Workshop by signing up today to be a Sponsor.
Your sponsorship directly aids projects worldwide, supports the education of student and
professional members on an annual basis, and makes this exciting Workshop possible!

The Training Workshop brings together students, academics, and professionals for a weekend of
technical training, collaboration and inspiration. Attendees will include individuals representing
the fields of Engineering, Architecture, International Development, Public Health, and
Alternative Energy. Workshop highlights include: <<insert agenda highlights, examples
            Technical and keynote presentations
            Hands-on technical sessions to strengthen projects abroad
            Chapter management sessions to strengthen chapters at home
            A moderated forum to facilitate collaboration and debate
            A career fair linking socially-conscious students with like-minded employers
            Networking and information exchange opportunities
            A Friday Evening Welcome Reception with honorary guests
            A gala Saturday night event with live music by Cuba Aché and ethnic cuisine
            A variety of other great programming

Enclosed you will find a list of sponsorship opportunities and their respective benefits both
annually and at this year’s Regional Training Workshop. Limited ‘event’ sponsorships are also
available by arrangement. Acknowledgement of your participation begins as soon as we receive
your signed agreement form!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for exposure to the region’s leaders and a new generation
of students and professionals serving communities locally and globally.

Please choose your sponsorship level, complete the enclosed agreement form and return it to
EWB-USA <<insert chapter>> by <<insert date>>. Submissions made after <<insert date>>
will be accepted but will not be guaranteed placement in the printed Workshop materials.
If you have any questions, please contact:
<<insert contact information>>
                                  Thank You for Your Support!

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