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					                              Dartford LCT Board
                         Sub-Group Feedback Report
Date of LCT Board Meeting:   5th July 2012

Name of Sub-Group:
Report Prepared By:              Kate Reynolds on behalf of Maggie Bolton

Dates of Sub-Group Meetings:
14th June 2012, 22nd June 2012

Key Points Raised:
    Group received a report from the first DASCo Literacy (cross phase) Sub Group
    Planning and arrangements were finalised for Literacy Conference on 22.6.12.
    David Lloyd (Headteacher) gave feedback from a training course he attended on
      the new National Standards for Teachers and the Appraisal Process –
      implications resulting from these changes will be a focus for DASCo in
      September to ensure transparency and consistency across schools
DASCo Literacy Conference with Keynote Speaker, David Birch (Deputy Director,
National Education Trust) – 79% of all Dartford schools attended.
    Sue Tunnicliffe (Kent Challenge Lead Advisor) gave an overview of Dartford
      schools’ literacy standards. Message from data:
          o Need to consider higher attainers’ progress;
          o Raise attainment in maths;
          o Collaboration between schools is very important (with support from the
    David Birch and colleagues from five different schools ran various literacy
      workshops. As these were very successful they may be run as longer twilight
      sessions in the autumn.
    Delegates worked in small groups to complete Literacy Development Priorities
      2012/13 proformas (Dartford Plan). These will be reviewed by the DASCo
      Literacy Sub Gp and will be used to inform future literacy planning.
    Maggie Bolton advised Headteachers of the DASCo Membership Scheme fee
      costs and of the benefits schools would gain if they join. Schools will be
      contacted individually; it is planned that the scheme will be up and running by
      the end of the summer term in readiness for September.
    County financial support is being sought (match funding) for the DASCo
      membership scheme, but the County will not support the Literacy Project
      specifically. Therefore a grant from the Community Chest (£15K) could provide
      invaluable support.

Decisions needed by the Board:
Support for a Community Chest Grant

Budget implications: (if any)
Board support for a bid of £15k from the Community Chest to support the Literacy plan
to meet targets to raise identified standards.

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