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					Name Alexandra Storch
Class Second
Cooperating Teacher Liz Mapes
Date Nov. 5 and 6, 2007
Subject Language Arts

Activity: Alexandra had two lessons that helped students write directions to do an
activity using the proper sequence words.

Procedure: On Monday, she had the students give examples of sequence words, such as
last, first, then and finally. Then she made kool-aid with student input. As this activity
was happening Ms. Mapes was writing a class story emphasizing the sequence words.
  On Wednesday she reviewed the Kool-Aid assignment. Next the students wrote
directions to create a peanut and jelly sandwich. After the directions were written, she
chose a student to read their directions as I made the sandwich. Making the sandwich as
written helped the student realize missing directions and kept the students interested in
the assignment.

Comments: Alex developed 2 lessons that kept students interested in the assignments.
 Even though she speaks quietly, her discipline of the classroom was great. All students
were excited and on task. While working with students doing independent writing, she
knelt to their level and helped them feel success.

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