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					                   PERSONAL ASSESSMENT TEST

     Your name:                                                  Group:

     1. Vocabulary. Identify the contents and activities in the pictures below.
     Write down their names in the boxes (4 points).

          a.                         b.                     c.            d.

a.                       b.                            c.          d.
          e.                          f.                    g.            h.

e.                       f.                            g.          h.

     2. Culture quiz. Answer the following questions (6 points):

     - Where in the world can you find coral reefs?

     - Where exactly is the Great Barrier Reef?

     - What human activities are dangerous for coral reefs?

     - Are there large coral reefs around Britain? Why?

     - What is an amusement arcade?

     3. Phonetics. Write down the words (5 points):
(a) Transcription:

a.                 b.               c.                d.                    e.
a.                b.                c.                d.                   e.

(b) Pronunciation (double-click on the icons below):

     a.                 b.               c.                 d.                e.
a.                b.                c.                 d.                e.

4. Reading comprehension. Read the text below carefully. Then answer the
questions. Do not copy the text literally (6 points).

The British love going to the seaside. This is only natural for various reasons. To start
with, there is no single place in Britain which is any farther than 200 miles away from
the coast. Besides, Britain is an island and its people have a long standing seafaring
tradition. Some of them have been famous sailors, like Captain Cook.

In everyday life, outings to the seaside are very common practice among British
families with young children. The most popular sandy beaches are in Wales (eg.
Aberystwyth and Abergavenny) and in Devonshire, in the SW of England. Some coastal
towns, such as Brighton in the south and Blackpool in the north of England, are also very
popular as holiday resorts, with amusement fairs, casinos, music halls and other places
meant for entertainment to complement the attraction exerted by the beaches

Even in the traditional British bad weather it is quite common to see people in their cars
lined up facing the sea!


- Why do the British like going to the seaside?

- Explain the expression ‘a long standing seafaring tradition’.

- What is ‘an outing to the seaside’?
- How can one enjoy a visit to Blackpool or Brighton?

- What do people do if the weather is bad then?

5. Listening comprehension. Listen to this piece of recording carefully
(double-click on the sound icon below). Then answer the questions (4 points),


- In what ways are a rain forest and a coral reef similar?

- What is the most important difference?

- What is an ecosystem?

6. Reading aloud. Read the text below aloud. Record your voice with the
recording gadget provided by your teacher. Start by saying your name (5 points).

The Great Barrier Reef brings together a variety of organisms. All kinds of water
animals and over 2000 different types of fish have their home in this amazing place.
The Barrier is in fact an ecosystem that needs to be preserved and the Australian
government is making efforts to limit destruction of the coral that plays the main role
in the survival of this submarine world.

7. ESSAY. Write an essay on a holiday resort that you know. You should
cover at least the following points in your essay (10 points):

       Mention where the place is.
       Mention the main features of that place.
       Describe the main activities on offer.
       Mention some alternatives.
       Advantages and disadvantages of that place as a holiday resort from
your point of view.
       Conclusion.
      Of course, you are free to add any other aspects.

       If your teacher allows you to use an open Internet connection, you may
even take a closer look at the place by clicking on the site’s URL and add a couple
of pictures, if you like (but do not let this drive you away from your main task!)


                     SCORE      (for teacher’s use only):   xx / 40 points

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