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									SIMS 415 Project

Imagine you are an entrepreneur, and you would like to have an online presence for your
new business. Design and implement a Web site for your business. (You may choose any
business you would like. Some examples: a web hosting company, a car/toy/gadget
manufacturer, a modern salon and spa, etc.) The web site should have the following

1. A top pane which includes:

      organization name
      a tag line, and
      the company logo

2. A navigation (menu) bar with the following items (buttons):

      Home

   (This is the first page of the Web site that visitors will see. On this page, explain your
   site’s purpose, content, and layout. Include tips on how to move through the site and
   where to find key information. Include a picture on the home page that describes your

      About Us

   (Tell customers about your company or organization. Include a brief description of
   your employees, the products or services you provide, and your company’s goal or
   mission statement. Include a picture, such as a picture of your CEO, a major product,
   or your company headquarters.)

    Contact Us
   (Tell your customers how to contact you and where your company is located. Insert a
   map and type directions to your company. Include phone number, fax number, and e-
   mail address. Include a picture, such as a map of your location.)
       Product List

   (List the products that your company offers. To add more products, copy and paste
   additional text boxes. In each textbox, type a description of the product. Include a
   picture of the product.)


       Service List

   (List the services your company provides. To add more services, copy and paste
   additional text boxes. Briefly describe the benefits of using each service. Include a
   picture of the service.)

       Related Links

   (List links to pages within the Web site or links to other Web sites on the Internet.
   Explain how each page or site relates to your company or organization. To add more
   links, copy and paste additional text boxes. Describe the site and explain why the site
   is useful to your reader.)

The navigation bar should be located:

       Vertical (on left side of page, below top pane) and bottom (only links can be
        present on the bottom vs. buttons) –OR-
       Horizontal (on top of page, below top pane) and bottom (only links can be
        present on the bottom vs. buttons)

The top pane, and the navigation bar should appear on every page.

You may use the programming language/technology of your choice for the
implementation of the Web site. For example: HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, jsp, Java Servlet,
ColdFusion, PHP, etc.

Please make the web site accessible on the Internet; and, have the URL (link) available.

To turn in the project, please type the URL (link) into a text file (could use Notepad or
Word) along with student name, and upload the file to Blackboard site for the course
under Assignments | Project .

If case of questions please e-mail me.
* Additional Information:

There are certain common mistakes Web designers make when creating a site to be used
for e-commerce or to generate business. By familiarizing ourselves with these common
mistakes we learn not to repeat them:

    a. Poor spelling, grammar, or punctuation. We proofread all the text on the site.
       There should be absolutely no editing mistakes.

    b. Excessive file size. When choosing images for the site, we make sure the size of
       the electronic image isn’t too large. Otherwise it will take too long to load, and
       many web surfers have no patience. As a general rule we have about 10 seconds
       to capture a surfer’s attention when they visit our site.

    c. Poor photo quality. If we will be using photographs, we make sure they appear
       crystal-clear and in focus. The quality of the photos will play a major role in
       building customer confidence. The overall professional image of our site is at

    d. Incompatibility. When choosing colors of backgrounds, text, and even graphic
       images, we maintain continuity throughout the site. From a graphic-design
       standpoint, the overall color scheme we choose should be friendly, and easy on
       the eyes, and shouldn’t clash.

    e. Frames. We avoid using frames. They would be used so that visitors can view
       several windows of information simultaneously. However, this often makes a site
       confusing to look at and to navigate.

    f. Excessive Scroll. As we plan each page on the site we don’t make the visitor
       scroll too much. We keep the information on each page short and to the point, and
       then have him/her click on a “Next” icon to view another screen’s worth of

Some guidance (if needed) on Web Site creation and hosting : - How to Start / Create
Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide

Extra Credit: Extra credit is available if a student did their Project without using any software which
automatically generates the web pages. But instead, coded / programmed them by hand (on their own), and
sent me the source code. A student can get up to 20 extra points on exam of their choice for that.

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