APPROVED MINUTES MFWCAA MEETING
                                  April 23, 2012
                        Kahler Grand Hotel – Rochester, MN

PRESENT: Anne Mueller, Karen Trondson, Mona Hoffman-Nichols, Carol Schmidt, Tami
         Simonson, Sherry Tschida, Sophanna York, Sharon Clemens, Deb Wilker, Rhonda
         Meyers, Amy McClimek, Diana Lucca, Deb Briggs.

ABSENT: Kelly Simons

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Motion made by Sharon, seconded by Tami & approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Motion made by Carol, seconded by Sherry & approved.

LIAISONS: Diana & Kelly gave verbal reports & written reports have been forwarded to all
     board members.

   Region 9 had meeting April 12th (How to Code Student Financial Aid, IEVS &


          Reviewed sessions offered by Diana Lucca. The following were selected: Verify MN,
         TSS Help Desk, Advanced In-Depth MEC, Child Care Claims, Claims/Collections for
         MFIP/SNAP, Understanding the Poverty Culture, Processing Foster Care & Adoption
         Assistance in MAXIS, Adult Programs: GA, GRH & MSA Policy, Prism for Financial
         Workers, The Greening of Financial Workers (Taylor Edmondson), Growing Resources
         (Taylor Edmondson), Child Care (Advanced) and MA, Child Care & TANF Audits.

         Reviewed sessions offered by Deb Briggs. The following were selected: Cost Effective
         TPL, Health Care for Non-citizens, SMRT, MA-AX.

         Suggested Sessions to be decided on at a later date: TMA/TYMA, Spenddowns, Excess
          Assets & Improper Transfers, Richard Cunningham

         Program: Discussed having program or a pocket folder. It was decided to have a program
          as we have in the past & have ‘Program at a Glance’ on the cover. Karen will work on

          Massage Therapist: We will look into possibility of having volunteers from the massage
          school in Rochester provide massages in vendor area.

         Speaker Committee has chosen Douglas Wood (glberg entertainment). Motion made by
          Carol & seconded by Anne to accept this decision. Motion passed.

         Met with Kahler & Rochester Bureau Staff. Discussed changes they will make to
          improve arrival/check-in, departure/check-out, meals & sessions.

         Toured Kahler Hotel & facilities

         Discussed Registration & meal costs. Motion made by Sharon & seconded by Tami to
          keep prices the same as last year. Motion passed.


ELECTIONS: This year we have the following positions open: President Elect, Vice-President
    and Case-Aide At Large.

VENDORS: Committee requested $1500 for budget. Motion made by Sherry & seconded
    by Mona. Motion passed.

 ENTERTAINMENT: Sherry presented ideas for Wednesday & Thursday night entertainment.
     After discussion, it was decided to have a Magician directly after the Wednesday night
      Banquet. Motion made by Sherry for $800 budget for magician & seconded by Sophana.
     Motion passed. Suggestions will be given for area entertainment on Thursday night to go
     along with Rochester Bucks.

DECORATIONS: Committee presented ideas. After discussion, committee will look into other a
    options. It was suggested that perhaps a Decoration Committee is not needed as cash prizes
    have been given the past two years rather than having decorations.

WEBSITE: We are to email Anne or Sophana if we have Regional information we would like
    posted on www.MFWCAA.org website.

MEMBERSHIP: Sharon has updated the list.

SCHOLARSHIP: Motion made by Carol for $3000 budget for scholarships & $450 for
    scholarship baskets & seconded by Sheri. Motion passed. The following were winners
    of $500 scholarships:

         1)   Krystal Preuss, Region 8, Jackson County
         2)   Lindsay Heyn, Region 5, Crow Wing County
         3)   Kellie Seberson, Region 11, Carver County
         4)   Molly Evavold, Region 11, Anoka County
         5)   Joseph Evavold, Region 11, Anoka County
         6)   Anthony Berreau, Region 6, Swift County

DEVELOPMENT / HOSPITALITY: Viewed choices for bag items. Tami requested $6000
     for budget. Seconded by Sophana. Motion passed.

BUDGET: Discussed cost of getting tax return done.
    Anne & Carol met in St. Cloud with Kelly Inn staff for 2013 Conference which will be
      held the last week in September. Carol made motion to have Kelly Inn host, seconded by
      Mona. Motion passed.

        Discussed possibility of having conference held in St. Cloud for three years. Will continue
         discussion later.

        Discussed what needs to be included in the Newsletter.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next meeting May 18, 2012 in St Cloud.

Motion made by Sharon to adjourn, seconded by Sherry. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Mona Hoffman-Nichols, Secretary

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