Basic NT Pulsar Syllabus7 25 2005 by Oi4S6F


									                Basic NT Pulsar Laser Operation Class
    Students will gain knowledge of laser theory, operation and application. Laser G-Codes
    are covered, as well as in-depth look at machine controller operations. The class is
    "Hands On", and emphasis is placed on applications and cutting of metals such as
    carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Students must also have a working
    knowledge of Blue Prints. This class is also intended for 16il controller
    operators to learn the NT controller

 Day One: (Classroom)                                Theory
     Introductions
                                                        Equipment
       Getting Started                                 Basic Programming (G-Codes/E
       Instructors                                       Codes/Laser Codes)
       Class Outline & Description                     Material Files (setting upCutting
       Laser description                                 Parameters)
                                                        Start & stop procedures

 Day Two, Day Three and Day
  Four , : (Shop)

         Machine Descriptions and Uses
                a. Chiller                            Edge and Part quality determination
                b. Dust Collector                                a. To Fast
                c. Shop Air                                      b. To Hot
                d. Gases                                         c. Wrong Power
                                                                 d. Duty, Cycle and what
         Startup Procedures                                        happens if changed

         Lens Cleaning Optics Maintenance                Control Operation
            Nozzles uses and condition and                        a. Cover controller operations
            Alignment                                             b. Material Files (Cutting
                                                                  c. Laser on Parameters
         Material Cutting to develop E
                                                                  d. Basic Programming (G-
                                                                  Codes/E Codes/Laser Codes)
              a. Stainless, Mild Steel. Aluminum
                                                                  e. Pierce Programs
              b. Different Thickness
                                                                  f. E Code Information Files

 Day Five: (Shop)

     Review Day Four
                                                   Note:   Class outlines will vary according to
     Questions & Answers                                  instructor.

     Test (in some classes)                                      07-27-2005

     Class Feedback

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