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					          PRINT SHOP POLICY                                      NORMAL PRINTING                                           TURN AROUND TIME
The policy of Albany Law School requires small          All printing services must go through the               Upon receipt of the printing/copy request form,
copy jobs (less than 100 sheets) be completed within    appropriate channels for normal turnaround. Jobs        located on the intranet, The Print Shop will have,
the department. The remaining copying and printing      may be submitted by e-mail, disk, thumb drive or        under normal circumstances, a printing turn-
requests should be handled through the Print Shop.      hard copy.                                              around time of five working days. Exceptions
Any orders that cannot be produced through the Print                                                            occur when the request for a large order requires
Shop will be contracted out by the Administrative       All hard copy originals must be:
                                                                                                                the ordering of paper or: layout, printing of large
Services Office.
                                                              of acceptable quality                            manuals, booklets, handbooks, etc., extend the
                                                                                                                time required for completion. Please check with
The department that generates a print shop request is         good black copy (no photocopies)
responsible for the work. In other words, it will be                                                            the Print Shop to find out the exact time
                                                              on white stock, one side preferred
assumed that all necessary clearances have been                                                                 requirements based on current Print Shop demand.
                                                              signatures, initials, etc., in black ballpoint
obtained by the requestor when material is submitted                                                            Also note that the normal five day turn-around
                                                               pen (not felt tip)
to the print shop.                                                                                              begins from the day the request is received in the
                                                              clean, that is, no scotch tape over image
                                                                                                                Print Shop.
Individuals or departments are responsible for:                area
                                                              use whiteout to clean up all dirty areas         We ask you to consider that during peak printing
       proofreading final copy prior to printing             no paste-ups                                     periods requests must be prioritized. As you
       furnishing a complete working dummy for               Whenever reordering a job, use originals         arrange your work calendars and plan events, be
        design and printing
                                                              All pages must be numbered and in proper         aware of the lead time required to have printed
       picking up and distributing printed materials                                                           materials prepared in time to meet your objectives.
                                                               order for collating and binding
       obtaining a copyright release, when
                                                              All printing request forms must be filled
        reproduced material bears a copyright                                                                   Color Printing
                                                               out properly and signed by authorized
Any materials being viewed by external audiences               personnel                                        When placing a request for color copies keep in
must be cleared by the Office of Communication.               Electronic submissions (e-mail), PDF             mind there is a significant difference in cost
The Print Shop works closely with the Office of                preferred to: Print          compared to black copies.
Communications and Marketing to ensure that any                request form is needed for on-line jobs.
printed materials represent Albany Law School                                                                   Color Copies:
accurately and in accordance with the Law School’s                                                              .08 single sided
Visual Identity Guide. The Visual Identity Guide        Request that can be done:                               .15 double sided
governs the use of all Albany Law School logos as
well as procedures pertaining to layouts of some of           20# to 110# paper                                Black & White copies
the material used by the Law School.                          black reproduction and full color                .04 single sided
                                                                                                                .07 double sided

Printing priority is assigned in two ways: first-
come, first-served basis or a determination of the
impact of the printed material.

Plan ahead. We will make every
effort to accommodate last minute
request, however, there may be
                                                                                    A GUIDE TO
times when it is not possible.
Jobs submitted electronically result in better
                                                                                    PRINT SHOP

                                                                                     POLICY &


ANY QUESTIONS?                                       Albany Law School Print Shop
                                                     1928 Building, Rm. 100
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